Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11.05 am : BUSYYYYY ... so, KLCI was down in the morning and flat now. KLCI at 1509. HSI was down 100 points just now but recovered and 'only' down 50+ points now. We are recovering ... how do I know?

Smaller losses : My portfolio showing a smaller 'unrealised' losses at the moment. UEMLand and YTLLand continue to move higher. MHB-ce at 0.150 now. PChem and MahSing-cb showing 'small' profits. So, overall the losses is smaller now ... so, we are recovering!! Haha.

Strong February by MayBank IB Research

It only gets better. PCHEM’s product margin in Feb 2011 was USD1,122/ton (+27.8% YoY, +10.5% MoM), we estimate. The year-todate product margin of USD1,062/ton is 23.1% higher YoY and above our 2011 estimate of USD1,027/ton. Things are looking very positive for PCHEM to deliver record profits in 2011. Maintain Buy; there is no change to our earnings forecasts and target price of RM8.00.

TEH : I was reading this report for today as I bought into PChem-ca, waiting for a breakout by mommy-PChem.

11.30 am : MHB breakout ... reaching RM7 soon.

Ok, time to off for lunch ... otherwise I wont have time to eat till 4pm. Classes and classes ...

Call-warrants : DRBHcom

We have DRB-cb, DRB-cc, DRB-cd, DRB-ce (and they will continue to come out with cf, cg, I believe).

One of my reader asked a very interesting question : Why am I going for DRB-cc and not others. I will like to write when I am 'free', that will be on Sat/Sun nights. I will only write WHY I chosen the cc, and not indicating cc is better than others or what-say-you.

4.35 pm : KLCI at that magical historical digits again 1511.

YTLLand : Rebounded strongly, touched 1.88 and at 1.83 now. Resistance at 1.89 ... so, I will clear half at 1.89+ tmr and hold on to the other half. I bought more at 1.60 level.

Property-stocks : Some parties going-on ... see if my MahSing could shoot higher.


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