Monday, March 07, 2011

9.30 am : KLCI in RED.

DRB-cc : Cleared half at 0.39 done. Yes, I m punting in a very short-term as it is very volatile, I mean the market. So, short contra-trades for some dinners. Queueing to clear all at 0.40 not done yet. I will clear her before market closing, if 0.40 is not done later.

11.35 am : KLCI 7.75 points down. That is how volatile in markets these days, up and down in a very volatile pace.

YH : I am glad you did not blame me for your losses. Yes, I have to let you all to experience the markets - the UP and the DOWN. Especially the down. Lessons are IMPORTANT and to jot it down so that we will not do the similar mistakes again. We are human, I done many mistakes in my trading, and continue to do some similar mistakes!! So, I am just a learner too ...

Yet, if we learn a strategy ... apply it and be patient ... yes, lots of doses of PATIENCE, we will succeed. I always believe in learning. And learning from experiences is the best. No one could teach anyone that!!

1.25 pm : KLCI down 8.88 points. Nice number again.

7.30 pm : Just had dinner at home - nice. Tired.

DRBHcom : Sold off DRB-cc at 0.39 and 0.38 done. Grabbed mommy at 1.85 done. Yup, grabbed hugely due to the good news.

9.30 pm : KLCI at 1511 again.

Top Loser's

1. MudaJaya
2. TWS
3. SEG-wa
4. Harta
5. Naim
6. Proton
7. WCT
8. Faber
9. IJM-wc
10. IJMLand

Proton : Still stalking her, closed at 3.18. Looking at RM3.08? RSI at 10.2. Ridiculous. Must be dare to be stupid enough to BUY. Yes, technical rebound ... but might be short.


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Anonymous said...

Buying DRB just because of good news? where's the technical basis of that? It should be rather buy on rumours, sell on news, don't you think?