Thursday, March 31, 2011

泳兒 - 電燈膽

3.35 pm : Parkson moving higher too, at 3.73 now. Yes, me and my big-mouth, asking my turtle YH to clear her GenM and Parkson at resistance. We are in bull-run again la ... heck, KLCI breaks 1530 resistance easily today. GenM and Genting ... yeah.

WCT : I asked her to grab WCT today as I grabbed the WCT-wc this morning. As she is sitting besides me(haha), I am like trading for her!! Haha. Ooopsss ... forgotten that she does read my blog! hehe.

Genting : I am asking her to sell hers too at 11.10. I think I should not ask her to buy/sell la. What do you think, YH? 11.10 is the resistance. Mind you, Genting's RSI at 60+ after today's surge.

Genting-cv : Bought at 0.140 market price. Punt punt punt!! Then, hope ...

WCT-cc : Good leh ... at 0.77o now. Ride on the trend. Be patient ... so tempted to SELL. Hmm ...

9.55 am : Invigilating in the morning. Busy.

Sapcres-cc : Still moving ... buy buy buy.

DRB-cd : Hold till ...?

Media-ca : Saw it creeping up ... election theme in play?

: Been watching her as she is testing RM3 resistance. With middle-east dust clearing, WCT could move up again. Grabbing WCT-wc at 0.72. Let us see my theories again ... cut at 0.69.

IJM : Moving stronger today.

Adult's toys : Gadgets

As I have bought my flat LCD Tv to replace my 23 yrs old Sony 21" dinosour(and subscibed to HBO and NatGeo channels) to watch more or TV(less blogging and stocks!! haha), I am going to buy another toy to replace my dinosour hp. It is 4 years plus with me now, my Rm200 Sony Ericsson W200 series. I think it only worth RM50 or less now. haha. Yes, I m finally allowing myself to grab an i-phone4 this weekend.

Basically, I am no longer a gadget-person. I WAS when I was young ... but I grew-up!! Phew!! Haha. What's next? XBox is not my cuppa-tea ... I dont like virtual-game. A real badminton or bowling game will be good.

10.55 am : Yes, Sapcres is moving again and my Sapcres-cc might give me another 10% tmr? Allow me to use HA = Hope Analysis. Hehe.

Kulim-wc : Grabbing her ... like her and QL-wa. Similar trade ... new warrants, less risk too. Haha. Both breaking new high and moving slowly up-trending ...

11.50 am : Lunch time ...

In red : Drb-cd, Scable, QL-wa.

Perisai : Cancelled order ... need to check on my others. SELL SELL SELL ...

Faye Wong's Cantonese

Faye Wong's Mandarin

As I am marking papers, I will need to listen to music. Few of Faye's songs suit my mood well ... I hope I will spend my weekend downloading my fav songs into my new i-phone(buying on Sat!! Hehe). yes ... there are many things I would like to do but have been putting my 'pleasure' aside for far too long ... like watching TV, movie and listening to songs ...

As I no longer bring back my notebook, I do not go online at nights. I will prefer to read story-books to my boy and my girl. They need me and my presence more than my readers need me, for sure. Tho I do have few good appreciative readers(including my turtles), many only think of themselves and how they could profit if they could punt into what MIGHT be a good punt written here!! My kids will appreciate my presence much more than any others. That is for sure too ... and seeing their smiles give me a good soothing smile in my heart!

1.55 pm : Back from a nice lunch by myself. I do like to accompany MYSELF. A loner, indeed. Hehe.

Who's your 'guru' or 'sifu'?

This is one question someone asked me ... I dont know how to answer as the truth may not what he/she wants to hear. Haha. MYSELF ... yes, I do hope I m my own guru but I do get distracted and influenced by many gurus or sifus around too. So, as much as I want to be TOTALLY independent, I am NOT. Not yet, tho.

To start with, I read and read many books initially. So, I do treat many good investement/trading books I read(and learnt) as my guru. I shall start ... let me recall DEC 2007 ... it should be Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. I read it in 2005 when I married. Talking about wife as an inspiration! haha.

My first investment was by Milan Doshi. Then, Adam Khoo's book. So, two of them was my initial gurus.

2.45 pm : GenM at 3.65 now, breaking 3.63 ... with RSI above 70 now. I asked YH to sell and she sold hers at 3.59. Yes, NEVER ask anyone to buy or sell. "piak".


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DOW up again 80 points. The bullish feeling is there, so more late-comers will be back today. It is really about time to sell if one bought one/two weeks ago.

End of Month : This month should be positive but I need to calculate to see if Jan + Mac = Feb.

Write about Proton later.

12.15 pm : VERY busy.

YTLLand : Cleared all at 1.94 done. I still like her, so stalk.

PChem-ca : Cleared all for profits too. I m riding on Sapcres-cc, instead.

MudaJaya-cd : Cleared half at 0.085, luckily didnt cut-loss yesterday at 0.08. LOL.

DRB-cd : Remembering that I cut-loss at 0.165 last week ... sigh. Grabbed back at 0.190 market price now. I cleared as DRB reaching resistance. I grabbed today as it is breakout.

Sapcres-cc : Bought at 0.425 yesterday morning. At 0.465, more rooms to move higher? Seeing 0.475, current high.

LionInd : Bought 1.60, sold 1.80 today. Done. Remember this 'hypothetical' trade?

5.15 pm : Bullish ... KLCI up 10 points. Bull running again ... yeah!! buy buy ... but I am selling. Sold YTLLand at 1.94. Sold PChem-ca and Sapcres-cc for another 10% profits.

Sold too early : Perisai, PChem-ca, Masteel-wa and Digista-wa. I took profits the next day but these shot higher!! We cant have it all.

