Thursday, March 31, 2011

9.55 am : Invigilating in the morning. Busy.

Sapcres-cc : Still moving ... buy buy buy.

DRB-cd : Hold till ...?

Media-ca : Saw it creeping up ... election theme in play?

: Been watching her as she is testing RM3 resistance. With middle-east dust clearing, WCT could move up again. Grabbing WCT-wc at 0.72. Let us see my theories again ... cut at 0.69.

IJM : Moving stronger today.

Adult's toys : Gadgets

As I have bought my flat LCD Tv to replace my 23 yrs old Sony 21" dinosour(and subscibed to HBO and NatGeo channels) to watch more or TV(less blogging and stocks!! haha), I am going to buy another toy to replace my dinosour hp. It is 4 years plus with me now, my Rm200 Sony Ericsson W200 series. I think it only worth RM50 or less now. haha. Yes, I m finally allowing myself to grab an i-phone4 this weekend.

Basically, I am no longer a gadget-person. I WAS when I was young ... but I grew-up!! Phew!! Haha. What's next? XBox is not my cuppa-tea ... I dont like virtual-game. A real badminton or bowling game will be good.

10.55 am : Yes, Sapcres is moving again and my Sapcres-cc might give me another 10% tmr? Allow me to use HA = Hope Analysis. Hehe.

Kulim-wc : Grabbing her ... like her and QL-wa. Similar trade ... new warrants, less risk too. Haha. Both breaking new high and moving slowly up-trending ...

11.50 am : Lunch time ...

In red : Drb-cd, Scable, QL-wa.

Perisai : Cancelled order ... need to check on my others. SELL SELL SELL ...

Faye Wong's Cantonese

Faye Wong's Mandarin

As I am marking papers, I will need to listen to music. Few of Faye's songs suit my mood well ... I hope I will spend my weekend downloading my fav songs into my new i-phone(buying on Sat!! Hehe). yes ... there are many things I would like to do but have been putting my 'pleasure' aside for far too long ... like watching TV, movie and listening to songs ...

As I no longer bring back my notebook, I do not go online at nights. I will prefer to read story-books to my boy and my girl. They need me and my presence more than my readers need me, for sure. Tho I do have few good appreciative readers(including my turtles), many only think of themselves and how they could profit if they could punt into what MIGHT be a good punt written here!! My kids will appreciate my presence much more than any others. That is for sure too ... and seeing their smiles give me a good soothing smile in my heart!

1.55 pm : Back from a nice lunch by myself. I do like to accompany MYSELF. A loner, indeed. Hehe.

Who's your 'guru' or 'sifu'?

This is one question someone asked me ... I dont know how to answer as the truth may not what he/she wants to hear. Haha. MYSELF ... yes, I do hope I m my own guru but I do get distracted and influenced by many gurus or sifus around too. So, as much as I want to be TOTALLY independent, I am NOT. Not yet, tho.

To start with, I read and read many books initially. So, I do treat many good investement/trading books I read(and learnt) as my guru. I shall start ... let me recall DEC 2007 ... it should be Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. I read it in 2005 when I married. Talking about wife as an inspiration! haha.

My first investment was by Milan Doshi. Then, Adam Khoo's book. So, two of them was my initial gurus.

2.45 pm : GenM at 3.65 now, breaking 3.63 ... with RSI above 70 now. I asked YH to sell and she sold hers at 3.59. Yes, NEVER ask anyone to buy or sell. "piak".


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