Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DOW down a little ... wont hurt KLCI?


MHB-ce : I cleared some at 0.15 yesterday to move into PChem-ca.

PChem-ca : Hope to hold a little longer than just a short-contra play. Going into overbought region and at new high. How far could it go?

MahSing-cb : I bought back a little at 0.35, it is down a little now. I am thinking of holding it till overbought?


QL-wa : Started to collect at 0.90, will top-up during correction.

KFC-wb : Started to collect her again at 1.40. Will look into her at 1.30 and 1.20 level again.

Masteel-wa : Grabbed at 0.60 level ... hold till 10% profits.

Next warrant that I might be interested will be WCT(wb or wc). WCT showing recovery and testing RM3 resistance. Will be too busy to monitor today. I have traded whatever I needed on Friday and yesterday.

10.45 am : Many students will be looking for me later.

PChem-ca : Cleared half that I bought back yesterday at 0.395. Moving into Sapcres-cc as Sapcres is showing signs(look at the stars or comets, please).

Evergreen : Grabbed back at 1.41-1.42. Hold. Scable : Grabbed at 1.28 as planned.

Perisai : Cleared her again at 0.80 for tonight's dinner.

1.45 pm : I am hungry ... attended to students as I am gaining popularity!! Haha. It is exams time again for them.

PChem-ca : Sold too early again. Never mind, 10% profit in a day is good.

Sapcres-cc : Hope this one will give me my 10% by tmr?

JCY : Continuing its upthrust ... reversal in the making?

HuaYang : Flew off the roof, I missed her.

MHB-ce : Sold some at 0.15, at 0.160 today. hai-ya ... wish I have more bullets to hold and shoot on PChem-ca.

YTLLand : At 1.91, will look to sell another half!!

MahSing-cb : Flat today ... wake-up wake-up. Masteel-wa : Doing well today too.

MudaJaya-cd : Sleeping ... I slapped myself for getting myself stuck in there. Will clear for loss at 0.08 later. Need to mobilise the funds.

Seal and SanBumi : What are these stocks? I dont know ... but noticed that they are shooting very high yesterday, and today.

2.45 pm : Masteel-wa cleared at 0.66, much-much earlier than I planned. I bought on Friday.

Digista-wa and PChem-ca continue to move higher after I have taken profits on them. Hmm ... what should I do? Buy back? Hmmm ...

4.30 pm : Evergreen sold half at 1.52. PChem-ca bought some back at 4.30 done. WTK and Leweko shooting 20% up. Evergreen is considered as laggard.

10.40 pm : I m cleared of Evergreen as it is too green for my taste. haha.

Evergreen : I told someone I bought Evergreen at 1.41 and 1.42 in the morning for short-trade. He bought at 1.41 too. Then, I told him I cleared them at 1.52-1.54 before closing. He sold at 1.53 too. As he bought 5 lots, that will be a cool RM500 profits. Now what is missing? The RISK. Why should anyone believe that I really bought into Evergreen in the morning? What if Evergreen goes into red in the closing? What if ... there are too many what-if to begin with. I did not ASK anyone to buy this or that as it is too risky. It reminded me of those buying into my 'calls' in Jan and in losses now. Sorry ... it is really difficult to ask anyone to buy or sell.

We could only point out that GenM reaching resistance and high RSI level, so it is only logical to take profit. We could only say that WTK is a sell now as it is too scary on the way MANY more buying into it. If you see the volumes, you will realised that some syndicates are playing with it and will drop it for huge profits soon. Who will caught? Those late-comers greedy uncles-aunties who moved in today or thinking of WTK tmr?

It doesnt make sense ... I told my turtle, YH, today ... that is market. When stocks moving higher and higher, we EXPECT it to move higher, irrespective of logic!!

Pauline Yong : Thanks for dropping by. Yes, marking papers(in hundreds) is paifully boring especially I hv to squeeze my eye-balls in some creative hand-writings!! Haha. Thanks anyway.

Tired. Night.


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Marking script is a nightmare indeed!