Friday, March 04, 2011

9.20 pm : KLCI up ... 1522 now. HSI up another 286 points. That could help DOW to move higher and we see green pasture everywhere again in KLSE on Monday? RED or GREEN ... flip a coin.



Proton : RSI 11, support at 3.15 level. DARE to touch? I never like her, fundamentally. I remember Proton well as I attended Pauline Yong's talk at CIMB last year(I brought PT, a turtle of mine now). She used Proton's financial report as an example to calculate PER. If I am not mistaken, based on that report, PER was at a 'low' of 10 level. It is much lower than TanChong or UMW at that point of time. Proton was traded at 4.70+. Then, I disagreed with her(very small audience with many young college students there) when she said Proton is 'cheap'.

Now, what need to be addressed is PE should only be used as a guideline on the valuation of the stock at current level. Of coz, the lower the PE, the better BUT ... BUT ... not necessary. There are too many factors to consider, fundamentally.

She said she is holding to Proton-stock, and I disagreed again. I told her personally that Proton is NOT a good stock, in my opinion. We all know that majority of us will NOT buy a Proton car if we have the choice. Unless you are a REAL patriotic, Beli Buatan Malaysia campaign managed to brain-washed you!! Hmm ...

Anyway, the recent STORY of Nissan-tie-up did not help to build the fragile investors' confidence in her. I think as long as Dr M's is around, Proton could still stay afloat(dont worry, Malaysia is a CORRUPT FREE country, with highest transparency. Trust me, I am a Malaysian! Haha). Proton is a Malaysian's pride. MAS is too. So, what? What are you talking about here? Business? Haha ... ooopss, sorry for laughing. You must be living in your cocoon since 1985 if you think Proton is build to be competitive ... whatever protections given in YEARS and millions of OUR money pumped in to 'support' our Malaysian's pride making me very cynical. I suspect Proton is being used by cronies and a platform for funds-transfering. Perhaps, LOTUS is the answer .... zrrroom ... we are in F1 now. Proton, as the SAGA begins ... or has it ended?

TopGlove : RSI 27, below 30 now. I will be looking at RM4.50 to collect my next one lot. I have collected at RM5.50 and RM5.00(profitted RM500 so far), so my average is RM5.25. Buying at RM4.50 will bring my average to RM5.00.


MahSing-cb : Sold all at 0.30 and 0.305. Good 10% contra-trade. More such good trades needed to cover my losses.

DRBHcom-cc : Grabbed her at 0.370 done!! It was at 0.380 when I left home to hospital. A check on the tracker shown that it was done at I did not expect it to be done, and luckily it is up at 0.380 now. See if I could sell her on Mon or Tues for short contra-trade again.

AMMB-cj : Missed her as I am focusing only in one/two call-warrants for short-trades. It is still very risky as market might tank again next week due to middle-east unrest.

IJMLand-wa : UP almost 6% today from my yesterday's writing.

SS : This reader, a novice in market, message me and told me she bought into MahSing-cb this morning after reading that I bought into it. See how RISKY to write it HERE, in my own blog? IF they profit, fine. Good. But what IF they dont know about cut-loss and market tank again? SS, these lines are for you. READ my DISCLAIMER. As I told you this morning, buy GOOD dividend stocks. Serious.

Age : I always ask my readers or anyone asking me about a stock - their AGE. If you are in early 20s, you can afford to take a higher risk comparing to those retired or in their 60s. Also, it depends on the financial strength of a person. THINK - how much could I afford to lose? Yes, LOSE ... as if one is a novice, chances of losing is much HIGHER. Age is important as it shows maturity too. But, that is not neccesary to say those with high age is more mature than younger ones. Maturity comes with taking responsibilities of our actions or decisions and accept the consequences(of losing a trade). Number of years in trading markets are important figures to me too. If you tell me that you are only in market recently or last year(of coz u gain/profit some if you are lucky), then you are lack of experiences. Chances that you will LOSE in markets in long run. I am serious again. Age is not just a number, not in markets.

YTLLand : Closed at 1.67, touched 1.69. Bought more at 1.60, average at 1.72 now. This one is to collect and hold. Waiting for what? Waiting for a shining-star ... a lucky-comet ... zrrooom ... and it shoots up all the way, breaking RM2 again. Haha ... okay-okay, waiting for resistance at 1.93 level or RSI above 70. I shared with a turtle of mine WHY I bought YTLLand and collecting more of her. She said she read my blog yesterday, knowing that I bought her yesterday at 1.60. I dont know that she is actually one of my reader too. Haha. Welcome, YH.


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