Thursday, March 10, 2011

10.40 am : KLCI down 7 points. Well, it is volatile, that is why I cleared most of my call-warrants yesterday, took profits to maintain in cash and to buy during few more RED days. MHB-ce still in green today. Yeah!!

UEMLand-cg : Welcoming new call-warrant ... grabbed at 0.140/0.145 done. Waiting at 0.135.

CIMB Research: Accumulate YTL Land on weakness

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Thursday, 10 March 2011 09:05

KUALA LUMPUR: CIMB Equities Research has a Buy on YTL Land & Development at RM1.75.

“Recent pullback dragged prices towards the 38.2% FR level. Since then, prices have been holding steadily above this level. We think a stronger rebound is imminent and prices could swing past its 30-day SMA soon,” it said.

The research house said on Thursday, March 10 the technical landscape is improving. MACD histogram bars are falling at a slower pace while its RSI has also hooked upward. Once the 30-day SMA is taken out, the following resistance is at RM1.95 and RM2.08.

“Our strategy here is to accumulate on weakness. However, be quick to cut loss if the 38.2% FR level of RM1.63 is violated as next downside targets are RM1.49 and RM1.35,” it said.

Good Human vs Not-so-good Human

Throwing rubbish out of windows : This is commonly seen. You could see someone driving an expensive car throwing RUBBISH out of their cars window!! This not-so-good human to me ... I dont have a term for them. Uncivilised? Selfish? Uneducated? Hmm ... I dont know, so I used the term 'not-so-good' human when I explained to my son!! Perhaps you will see people, well-dressed with all the so-called latest gadgets, yet throwing rubbish everywhere EXCEPT their own places??

If you are staying in high-rise medium to low cost apartments, you will see people throwing RUBBISH out of their window!! I seen a junk-food wrappers thrown out of the window when I visited my mom recently. So, I m prompted to write it here .... my thoughts!! This is really not-so-good human. And they are EVERYWHERE.

Throwing rubbish out of office windows, out of what-ever windows ... these people do not think much further than to get-rid of the rubbish on their hand OUT of thier life!! Just throw it la ... can I say ... NIAMAH!! Haha.

How do you judge these human ... they can be a doctor, a well-educated lecturers or they could be your neighbours. How do you see them? For one, I never throw rubbish everywhere I like. Never. I will want to bring up my kids who appreciate cleaniness around us. Love the environment.

Vulgurous words : As we are in stress or in anger or for whatever reasons/excuses, we need to curse!! Fuck off!! Then ... these are not-so-good human too. Generally, public view these people lowly(I dont really know why as I do curse too! Haha). So, I am guilty ... as being not-so-good human. Those goodies do not curse bad/vulgorous words. They will smile, pretend things are OK and stay composed.

I used to join some 'gangsters' when I was in lower secondary. Every lines we speak, we surely use those words .. such as dui-niamah, ham-ka-ling ... you get me, right? So, when I grew up, I find it awkward to ... err ... speak in such a way? Does that show I am maturing or more educated? I do not think so. Logically, it depends on our surrounding. I cant be saying dui-dui or fuck-fuck in my office, right? Haha ... it may just be words, but many take if offensively. We are living in a hypocrite-kinda of society who will not accept such a 'culture' in our family. I do not wish that my kids learning to curse in every language, right? I do not know Hakka, but I do know most of the Hakka's cursing wordings!! Haha. Bad bad ... I am not-so-good person here.

Stealing : This is a crime ... but I am talking about taking someone's items without permission. I view that as stealing too, eventhough the item is cheap or you will put it back, anyway.

For example : We took back some of office's items for personal uses. I never really do such a thing(and seen as stupid?) as I see that as stealing!! Good human here.

For example : You need to use a pen. The person beside you are not around. You conveniently used your colleague's pen without permission. Most of us will view it as OK(no big deal la), but to some it is stealing!!   Oh boy ... I do not steal anything at all in my life but if this 'borrowing' without permission is considered as stealing, I m not-so-good human too. I am gulity as charged. 

White lies :

Yellow light, drive faster : I am also guilty of this offence. It is stressful to drive in Klang Valley where caught in the jam is a norm. So, I could not practise driving courteously. Many of times, I have indirecty shown a 'bad' example to my kids about driving. Somehow the middle-finger seem to be readied to be used. Haha. Not-so-good human in me.

Punctuality : I think I should score some good points in here. I think I am good human here but ever since coming back to KL here, in such a high pace lifestyle and many things going on, it is becoming harder for me to hold to this 'virtue'. I recalled I was late for a few appointments last year. I was late once to college ... I was late for meetings, tuition classes etc etc. Some really couldnt help it but yet, I feel bad of being late. If there is a dinner(official or wedding ... I seldom attend dinners), I might be one of the stupid-dungu to be there on time. It is written 6.30pm, most of them only arriving around 7.30pm!! Haha.

I am surrounded by so many not-so-good human and I am just one of them. It is about time I slowly eliminate these not-so-good human in my life and knowing more of those good human, tho they are rarity!


Only not-so-good human like this kind of songs and didnt find anything wrong with the performances on stage!! I am living in such a narrow-minded surroundings, constrained! Arghh ...


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yenhim said...

I do agree. Our mind is like a computer. It is programmed from the day we are born, by parents, then teachers and friends in school, then the mass media (TV, movie, internet, etc). When people don;t see the importance of 'quality' influence, our subconcious mind already picked them up and included in part of our programming. This will determine our charater, how we think, how we response to situation in future, and hence our success and happiness in life. I hope our society will realise this, starting from parents, to school to our mass media - a harmonius and strong society starts here....