UEMLand : It is moving above 2.80 now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DOW up. KLSE's turnover above RM2.1b showing that retailers are back in vengence. So, THINK of SELLING as many uncles-aunties surging in. Many into timber-stocks today. I am out.

YTLLand : I am thinking of clearing off soon too. Too crowded.

UEMLand : Time to clear more of her, lagging.

What to buy tmr? Nothing!! I dont know ... I will be very busy, hours of invigilating and tmr is my Maths paper.

So, tmr is SELLING of YTLLand. Nothing much in my hands to sell - just a few PChem-ca, MahSing-cb, Sapcres-cc to sell for another 10% profits in days, I hope.

I sold PChem-ca, Masteel-wa, Evergreen today ... sell when many swarming-in. Buy when they are in FEAR again.

KN : It is time to clear some KSL which you bought at 1.67. Good luck, bro.


DOW down a little ... wont hurt KLCI?


MHB-ce : I cleared some at 0.15 yesterday to move into PChem-ca.

PChem-ca : Hope to hold a little longer than just a short-contra play. Going into overbought region and at new high. How far could it go?

MahSing-cb : I bought back a little at 0.35, it is down a little now. I am thinking of holding it till overbought?


QL-wa : Started to collect at 0.90, will top-up during correction.

KFC-wb : Started to collect her again at 1.40. Will look into her at 1.30 and 1.20 level again.

Masteel-wa : Grabbed at 0.60 level ... hold till 10% profits.

Next warrant that I might be interested will be WCT(wb or wc). WCT showing recovery and testing RM3 resistance. Will be too busy to monitor today. I have traded whatever I needed on Friday and yesterday.

10.45 am : Many students will be looking for me later.

PChem-ca : Cleared half that I bought back yesterday at 0.395. Moving into Sapcres-cc as Sapcres is showing signs(look at the stars or comets, please).

Evergreen : Grabbed back at 1.41-1.42. Hold. Scable : Grabbed at 1.28 as planned.

Perisai : Cleared her again at 0.80 for tonight's dinner.

1.45 pm : I am hungry ... attended to students as I am gaining popularity!! Haha. It is exams time again for them.

PChem-ca : Sold too early again. Never mind, 10% profit in a day is good.

Sapcres-cc : Hope this one will give me my 10% by tmr?

JCY : Continuing its upthrust ... reversal in the making?

HuaYang : Flew off the roof, I missed her.

MHB-ce : Sold some at 0.15, at 0.160 today. hai-ya ... wish I have more bullets to hold and shoot on PChem-ca.

YTLLand : At 1.91, will look to sell another half!!

MahSing-cb : Flat today ... wake-up wake-up. Masteel-wa : Doing well today too.

MudaJaya-cd : Sleeping ... I slapped myself for getting myself stuck in there. Will clear for loss at 0.08 later. Need to mobilise the funds.

Seal and SanBumi : What are these stocks? I dont know ... but noticed that they are shooting very high yesterday, and today.

2.45 pm : Masteel-wa cleared at 0.66, much-much earlier than I planned. I bought on Friday.

Digista-wa and PChem-ca continue to move higher after I have taken profits on them. Hmm ... what should I do? Buy back? Hmmm ...

4.30 pm : Evergreen sold half at 1.52. PChem-ca bought some back at 4.30 done. WTK and Leweko shooting 20% up. Evergreen is considered as laggard.

10.40 pm : I m cleared of Evergreen as it is too green for my taste. haha.

Evergreen : I told someone I bought Evergreen at 1.41 and 1.42 in the morning for short-trade. He bought at 1.41 too. Then, I told him I cleared them at 1.52-1.54 before closing. He sold at 1.53 too. As he bought 5 lots, that will be a cool RM500 profits. Now what is missing? The RISK. Why should anyone believe that I really bought into Evergreen in the morning? What if Evergreen goes into red in the closing? What if ... there are too many what-if to begin with. I did not ASK anyone to buy this or that as it is too risky. It reminded me of those buying into my 'calls' in Jan and in losses now. Sorry ... it is really difficult to ask anyone to buy or sell.

We could only point out that GenM reaching resistance and high RSI level, so it is only logical to take profit. We could only say that WTK is a sell now as it is too scary on the way MANY more buying into it. If you see the volumes, you will realised that some syndicates are playing with it and will drop it for huge profits soon. Who will caught? Those late-comers greedy uncles-aunties who moved in today or thinking of WTK tmr?

It doesnt make sense ... I told my turtle, YH, today ... that is market. When stocks moving higher and higher, we EXPECT it to move higher, irrespective of logic!!

Pauline Yong : Thanks for dropping by. Yes, marking papers(in hundreds) is paifully boring especially I hv to squeeze my eye-balls in some creative hand-writings!! Haha. Thanks anyway.

Tired. Night.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday .... exams starts this week for two weeks or so. I will be sort of free, not teaching but with hundreds of exams papers to mark. One sheet of 3-hour exam paper will take me around 1 hour to mark. With total around 120 students, I will be bogged down with marking for these coming weeks ...

Digista-wa : As I only have intention of short-punt, clearing half at 0.205 and another half at 0.210. I bought at 0.190.

MahSing-cb : I hv cleared half at 0.335, so I m queuing to clear all at 0.355.

9.10 am : Digistar-wa cleared all at 0.205 and 0.210. MahSing-cb cleared all at 0.355. Good.

Perisai : Grabbed back at 0.770 done so far.

10.05 am : Grabbed back Digistar-wa for short-day trading today. Also, grabbed back some Mahsing-cb at 0.35 as she is still moving higher.

10.45 am : Cleared all Digistar-wa again ... it is too high now.

MudaJaya-cd : Grabbed at 0.085 today.

PChem-ca : Grabbed back at 0.365 done today too.

At resistance : GenM and DRB reaching resistance. SELL to me.

