Wednesday, March 02, 2011

DOW down 168points. Prepare to see red again?

11.10 am : KLCI in red as expected. Cutting more and staying out. Sidelined. HSI dropping like hell too. Overall, the whole markets are dropping ... and no bottom seen in near future. March will registered as another bearish month. Staying away for a while ...

LionInd : Interesting to watch as it drops another 10 cents today, into extreme oversold region. I have cleared my positions on her last month or so at 1.95 level(I think) for small-losses.

Dialog-cc : While I cut-loss at 0.16 days ago, I still hold a little(10k units) of it. It is down to 0.135 now. ouch.

UEMLand : Trimmed with small loss.

YTLLand : Hold to buy more. At 1.25 level? Ouch!

Dialog-cc : Given-up ... cleared at 0.135 done.

MHB-ce : This is the only call-warrant left with all cut-off with losses(huge).

Call-warrants : It is only for bull-market. And if the bull is back, I will move in again. I am accumulating cash at this point of time with holding to what I want to collect more. Call-warrants could not buy-n-hold in bearish market. That is just my opinion.

5.20 pm : Tired. I wore GREEN today(LOL) ... but it doesnt help. KLCI closed slightly below 1500. I am too busy to monitor, cut managed to clear off Dialog-cc and part of MHB-ce. Sigh.

CNX : In the midst of my very busy day, CNX called me and asking me to join the coming meeting and present on stage! Haha. I done that twice before. I am too busy ... but will try to make it, and see if they will call me for interview. Hmm ... too busy la.

Off for classes till 8 pm. off.


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