Monday, March 14, 2011

Badminton : Live telecast ... Chong Wei is leading 17-12 in first game.

Monday ... it will be some panic selling and one may want to sell it fast, anc collect lower days/weeks later. Keeping some bullets for the day when we see KLCI break-down the 1474 support level. 1450 soon .... to BUY?

Timber-stocks : Due to devastating quake and tsunami in Japan, it is speculated that timber-stocks may benefit here as Japan will take some time to re-build the damaged houses/towns.

WTK: Went down to 1.17 on Friday but rebounded strongly to close at 1.26 after the quake news was out on Friday. It shows those experienced speculators already positioned themselves to benefit for the short-term speculation news on timber-stocks.

12.55 am : Chong Wei won the first game. Second game now.

10.30 am : Grabbed Dialog-cc at 0.150 and 0.155 so far.

11.05 am : KLCI down more than 15 points in early trade but recovering now. Some panic selling this morning is expected. Perhaps Malaysians knew the good news that Chong Wei won the All-England against LinDan, and decided to move back in the market? Whatever excuses used to SELL or BUY.

WTK : Up as expected too ... at 1.35 now.

11.40 am : Grabbed PChem-ca at 0.32-0.325.

I feel sorry and sad for the victims in Japanese.

Alan - Sakura Modern

1.15 pm : I seldom listen to Japanese songs as I could not related to them. Knowing the language is still important to appreciate their music and songs? I do have few nice numbers which I saved ... this is one of them. Heart feel for the suffering of many Japanese, facing the 'natural' disasters.


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klse888 said...

I think VT's is playing some psychological tactic here so that his other listed companies, especially BJFOOD and BJCORP can gain more attention and speculation!