1.25 pm : I just slapped myself for grabbing MudaJaya-cd. Haha.


p/s : There is something not right with the spacing!! I could not place the spacing!! Need to report to blogger.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stock Watch Scable : IPO-ed at 0.70 level, at 1.30 now. Queue at 1.28 or below. RSI 50. TEH
Sunday ... lazying time. I received a reminder to write about DRB-cc. It is a question by a reader on WHY I chosen DRB-cc and not other DRB's babies.

DRBHicom and its CWs

First of all, since DRB shot into fame(you need to read and be around to know why), many IB rushing to issue CW attached to her. Obviously there is money to gain from issuing CWs to many punters(like me).

Q : How do we check or know a call-warrant is listed and the details?

TEH : Simple ... go to your IB's site and check for announcement in listing of CWs or one may check on Bursa's site (click HERE). One as you could see for the past months, DRB is so popularly traded(one of the actively traded stock in KLSE) ... its CWs attracted many too.

There is no good reason which one should we choose but I will try to think of why I have chosen cc.

1. It is one of the most actively traded CW around. Yes, volume is important for short-term contra traders.

2. It is 'cc', coincide with many of of my CWs which I chosen most of its cc!!

3. I have tracked her since it was listed and has been traded her since then!! It is also important for me to trade a CW(or stock) that I stalk for some time. It gave us the 'confidence' of its movements, or so we thought so.

4. Expiry in more than 200 days with low premium making it attractive too. Here, DRB-cb is in money but it is above 80cents. Expensive-la ...

5. Lowest gearing amongst all ... give those kiasi(takut kalah) some comfort! Haha.

6. Add in your own excuses on why you buy this and not that. There never be enough excuses why a punter buying to anything!!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

It is SAT again ... I could not attend to CNX's meeting and supposed to do some chart-analysis presentation there, to be recorded and being 'judged'. Then, I might be called to attend an interview to become a co-trainer or trainer.

I dont know when I will be free ... I am always not available. So, I might have to postpone my intention to be a trainer ... Sat is my tuition-day ... I will have classes from 8am till 5 pm today.

DOW up(again?) and bull continues to run. March is ending, I hope my profits could cover(partially) the Feb losses. With recovery in UEMLand and YTLLand, my paper-losses turn into paper-gains now. I have sold part of YTLLand yesterday as it is reaching resistance at 1.89-1.93. Another half portion will be sold at next resistance level. Yes, buy them during weakness(due to Libya or Japan or what-so-ever excuses) and about time to clear them into strength now.

Warrants : I bought QL-wa(0.90) and Masteel-wa(0.605 before closing) yesterday. QL-wa will be for looonger term but Masteel-wa for shorter term trading.

Glove-stocks : As more positive reports on them, I am re-looking into Supermax and Kossan. I am still holding to TopGlove with average 5.25 and will sell at 5.50(1k unit - for second time) for another Rm500 profits. By the time it reaches RM6, I will have cleared all for a total of RM1,500 profits. That translated about 15% profits for my aunty in about half year!! Her 3% FD is pathetic, I told her. Topglove is hers ... I am looking at Supermax(and cd) or Kossan(and ca).

Time to go to work whole day ... to collect bullets.

Tonight's work : Looking into banking's CWs : AMMB, CIMB, Maybank, etc etc.

11.05 pm : Has been watching movie as I promised myself. haha. Great.

Step Up 3D

As I like break-dancing, hip-hop and rap. So, I will give this dance-show a high rating!!

have a nice weekend.


Friday, March 25, 2011

DOW up another 80+ points ... why arent we bullish? Volumes in KLSE is nothing great, many are cautious and some have exited markets. The double-dip theories are being played again.

11.05 am : KLCI green ... at 1517.

PChem-ca : Sold all at 0.36 done.

MahSing-cb : Showing some positive signs. Sold half at 0.335. Hold to the other half.

Digistar-wa : Punted into her, grabbed at 0.190 done. I checked and I m the 'lucky' few to grab at 0.190.

DRB-cd : Punted at 0.170.

Perisai : Grabbed 0.73 yesterday, at 0.75 now. RSI at high level ... thinking of clearing for small profits.

QL-wa : Started to collect her at 0.90. It is one of new warrant that I like for loooong term. Together with KFC-wb and QSR-wb too. But, I chosen QL-wa as it is 90cents, KFC-wb at 1.40+ and WSR-wb at 2.20+.

SPSetia-wb : PT told me happily he sold her days ago at 1.70 for 10% profits. I asked him why not wait at 1.75 resistance? It is at 1.77 today. I hope I have not influenced many to take 10% profits?

Warrants : AnnJoo-wb, BRDB-wa, Gamuda-wd, IJM-wc, IJMLand-wa, KPJ-wa, Seg-wa, SPSetia-wb, WCT-wb ... I like warrants.

11.30 am : Efficen flying today. Missed her ...

Perisai : Cleared at 0.76, enough for a nice dinner tonight.

12.05 pm : Perisai still goreng high, at 0.775 now. Hmm ...

3.20 pm : Kinda free now ...

YTLLand : Cleared half at 1.86-1.87 done today. Yes, I m in selling spree ...

GenM : I asked my turtle, YH, to sell GenM today at 3.59-3.60 as she bought at 3.26. This will be her second time traded on GenM ... previously was 3.20 to sell at 3.55. Good. GenM at resistance and high RSI now.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

8.30 am : DOW in green again ... guess it is about time to sell part of my YTLLand.

PChem-ca and MahSing-cb : Bought at 0.32 - so hold for both of them.

Geely : At HKD3, it is time to buyback for longer term investment. I do like her, business-wise.
9.45 am : KLCI in red. Saw LionCor being actively traded, so I checked on LionInd, at 1.74. Remembering my trade ... I grabbed at 1.60. So, I want to check if I could sell at 1.80. It touched 1.76 so far.

