Tuesday, March 08, 2011

DOW down 80 points. Does it matter?

DRB : Buying her with a HOPE to earn a dinner-la. When everything else fails, use HOPE analysis.

IJMLAnd : Supported at MA200d. Bearish. RSI 25. Looking at 2.40 level.

BRDB : At support 1.90, RSI 23. Bearish. Looking at 1.73 level.

MAS : Dare to touch her at 1.80 level? Historical low at 1.60 level!! WOW!

10.10 am : KLCI in green ...

DRB-cc : I have cleared her for a short trade and changed to DRB instead as I will be too busy to monitor. It is safer if I get stucked with DRB-mommy.

DRB : At 1.94 now ... moving back into DRB-cc AT 0.40 for short-punt. Hold on to mommy.

JCY : WHY suddenly surge up today? It might be a trap and as many might move it, someone want to clear their holdings!! So, no touch for me.

Perisai : The sheild is moving today in high volume.

10.40 am : Sold part of DRB at 1.93 as I m grabbing DRB-cc at 0.40. See if I m clearing DRB again before market closes and grab more of its cc if momentum is still there. Otherwise, exit.

SPSetia-wb : Grabbed at 1.52. SPSetia is recovering. Again, it will be for short trade.

YTLLand : AT 1.66, I m not selling her unless it shoots will RSI above 70.

HDBSVR sets new target price of RM3.80 for DRB-Hicom

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Tuesday, 08 March 2011 08:39

KUALA LUMPUR: DRB-HICOM BHD []’s unit DRB-Hicom Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd securing of the government contract to supply 257 units of armoured wheeled vehicles (AWV) worth RM7.55 billion has prompted Hang DBS Vickers Research to set a new target price of RM3.80.

On Monday, March 7, DefTech accepted the letter of award from the federal government for the contract to supply armoured wheeled vehicles (AWV). The contract is to design and supply 257 units of the 8x8 AWV, which will be in eight variants. The contract valued at RM7.55 billion is for a period of seven years commencing from 2011.

HDBSVR said it expects a substantial rerating with this newsflow and as the market tags a higher premium to its services business.

“Our new TP of RM3.80 factors in some contribution from the Deftech contract - PE of 15x of CY12 earnings, tagged to our target market PE given it has virtually monopoly in this business,” it said.

It raised its FY12-FY13F EPS by 3%-10% by assuming contract tenure of seven years, 12% pretax margins, maintenance is back ended and there is three and 12-months recognition in FY12-13F respectively.

12.45 pm : KLCI up 1.42 points, closing for lunch. I am taking a peep here.

SPSetia-wb : Punted this morning at 1.52-1.53, up to 1.56 now.

DRB-cc : At 0.410 now, good ... take profits again for another dinner? Hmm ... I will keep awhile as I hv cleared half of DRB-mommy.

3.05 pm : A tuition class cancelled. I do not cancel classes unless I am REALLY not feeling well. Anyway, I hv tonnes of paper-work to be done and do some trading here.

DRB : At 1.95. Good. Hold another half to clear.

DRB-cc : Bought back at 0.40. At 0.42 now. Good.

SPSetia-wb : At 1.60 now. Good.

UEMLand : Moving too today ... bullish.

3.35 pm : Cleared half of my DRB-cc at 0.425 done. Keep half to see if I need to clear it all for a short-day trade.

UEM-cc : Queueing for her NOT done at 0.40, 0.395 and 0.39.

PChem-ca : Grabbed at 0.325 done. Wait at 0.32 now. Cancelled my UEM-cc order.

MahSing-cb : Moving again ... can I grab her too? Please ... at 0.315 done.

4.50 pm : Cleared SPSetia-wb at 1.62 for day-trade. Profits for tonight's dinner.

Call-warrants : Grabbed MahSing-cb, PChem-ca and left half of DRB-cc for clearing tmr.

My cc : Looking back into Sapcres, Kencana, Dialog, Mudajaya, SPSetia and UEMLand.

Warrants : Looking back into BRDB, IJMLand, KFC, KPJ, QSR, WCT.

New warrants to consider : QL, Kulim.


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Alvin said...

i've started following your blog since a few days... i bought drb-ce last week when it was low... still holding it at the moment.

kudos to today's profit, your drb-ce, mahsing-cb and spsetia-wb are in the positive zones!!...

hope to be able to discuss more with you in future.