Saturday, March 05, 2011

4.50 pm : Just came back from classes - 7 hours since 8am. I do make a point not to teach on Sundays as that will be the only day I spent with my family. I am working most of the time.

Later tonight I will have a discussion with my turtles on their trades - a reflection on what they learn, what they read and what they ACTUALLY did.

Quote : Theories without practice is EMPTY. Practise without theory is BLIND.

So, what is in store for them tonight?

Session One : Sharing of expereinces - learning from each other's mistakes.

Session Two : Rebalancing our portfolio - cut-loss, hold or buy more?

I will be too tired after the discussion. I will use LionInd and Proton as example of discussion.

till then, have a nice weekend ahead. Dont worry about market, ok?



gt said...

Waaaa Teh now you train new investors, superb.. btw what happen to your chat box? Keep up the good work bro..

yenhim said...

I m a'turtle' testing the water!! Swim title swim!! This is exciting man yieeah hoooo... :-)