MHB : At 6.90. Many of MHB-cw doing very well since yesterday as it surged to new high. I am holding to MHB-ce.

Technical Rebounds(TR)

Alam : Was at 0.94, touched RM1(at 0.99 now) today. TR was right. 1 point.

E&O : Was at 1.15, closed at 1.20 yesterday but at 1.19 now. TR was half right. half point.

LionInd : Was at 1.71, at 1.73 now. Touched 1.76. TR was half right. Half point.

ScomiEng : Was at 0.85, gapped up on Monday to touch the high of 0.95. trading at 0.885 now. TR was right. 1 point.

SigGas : Was at 0.99. Surged up to touch 1.09, at 1.03 now. TR was right. 1 point.

TEH : 4 points out of 5 is a good result here. I will want to check on them after closing tmr.

11.30 am : KLCI flat. PChem-ca doing okand let it runs but Mahsing-cb at 0.315. Cut-off at 0.310.

3.15 pm : VERY busy .... I am becoming a celebrity in the college as all students searching for me for autograph!! hahaha. Nope, they are looking for me as next week is their exams and I am 'friendly' and 'available' for them. Sometimes you wish you are like others - dont care, dont know, dont bother ... and just walk-away!! Then, I wont be so popularly searched after!! Sad to day, I am leaving the Further Maths dept and dropping from teaching the subject. I 'lowered' my standard by teaching Maths - it is much easier as I dont need much brain for that. Haha. It is sad as many students need a good Further Maths lecturer. How many of us around, actually?

My Call-warrants

PChem-ca : Performing well. Hold and sell half at 0.40?

MahSing-cb : Still not surging up as I am expecting. At my cost-price. Hold.

MHB-ce : Will hold ... forever? Hmm ...

Perisai : The sheild ... broken strong resistance recently ... down 4% today due to profit taking. I grabbed some at 0.73 done.

3.55 pm : A student of mine cancelled his tuition class and I m 'free'. I will want to play bowling later then. It has been so long I did not play a game!! I should!!


An important property of the exponential distribution is that it is memoryless. This means that if a random variable T is exponentially distributed, its conditional probability obeys

P(T > s + t / T > s) = P(T > t).

This says that the conditional probability that we need to wait, for example, more than another 10 seconds before the first arrival, given that the first arrival has not yet happened after 30 seconds, is equal to the initial probability that we need to wait more than 10 seconds for the first arrival. So, if we waited for 30 seconds and the first arrival didn't happen (T > 30), probability that we'll need to wait another 10 seconds for the first arrival (T > 30 + 10) is the same as the initial probability that we need to wait more than 10 seconds for the first arrival (T > 10). Students taking courses on probability often misunderstand this idea: the fact that Pr(T > 40 /T > 30) = Pr(T > 10) does not mean that the events T > 40 and T > 30 are independent.

To summarize: "memorylessness" of the probability distribution of the waiting time T until the first arrival means P(T > 40 / T> 30) = P(T > 10).

Taken from Wikipedia


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Digi : The above shown DiGi's monthly chart. One could have 10X more their investment capitals holding on to her. With good dividends given too, one could know it is one of the best stock around in KLSE. Yes, I do like her very much for a long-term play. It is at RM27 level, you dont call her expensive comparing to Maxis, do you?

Yellow by ColdPlay
Songwriters: Berryman, Guy; Buckland, Jon; Champion, Will; Martin, Christopher Antho;

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called 'Yellow'

So then I took my time
Oh what a thing to've done
And it was all yellow

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D'you know? You know I love you so
You know I love you so

I swam across
I jumped across for you
Oh what a thing to do
'Cause you were all yellow

I drew a line
I drew a line for you
Oh what a thing to do
And it was all yellow

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D'you know? For you I bleed myself dry
For you I bleed myself dry

It's true
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for

Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And all the things that you do


Anon : i ve been stalking ur blog,today i decided to write sumthing on ur comment's abt this song yellow,may i know how u get struck by this song ?? i've been liking this song for long and when i was in the Uk,i used to play this song whenever and wherever i went,used to walk in london,manchester,stoke city etc with my walkman playing this song...cheers mate !!! i like coldplay so much so is your blogging...great!

Reply :

11.05 am : BUSYYYYY ... so, KLCI was down in the morning and flat now. KLCI at 1509. HSI was down 100 points just now but recovered and 'only' down 50+ points now. We are recovering ... how do I know?

Smaller losses : My portfolio showing a smaller 'unrealised' losses at the moment. UEMLand and YTLLand continue to move higher. MHB-ce at 0.150 now. PChem and MahSing-cb showing 'small' profits. So, overall the losses is smaller now ... so, we are recovering!! Haha.

Strong February by MayBank IB Research

It only gets better. PCHEM’s product margin in Feb 2011 was USD1,122/ton (+27.8% YoY, +10.5% MoM), we estimate. The year-todate product margin of USD1,062/ton is 23.1% higher YoY and above our 2011 estimate of USD1,027/ton. Things are looking very positive for PCHEM to deliver record profits in 2011. Maintain Buy; there is no change to our earnings forecasts and target price of RM8.00.

TEH : I was reading this report for today as I bought into PChem-ca, waiting for a breakout by mommy-PChem.

11.30 am : MHB breakout ... reaching RM7 soon.

Ok, time to off for lunch ... otherwise I wont have time to eat till 4pm. Classes and classes ...

Call-warrants : DRBHcom

We have DRB-cb, DRB-cc, DRB-cd, DRB-ce (and they will continue to come out with cf, cg, I believe).

