Sunday, March 13, 2011

Badminton : All England's semi is going-on. LinDan won his bout and I am still waiting for Lee Chong Wei's game(against Chen Long of China). As for the men's double, the world no one Denmark pair has booked a place in the final and I am waiting to watch Koo-Tan's game too.

I bought The Edge and MB's latest issue. Yes, I slowed down and have not even read it!! I want to experience more of living ... taking time out to watch a badminton match, checking on my son's progress etc etc. Yes, more personal stuffs rather than engross with my biz-news, as if I m going to be an analyst!! Haha.

I will exit more next week and yes ... preparing to trade much less now. Market is in cautious mode, so it could be of high risk to anticipate what to expect next.

A special thanks for the encouraging words from a reader, LCK.

With that, have a nice Sunday ahead.

1.30 pm : Lee Chong Wei's won and Koo-Tan won too. I do hope Chong Wei could beat LinDan this time around. As for Koo-Tan, it is their chance to shine. The Danish pair is not as strong as the Chinese or Indon, actually.

Purposes and directions(of blogging)

You see, I started this blog to record my trades and also to get to know many traders/bloggers alike. As I read in daily basis, there are loads of things to write about - financial and markets related. If one check my posts, say 2 years ago, I was more 'creative' and liking the way I write - for my own pleasure readings!! And I do have readers commented that I wrote well!! But ... these changed as I am 'internally' pressurised to write!! Anything ... just write!!

Well, I have reminded myself NOT to write for the sake of writing. Most bloggers write out of passion and interest in blogging(of our thoughts). I do blog years ago ... it was more about my random thoughts. But since I do not have the time to write my 'personal' blog and engrossed with financial-sphere, naturally I will write more about articles I read or some interesting charts I am looking into. It is more of a sharing-idea ... and perhaps added some strategies which I think could be applied.

The risk? Some readers really bought into what I am writing!! That is the risk and hate to see anyone losing money!! Investors and traders should understand RISKs in market and following blindly a writing(or a broker report) could cause us some painful trades. Hence, I told myself NOT to write about those call-warrants I punted or those risky trades I took(out of learning purposes). I failed to control myself in this case. I feel that I have defeated the purpose of this blog if I did not write what I buy/sell ... my trades!! If I lose money in trading call-warrants, I should jot it here too. Yup, that is more genuine as after all, we dont win all the time, do we?

To include some personal thoughts in this blog - that was what I agreed(with myself) as this is NOT a financial blog!! I should NOT bother too much about what or how my readers view me!! In fact, I was never too cautious as a human. I never bother how other judge me ... if I am just riding a kap-cai or dressed like an ah pek. I am not brand-cautious, status-cautious and whatever the stupid-society around me doing.

Slowly ... I found myself ... constrained and complying to the 'demand' of readers. It is like trying to be 'popular', write what your readers want to read, please them ... and that could increase the traffic to this blog? WHY was I doing that? I dont know ...

I like to write my thoughts here. I like to record my doings tho most of us prefer not to 'publicise' our lives!! Perhaps I want to be popular, one day. LOL.

In the mean time, I still see myself in the learning process. This blog will remain a platform for me to know more traders/investors and to record what I am learning or mistakes I have done.

I hope I am making it clear that I am a novice and no nothing much about financial. I could not give any concrete comments about IPOs, bonus-issues, private placements, share-buybacks etc etc. I have 'ignored' many e-mail who ask these questions as I think I am NOT qualify to give any comments. I have no idea. Sorry.

Nice ... time to go places again with family and will get excited to watch the All-England tonight.

10.35 pm : Koo-Tan just lost their games ... in the rubber-game, they were leading 16-11 until a misunderstanding between them spilt their focus and concentration. From there, we could see they will lose the game. Yes, confidence and concentration are vital ingredients for good performance. That same goes for trading. When I could not concentrate and lack of confidence, I should NOT trade.

Property : To buy or not to buy now?

Last year, the apartment I am staying here averaging about RM180k range. I almost got a unit here for RM195k until the owner last-minute pulled out. Today, these units here costing around RM230-250k. Yup, it is just ONE year ago ... the asking prices now are at exorbitant level!!

Puchong Intan Apt : I will view this place this week as the price is still reasonable - below RM150k.


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