Thursday, March 03, 2011

DOW managed to stay above 12,000 level. KLCI nearing 1500 level.

In conjunction with the campaign, Voices on Diversity: Desensitizing “Race”, XXX is pleased to invite you to an afternoon of stand-up comedy and commentary featuring Patrick Teoh, Kuah Jenhan, Zac Kamal and Andrew Netto. The details of the events are as follows:

Date : Tuesday, 15 March 2011
Time : 3.45pm

Hope I will take a short break from my busy schedule to meet Patrick Teoh here and ask him to sign the TEOHlogy. Hehe

Marc Faber

Cut-loss : Last night I was surprised that my wife asking me "Did you cut-loss?" She sounded upset that I 'lost' some money in market!! Yeah ... she is worried. I could understand. She read that market is tanking(from newspaper, I think) and worried that I lose ALL the money!!

You see, it is difficult to explain to many that cut-loss is just part of trading. There are some YTLLand and UEMLand that I did not cut-loss, and in deep RED. I should have cut-it off earlier? But, I decided to top-up on them at lower prices!!

Now, it is still very difficult to ask anyone to cut-loss as we DO NOT like losing. But, as market sentiments are BAD(very bearish), for those buying warrants, cut-loss is only logical. Afterall, warrants are meant for trading, not investing!! If you are buying a good stock, you may want to hold since you are not trading her. Whatever we bought in JAN 2011, we are down ...

10.20 am : KLCI in green, up 7 points. I am wearing green.

Retiring at Penang or Sabah?

I told my wife ... once I retired, I wish to go back to Sabah. That is why I am maintaining my small seaside-apartment there. That should be my sanctuary! Haha. Personally, I like Sabah very much. I have been to most of the states, and I will vote Sabah the best place to retire/stay. The people there somehow are nicer.

I read Patrick Teoh's (yes, will buy his latest book) writing about Penang. Yes, I do like Penang more than any state!! Perhaps, I was born there? I speak Penang Hokkien and comfortable being there? Perhaps I like Hokkien Mee(Prawn Mee, in KL) and Char-Kueh-Teow there? Perhaps I like sea and beaches. Perhaps ... I dont know. I do like it there and think of retiring there!! But, the property there is crazily expensive!! It is really out-of-Malaysia kinda feelings!!

So, IF I do well financially, I will stay in Penang and fly to stay in Sabah once in a while. But, IF I failed to move up few notches higher financially, I will stay in Sabah, in the small apartment .... gazing at sunsets and continue to write a blog! Haha.

4.15 pm : I am too busy and tired. So, I have to cancel my classes at KLCC and feel I am no longer fit to teach there. I am too busy and tied with works to travel there. I need a jog!!

KLCI showing rebounds today, I am wearing green(again) and it works today.

Dialog-cc : I cleared her at 0.135, it dived to 0.115 but today it is back to 0.1125. So, should I grab back today?

YTLLand : Collecting more today at 1.60.

HuaYang : Up 7% today, at 1.07. Queueing at 1.05 now.

IJMPlant-wa : Up 6% today ... reversing?

MahSing-cb : Grabbed some at 0.275.

Have to stay back to do my work.

I dreamt of AZRB

Weird dream last night ... haha


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Good interview. Remember 'Price move ahead of news'.