One of my reader asked a very interesting question : Why am I going for DRB-cc and not others. I will like to write when I am 'free', that will be on Sat/Sun nights. I will only write WHY I chosen the cc, and not indicating cc is better than others or what-say-you.

4.35 pm : KLCI at that magical historical digits again 1511.

YTLLand : Rebounded strongly, touched 1.88 and at 1.83 now. Resistance at 1.89 ... so, I will clear half at 1.89+ tmr and hold on to the other half. I bought more at 1.60 level.

Property-stocks : Some parties going-on ... see if my MahSing could shoot higher.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DOW up 180 points ... so, are you bullish again? What if ... next week we are down another 20 points, will you be bearish again? It is hard on us, those short-term traders in market as we need to endure the very high day-votality. So, as I am very busy, I am taking a break from trading but holding to few of my babes, adding when it shows some signs of revival ...

Call-warrants : I am only holding to MHB-ce and PChem-ca. Both are oil-stocks. Thinking of MahSing-cb and DRB-cc, the two CWs I traded many of times.

1.55 pm : Tired. Lack of sleep as I woke up 2.30am to mark test-papers(till 4am). Next week is exams week. So, many students looking for last-minute revisions.

Notebook : As I no longer bring back my note-book, I do not online once I back home. By the time I am home, it is about 8pm +. I only have little time to be with my wife&kids. Yes, they are what I am working hard for. So, it is only logical to be with them. :)

PChem : Technically, I am waiting for breakout of the resistance. If breakout fails, I will cut-off(again).

MahSing-cb : Welcome back ... I hope I will keep you much longer this time around.

DRB-cc : Missed her. Letting go ...

Have to go and classes till 7 pm today. That is all, I think. Off


Monday, March 21, 2011

10.00 am : KLCI was in RED. Now green ... Sarawak-counters rallying as expected. Many punters moving in ...

PChem-ca : Grabbed back today at 0.325.

Evergreen : Hold a while and clear some.

11.05 am : Out of Evergreen at 1.42 and 1.43 done. No trading. Busy.

That is all for today as I will have classes till 8pm. Need to work hard to collect more bullets!

The Millionaire Formula

Wealth = Mindset x (Resources + Energy + Tools)

W = M x (R + E + T)

By : Dr Jeffrery Chiew

Liverpool won ... complete my day as a very good day. With 9 of my ex-classmates ... the gathering was fantastic. I enjoyed the company and laughters. Haha.

Libya : Under siege ... I wonder why US-lead kuncu-kuncu going for war(again) this time if not for the OIL(black gold). I am saddened by such stupidity of human-unkind. Why killing each other for the sake of OIL? Greed ... economic gains, political-strong-hold. I am not siding Libya, but questioning the stupidity of HUMAN. Why war?

What money can't buy?

As I m grown-up enough to reflect ... that money, money alone will NOT make anyone any happier. I am still a believer that MONEY could not buy me happiness asmy simple 'needs' have nothing much to do with money. Can MONEY buy PEACE?

Money could buy us a nicest and so-called most expensive bed/mattress ... but not a good sleep.

Today, my old-friends shown me that money could not buy a simple friendship!! Not with money. If a friend being with you only when you are 'well-to do' or could benefit them financially, then friendship couldnt last. Long lasting friendship came from accepting each other, laugh it out our silliness and sincerity to preserve it.

Thanks for my old-friends for making my day. It worth a whole page, much more than my charts.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday morning ... I will have a class later and then going for a gathering!! Yes, seeing my old-classmates(std 3 to form 5 ... most of us were together in Kepong Baru school!!). Some I did not see for 20 years or so! That will be interesting ...


KL stocks expected to rally in Q2: CIMB

Stocks on Bursa Malaysia are expected to rally in the second quarter of 2011 despite global uncertainty stemming from political turmoils in the Middle East and North Africa as well as Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

CIMB Investment Bank Bhd's senior analyst Nigel Foo Chek Keng said the local market had its own cycle and was not affected by the events.

After peaking in January and a period of consolidation thereafter, the bourse would likely bottom out by end of this month, he said.

"The market discounts everything six months to one year ahead.

"At the peak of the economy, the market starts to grow and at the worse of economy, the market starts to rally," he told reporters after delivering a talk on "Market Outlook for Second Quarter 2011 and Beyond" at the Bursa Malaysia's Market Chat 2010/11 in Kuala Lumpur today.

Going forward, Foo said buying interest would continue to focus on rubber glove, timber and oil and gas stocks.

He said this year's FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI target was 1,700 points.

Market Chat 2010/11 is part of a retail investment programme by Bursa Malaysia to encourage greater retail participation in the capital market.

Quah : 在2008年十月,金融风暴的当儿,我却开了投资户口!周围的朋友,家人,全都给于贬低的评语。。。大家都跑了,您还想进???烧到手,血本无归就懂!!!经济会在几时回转,没人可以预知。。。股市会再崩溃吗?!很大很大的问号!我的Stock Life就这样开始了。。。

This is a blog for TA-kaki. I just 'discovered' his blog from The chinese characters introducing himself and said he entered market at 2008 Oct, seeing market crashing. I think that should be the best time to be in the market!!

5.30 pm : Just came back from a nice laughing-session! Haha. We are 'young' again ... as when you get together with your childhood friends, we talked about how silly we were and things we have done. We are grown up enough to laugh at each other!! Haha. Nice ... but only 10 of us - 7 ladies and 3 guys(including me).

Most not in stock-market, so we do not speak about markets!! Except for SC, none will speak about stocks!! And she asked me about Encorp for Sarawak-rally?! Encorp?!! Hmm ... not in my stalk list. A quick check on its fundamental, it is not good. Anyway, we should NOT advise anyone to buy or not to buy. We could only give our opinions, if our opinions worth listening to.

