Wednesday, March 09, 2011

LionInd : Rebounded to 1.65. Indicators shown a possible of rebound. Resistance at 1.78. RSI at 25 la. BUY.

DOW up 124 points and HSI up almost 400 points. Yes, bullish-sentiment is back!! Hope to register a few more profitable trades to cover Feb's losses.

Market has been cautiously trading upward, actually. So, I do believe(and many do too) that it is about time to BUY into your fav stocks as many climbing higher again. Yup, I m back into buying spree after the cut-cut-cut weeks ago. It has been 3 consecutive good profit-trading. I may continue to trade and quick punt into those moving call-warrants, moving back into warrants and topping up my UEMLand and YTLLand. I might want to grab LionInd too.

Yes, I am STILL in bull-camp and I do think it is a matter of time the unrest in Arab will be put to rest, while crude-oil price to stablise at USD90 level.

9.05 am : Nice moves from YTLLand and UEMLand. Topping up at 1.60 for YTLLand is good so far. At 1.74 now.

9.40 am : MahSing down. MS-cb at 0.32, my purchase level.

Dialog-cc : Grabbed at 0.145. Queue 0.140.

MHB-ce : Hmm ... nice move too. Should I add more?

9.55 am : Whacked more Dialog-cc at 0.150 and 0.155.

10.45 am : Cleared all DRB-cc at 0.455 done. Wow ... MHB-ce and Dialog-cc are doing well. Will clear MS-cb and PChem soon for profits again. SPSetia-wb still moving well.

PChem-ca : Cleared at 0.350 done. Good.

MudaJaya-cd : This 'tips' is given by PT. Haha. Punted into her at 0.09. 0.085 not done.

DRB-cc : Help ... it is still moving!! Buy back fast!! Done at 0.470. Haha.

2.10 pm : KLCI up 6.50 points. Is the rebound temporarily or are we seeing a reversal now? I m not going to time the market in such volatile market. What I know is ... TAKE PROFITS and run. I have been doing that since last Thu/Fri. Today I do register another good profits from DRB-cc(cleared) and PChem-ca(cleared). At the moment, I am holding to Dialog-cc which I bought in the morning(in the midst of my VERY busy back-to-back classes!!) and it has moved up substantially. Yes, I might clear Dialog-cc before market closing for good profits here.

While I am still holding to MHB-ce(which I hv cut-loss hugely half of her when she dived), I am grabbing a new CW today ... welcoming MudaJaya-cd. Welcoming back Kencana-cc which I grabbed this morning too at 0.485. I was 'late' as my lower queues not done, I grabbed on market-price.

It is O&G story again ... do read about it.

I have cleared my DRB-cc game ... it is over for her. Still holding to half of the mommy bought at 1.85(sold hald at 1.93 to move more into baby cc).

4.55 pm : KLCI up 6 points. I cleared most of my positions!! Most done!!

MahSing-cb : Cleared all at 0.335.

Dialog-cc : Cleared all at 0.175

MudaJaya-cd : Cleared hald at 0.095 done. Positions at 0.10 not done.

PChem-ca : Cleared at 0.350.

DRB-cc : Done few day-trades on her as she moves higher. Good. Left 5k units only at 0.475 average.

A good profit-taking day. 4 consecutive days and today's the best so far. Need to check on my GREED meter if it is escalating higher now ...

Badminton : I am off for my badminton game tonight, friendly between lecturers and students. Lecturers like me sure lose ... just for fun of it and it is FREE, ok? Hehe.


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