Thursday, March 24, 2011

8.30 am : DOW in green again ... guess it is about time to sell part of my YTLLand.

PChem-ca and MahSing-cb : Bought at 0.32 - so hold for both of them.

Geely : At HKD3, it is time to buyback for longer term investment. I do like her, business-wise.
9.45 am : KLCI in red. Saw LionCor being actively traded, so I checked on LionInd, at 1.74. Remembering my trade ... I grabbed at 1.60. So, I want to check if I could sell at 1.80. It touched 1.76 so far.

MHB : At 6.90. Many of MHB-cw doing very well since yesterday as it surged to new high. I am holding to MHB-ce.

Technical Rebounds(TR)

Alam : Was at 0.94, touched RM1(at 0.99 now) today. TR was right. 1 point.

E&O : Was at 1.15, closed at 1.20 yesterday but at 1.19 now. TR was half right. half point.

LionInd : Was at 1.71, at 1.73 now. Touched 1.76. TR was half right. Half point.

ScomiEng : Was at 0.85, gapped up on Monday to touch the high of 0.95. trading at 0.885 now. TR was right. 1 point.

SigGas : Was at 0.99. Surged up to touch 1.09, at 1.03 now. TR was right. 1 point.

TEH : 4 points out of 5 is a good result here. I will want to check on them after closing tmr.

11.30 am : KLCI flat. PChem-ca doing okand let it runs but Mahsing-cb at 0.315. Cut-off at 0.310.

3.15 pm : VERY busy .... I am becoming a celebrity in the college as all students searching for me for autograph!! hahaha. Nope, they are looking for me as next week is their exams and I am 'friendly' and 'available' for them. Sometimes you wish you are like others - dont care, dont know, dont bother ... and just walk-away!! Then, I wont be so popularly searched after!! Sad to day, I am leaving the Further Maths dept and dropping from teaching the subject. I 'lowered' my standard by teaching Maths - it is much easier as I dont need much brain for that. Haha. It is sad as many students need a good Further Maths lecturer. How many of us around, actually?

My Call-warrants

PChem-ca : Performing well. Hold and sell half at 0.40?

MahSing-cb : Still not surging up as I am expecting. At my cost-price. Hold.

MHB-ce : Will hold ... forever? Hmm ...

Perisai : The sheild ... broken strong resistance recently ... down 4% today due to profit taking. I grabbed some at 0.73 done.

3.55 pm : A student of mine cancelled his tuition class and I m 'free'. I will want to play bowling later then. It has been so long I did not play a game!! I should!!


An important property of the exponential distribution is that it is memoryless. This means that if a random variable T is exponentially distributed, its conditional probability obeys

P(T > s + t / T > s) = P(T > t).

This says that the conditional probability that we need to wait, for example, more than another 10 seconds before the first arrival, given that the first arrival has not yet happened after 30 seconds, is equal to the initial probability that we need to wait more than 10 seconds for the first arrival. So, if we waited for 30 seconds and the first arrival didn't happen (T > 30), probability that we'll need to wait another 10 seconds for the first arrival (T > 30 + 10) is the same as the initial probability that we need to wait more than 10 seconds for the first arrival (T > 10). Students taking courses on probability often misunderstand this idea: the fact that Pr(T > 40 /T > 30) = Pr(T > 10) does not mean that the events T > 40 and T > 30 are independent.

To summarize: "memorylessness" of the probability distribution of the waiting time T until the first arrival means P(T > 40 / T> 30) = P(T > 10).

Taken from Wikipedia


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davors said...

got my pchem-ca at 0.32 too...
already sell at 0.335... maybe u can try 0.34? :P