Sarawak-stocks : Naim, Dayang and HSL are OK. To me, Encorp is purely speculative.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sarawak Election's stock watch

If Malaysia’s 13th general election is held this year, as is widely expected, we could see two sets of elections held close to each other or even concurrently — the other being Sarawak’s state election.

Although the dates of the Sarawak state election, which are due this year, and the 13th general election have not been announced, speculation is rife that they will take place by the first half of the year.

Indeed, election plays are expected to be one of the main investment stories this year and analysts are already betting on which stocks will ride on the theme.

Many investors wonder if the bulls will charge in the land of the hornbills.

Based on past trends, Sarawak-based stocks perform better during an election rally compared with their Peninsular-based peers.

Maybank IB, for instance, notes that Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMSB) surged 34% in three months leading to the dissolution of the state assembly on April 28, 2006.

Naim Holdings Bhd gained some 13% while Ta Ann Holdings Bhd rose 18% during the same period. Zecon Bhd gained 10% while Encorp Bhd rose a staggering 67%.

Hock Seng Lee Bhd (HSL), meanwhile, climbed over two months to its 52-week high of 69.5 sen on March 17, 2006 — a significant increase from its 52-week low of 51.9 sen on Jan 25, 2006.

The next few months could see a repeat of 2006, when prices of Sarawak-stocks rose just before the state elections in May that year.

In fact, investors may already be buying into the state-election story, as there has been a run-up in the prices of a few Sarawak-based stocks recently.

The rally in Sarawak stocks is expected to continue in tandem with the news of an increasing number of contracts being awarded. OSK Research, for one, recently noted that between January and October last year, the number of jobs awarded to to listed contractors in Sarawak rose 43.9% year-on-year. The research house expects the momentum to persist.

The demand for Sarawak plays could also be due to the counters having undemanding valuations backed by strong financial fundamentals, even if one were to strip out the state-election factor.

Interestingly enough, most of the counters have been profitable over the last three years and most of them are in net cash positions and provide very high returns on equity (ROE).

, for one, has been a net cash-company over the last two years and offers an impressive ROE of between 18% and 21%.

It is therefore not surprising that institutional shareholders, including the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) have been picking up HSL shares of late. From a 6.8% stake in HSL at the start of last year, the EPF now has an 11.03% stake.

Naim has also been profitable over the last three years, yielding a commendable ROE of above 13%.

CMSB, meanwhile, is considered by many to be at the forefront of Sarawak’s business landscape, backed by the power and wealth of Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud’s family.

Based on CMSB’s 2009 annual report, Taib’s children and his late wife, Lejla Taib, owned around 42.9% of the company.

CMSB’s track record is testament to the company’s success rate when bidding for contracts.

According to filings with Bursa Malaysia, CMSB and its subsidiaries have won over RM1 billion worth of projects from the state and the federal governments since end-2004.

CMSB’s dominance in the production of cement and other building materials in the country’s largest state further emphasises its prominence as a construction firm there.

It is also worth noting that Datuk Abdul Hamed Sepawi, chairman and a shareholder of property developer and contractor Naim Holdings Bhd, is Taib’s cousin. Abdul Hamed also has a 19.9% stake in Sarawak Plantations Bhd.

It will be interesting to see the movement of CMSB, Naim and Sarawak Plantations shares over the next few months.

Abdul Hamed was also chairman of the now privatised Sarawak Energy Bhd and sits on the board of timber company Ta Ann, in which he owns a very small stake.

Ta Ann is one of the few Sarawak-based timber companies that diversified into palm plantations. The move has paid off as its 2009 financial figures show its palm oil business accounted for about 40% of Ta Ann’s net profit.

While the construction-based stocks stand out among the Sarawak counters, investors may also want to watch the oil and gas plays that may see some price movements following the recent awarding of a number of contracts.

The Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal (SOGT) project, which has been on hold for more than two years, is one major catalyst for Sarawak-based oil and gas stocks.

Analysts expect more contracts to be parcelled out after Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd awarded SOGT jobs worth RM2.41 billion to Naim and Samsung Engineering Co Ltd last September.

Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd is a strong contender for Petroliam Nasional Bhd’s RM1.2 billion maintenance contracts and RM2 billion hook-up and commissioning (HUC) work expected to be awarded by the end of the year.

It is worth noting that Dayang, backed by a sizeable order book of RM1 billion, has an advantage over the other players in the area of HUC because it is one of the five short-listed for Petronas umbrella contracts or restricted tenders.

Another major catalyst for the Sarawak-based counters is the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (Score).

Although nothing has been officially said about Score jobs being exclusively for Sarawak contractors, they certainly have the competitive advantage being local players.

What is more notable is that, the large pie is expected to be shared among only a few, with the favourites being CMSB, Naim, HSL, KKB Engineering Bhd, Dayang and Leader Universal Bhd.

Some of the high-profile projects planned under Score include an aluminium smelter expected to cost between RM7billion andRM10 billion, Tatau pulp and paper factory (RM3 billion) and a zinc electro refinery (RM1.3 billion).

These mega-projects will only kick off within the next two to three years. Nonetheless, the initial phase of development, centring on basic infrastructure to support the feasibility of the projects, is already slowly trickling in.

Over the near term, Maybank IB said in a recent research note that construction awards should pick up with the recent closing of the tender of more than RM2 billion worth of road works.

It is a safe bet that more and the bigger jobs will flow in as the state elections draw closer.

Stock Watch : Rebounds in action

Alam : Buying at 0.88 could be a good entry. Technically, signs of rebound seen. Volume stays low. Resistance at 1.04, another 10% upside to go. At 0.94, resisted by MA20d, and needs to break this 20MA for short-term bullishness. Volumes need to increase to0.

E&O : Closed above resistance 1.11 but no-much volume to support the rebound. MACD and stochastic showing downtrending. So, the decision should be ... wait?

