Friday, March 11, 2011

DOW down 200+ points ... bearish again. These up and down are common these days. Brace for a dive later ...

Bad Human

Unlike not-so-good human, bad human will look for faults in you. They have bad intention, either to harm you or have their own ulterior motives. They have vengence in them and looking for opportunities to bring you down. They have plots in their mind, and as we trust others(too easily at times), they will use 'evidences' to attack us. Have you encountered such human in your lives?

I do categorise bad human into a few groups. Bad human brings bad vibes into our lives and should be avoid at all cost. They could cause us dis-harmony, dis-integrate our lives with their hidden agenda. Many bad human do not think they are bad, anyway. They might think they are 'forced' into the circumstances. They are in the circle of bad vibes and as the saying goes, same type of birds(feather) tend to flock each other, right?

Luckily for us, there are not many bad human around us. But, they are there. So, be aware.

I always remind my kids not to follow any strangers, especially those giving them sweets and un-known to them. I termed these human 'bad human' but my son will ask " Why do you say they are bad, dad?". I am speechless. Hmm ...

I may be not-so-good human, but I do not think so I am bad human. I have no bad intention writing this blog, no bad intention to hurt anyone with my writings(you may leave if you find it offensive or plain garbage - it is ok with me).

In my life, as I am growing older(wiser, hopefully), I have tried to be good human. At least in my own beliefs. We could never please everyone ... just to show them we are 'good' as somehow we will find someone out there against our views. It is accepting and torelating the differences which separate us from being no-so-good from bad.

I do hope to be a good example to my kids. Protecting them from bad human may not be easy as they will somehow need to learn to accept that in this world, there are good, not-so-good and bad human. They just need to learn to differentiate them and not being a bad one. I was bad(but I still do not harm anyone) and I like who I am today, a much improved version of a human species.

If we have to live our lives, why dont we do good to others? Why cant we accept each other differences, may we be Chinese, Malay or whatever races? Why the colour of our skins our concerns? Why are we gender biased? Why must we placing categories of rich or poor kids? Why are we still questioning each other's religions/beliefs? Why ...

There are too many WHYs in my mind as I ponder further. Perhaps we could really blame it on our societal pressure. Perhaps we THINK what we do is a norm. Perhaps we just dont care much about others ... yeah, we are brought up and mould into what we are today. Or are we?

It is 4.45 am ... I cant sleep.

I am taking a break again before I break-down. My system is dis-integrating again. I am simply too busy. And I want to spend more time with my wife and kids.

Happy trading.

Some tips for thoughts

Taken from : Wisdom Wise's blog.

1) Don't buy what you don't understand.

2) Never overpay for a stock no matter what.

3) Buying at major support with strong fundamentals is generally safe.

4) Buying in a downtrend is foolish.

5) Stocks with high debts, low or negative earnings, and no dividends are
somebody's problems. Don't make them yours.

6) Averaging up is better than averaging down. Follow strength, not weakness.

7) Don't be lured into buying a stock because of great promises and some rosy pictures.

8) Times of extreme pessimism are the best times to buy.

9) When prices are moving fast, from strength to strength, pay close attention to your charts.
Sell as soon as the exaggerated uptrend line is breached even amid bullish news.

10. Everyone has the right to wait for the best opportunity. Patience is a must if you want to win.


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Ping said...

Man is savage at heart, always ultimately reverting back to an evil and primitive nature. Humans try not to think about it, but deep down inside, humans do things for their own self-survival.