LionInd : Moving to 1.70 level, signals of rebounding in making. As I 'hypothetically' bought at 1.60, selling should be at 1.80. Recalling my plan for this trade. See how it works out.

ScomiEng : Closed at 0.85, RSI at 50. Bullish signals. BUY. Resistance at 0.94. The news of getting the LRT/MRT projects in Brazil(and news about Mumbai always out. Wonder why they need to play in such news?).

SigGas : Gapped up, RSI 50. Bullish signs of rebounding. Increased in volumes seen. Waiting for breaking of 1.02 with higher volume, BUY. Next resistance at 1.12 and 1.22.

12.25 am : DOW still up but merely 80 points now. I m watching TV, something I rarely do. I will do it more often, rather than listening to Bloomberg or CNBC. I watch Nat.Geo. Yes, I am happier now, I guess. Haha.

Sawarak-stocks : Dayang and Naim in radar as election nearing. Will check on them ...


Friday, March 18, 2011

6.30 pm : KLCI up higher today. HSI up slightly too.

Yes, I will watch a movie today(new TV syndrome. haha) and will like to write what I have in mind(about KLSE and current correction) ... while I do not dare to move in to buy.

10.25 pm : DOW up 120 points.

US stocks advance after G-7 Intervention

By IB Times Staff Reporter March 18, 2011 10:02 AM EDT

US stocks advanced in early trade on Friday after the Group of Seven (G-7) Finance ministers had agreed to intervene in the markets to stabilize the Japanese yen.

The S&P 500 Index advanced 14.24 points, or 1.12 percent, to trade at 1,287.96 at 9:55 a.m. EDT. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 136.94 points, or 1.16 percent, to trade at 11,911.53. The Nasdaq Composite Index gained 0.93 percent.

Intervening for the first time in currency markets since 2000, the G-7 officials said that the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the European Central Bank will join Japan in concerted intervention in exchange markets from Friday


DOW up 160 points!! Hurray ... KLCI up 10 points later?

TV : Last night was the second night I did not bring back my notebook ... yes, I am going to leave my computer at office!! So, there wont be any postings during weekdays' nights!! Time to watch movie/TV(bought a flat-TV last night! Haha). I will only write on Fri, Sat/Sun nights.

Evergreen : I grabbed at 1.41 average yesterday. WTK has been shooting the roof with RSI above 80. So, I grabbed Evergreen instead ... high volume registered yesterday(RSI 60) and selling should be when these CRAZY senseless speculating on Japan's usage of ply-wood or wood-related products to re-build the damages is over. I am queueing to clear some Evergreen at 1.50 and 1.54(resistance). Keeping another half to see how far it could fly.

Naim : RSI below 30 now, dared myself to queue at 2.86(support) closed at 3.05(support)yesterday. Sarawak election is on? Sure?

Will be in a so-called training for the whole day.

10.55 am : Glad to have my gang with me for the 'training'. At least we could joke and talk about KLSE. Haha


RHB Research remains positive on property sector but sees volatile market ahead

Written by
Friday, 18 March 2011 10:03

KUALA LUMPUR: RHB Research said while it remains positive on the sector, it is not bullish particularly in the coming 2Q11 considering the volatile market ahead.

It said on Friday, March 18 the property sector is known for its cyclical and high beta nature, and it is not a heavy weight component in the FBM KLCI.

“For sector exposure, low beta property stocks are preferred, such as Paramount and Mah Sing. REITs also could turn in favour due to their defensive yields,” it said.

TEH : MahSing may no longer categorise as low-beta as it has attracted many to trade/speculate on her. The fluctuation of its prices and votalities have increased since then. Hence, I think it is not appropriate to place Mah Sing as low-beta stock?

RHB Research said it was appropriate for investors to go for selective high beta stocks only if there is a strong project flow.

“In 2H11, key events to watch out for is the results for the tenders by developers for the Rubber Research Institute land, MRT’s “rail plus property” that Prasarana will develop with JV partners, and the official award of the development of land parcels in Singapore,” it said.

TEH : Could YTLLand benefit from here?

The research house said the biggest beneficiaries include MRCB, Ekovest (for river cleaning project) and UEM Land.

TEH : One of the reason to buy into UEMLand

The key surprise will be the JV winners in particular for the RRI land, which we think are likely to be the GLC-linked reputable developers. The best bets are SP Setia, IJM Land and Mah Sing.

TEH : Yes, three of the darling of KLSE tho IJMLand no longer attractive after the fall-out with MRCB. Now, I do like IJMLand at current level.

“We believe the M&A catalyst for the sector still exists. Speculation will be centered on “who is next” to merge with MRCB, after the deal to merge with IJM Land lapsed.

“Similar to ULHB/Sunrise (a property arm of Khazanah), MRCB is the “so-called” construction/property arm of EPF, but MRCB is lagging behind in its property development and brand name. In addition, by merging with a reputable developer, its valuations are expected to normalise to a reasonable level in hopes of better fundamental grounds,” it said

RHB Research believed catalysts for the small cap property stocks are limited after a short rally in early 2011.

It lowered its fair value on Glomac and YNH. As for KSL, the stock is still largely undervalued (at 60% discount to RNAV) considering that it has just received its approval for its Bandar Bestari township project in Klang.

“Overall, as we are keeping our calls on big cap stocks, we maintain our Overweight rating on the sector. Our top pick is Mah Sing,” it said.

TEH : MahSing-cb still a good leverage play on MahSing. Expiring in 300-days, premium below 10%. IF MahSing run-up another 20%, this call could up 100%. So, MahSing-cb still one of the call-warrant I am watching to PUNT in once market stablise.

3.25 pm : KLCI up but Evergreen in RED, back to my cost-price 1.40. Hmm ...

Analysts say Bursa not in bear territory
By Goh Thean EuPublished: 2011/03/18

Foreign funds were net sellers of almost RM5 billion worth of stocks over the past six weeks, during which some RM30 billion has been wiped off from the stock market.

FOREIGN funds were net sellers of almost RM5 billion worth of stocks over the past six weeks, during which some RM30 billion has been wiped off from the stock market.

The bad news is, the trend is expected to continue.

Nevertheless, analysts declined to concede that the market is entering bear territory.

"In fact, technically, we are not even in a correction mode yet. I think the market is going through a consolidation period, where it will go sideways for some time, it could be weeks, it could be months," Jupiter Securities head of research Pong Teng Siew told Business Times when contacted yesterday.

A technical correction is when the stock market has fallen 10 per cent from its peak. This means the benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI has to decline by 157 points from its peak of 1,576 points. So far, it has dropped to a low of 1,476 points - about 57 points shy of a technical correction.

A closer look at foreign funds shows they have bought RM12.13 billion worth of shares since February 2011, but have sold RM16.52 billion worth of shares in the same period.

During the period, the local stock market has lost about RM31.43 billion in value, to RM1.25 trillion.

Analysts said foreign funds have started to exit the local stock market, as well as other emerging markets, as early as mid-January this year, mainly driven by rising commodity and food prices.

When prices of food and commodities go up, consumers would have less disposable income. Analysts believe that in such a scenario, developed markets would be able to absorb the impact better than the emerging markets.

"That's why the funds are leaving the emerging markets, and moving back into the developed markets," said Pong.

Having said that, it does not mean that foreign participation would hit an all-time low this year.

"I think significant foreign funds will still be in the picture, it's just that their strategy may have changed from a long-term investment perspective, into a more short-term trading position," said Mercury Securities head of research Edmund Tham.

Retail investors are also consistently the net sellers on the local stock market, indicating they are also pessimistic on the market's short-term growth potential.

"Retail investors generally don't buy stocks and hold for long-term, they are looking for quick gains. So, we expect them to be net sellers when they see limited near-term upside on stocks," Pong said.

For the month of March, retail investors were net sellers every-single trading day, including on days when the benchmark index rose.

Despite several bad news recently, like Japan's earthquake and tsunami and unrest in Libya, analysts remained optimistic that the market will rebound.

Jupiter expects the benchmark index to hit 1,670 points by the year-end and OSK Research has a year-end target of 1,680 points.

"I believe that the market can hit 1,600 points easily by year end," said Tham.

TEH : Bullish vs Bearish views. Whiich side are you in?

IJMLand : A turtle of mine, CW, asking me about this one as he intends to hold to his IJMLand-wa(which is down). What are the risks holding to IJMLand-wa for ... say, ONE year? IJMLand-wa rebounded from the support 1.20(jotted down here last week). It is at 1.20 level now. Another turtle of mine, YH, bought IJMLand mommy at 2.62 last week. I want to check on their trades but I am 'lost' track.

Have a nice trading day as BULL will be running today!! Hopefully ...


Thursday, March 17, 2011

9.02 am : DOW down 200+ points. KLCI opens 10 points lower.

11.20 am : Keep moving ... I am running out of time.

Timber-stocks : On rally ... lead by WTK ... Taann, Evergreen, Hevea, Meico Lingui ... everything related to WOOD moving rallying as speculators seeing Japan's devastating demolition of houses/properties as 'good news' to these sector. Will you buy into the speculated news?

Evergreen : I have traded her before. So, I am grabbing her today.

Hevea-wb : A warrant to trade at the moment.

Timber-related stocks advance at mid-morning

Written by Surin Murugiah of

Thursday, 17 March 2011 11:17

KUALA LUMPUR: Timber-related stocks advanced on Thursday, March 17 on expectations of an increase in demand for products following the earthquake in Japan last Friday.

At 11.10am, Ta Ann jumped 26 sen to RM5.24, Jaya Tiasa up 10 sen to RM5.20 and WTK added four sent to RM1.58.

AmResearch has maintained its overweight rating on the timber sector and its buy call on Ta Ann and Jaya Tiasa, with fair values of RM6.30 and RM6 respectively.

The research house said that the Ta Ann management informed it that there had been no supply disruption so far to Japan.

“Orders are placed once or twice in a month. Its shipments go through Osaka, south of Tokyo in the central-southern region, which was not affected by the tsunami,” it said.

Meanwhile, MIDF Research in a note March 17 said local timber companies will be the main beneficiary when Japans starts to rebuild the earthquake disaster areas as Malaysia is their largest plywood exporter accounting for 48% of Japan’s total plywood.

Japan imports more than 50% of the total plywood for its consumption, it said.

“We believe the main beneficiary will be WTK and Ta Ann since these companies exposure to the Japan market is about 80-90% of their plywood sales.

“Between them, WTK has greater leverage since it is a pure timber company compared to Ta Ann whose earnings mainly comes from CPO with its plywood division registering loss due to the usage of more costly eco-friendly raw material sourced from its Tasmanian operation.

Lingui is the other beneficiary as it has close to 50% exposure to Japan’s plywood sales, it said.

Ivory : One of the many 'new' IPO which at 'new' low.

I have wanted to write about few of these 'new' IPOs which are trading at new lows. Benelac, EAH, Ivory, JCY, MEGB and such. Some are worth looking into.

Have to run.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DOW lost 137 points but KLCI back into green!! I wont move in this time as I was 'trapped' a few times with short rebound. In fact, I m thinking to trim more. Suddenly feeling bearish in a bull market? Hmmm ...

3.05 pm :Wednesday is my busy day!! KLCI in green today.

Naim : At 3.06, support level. Noted.

4.55 pm : BULLish again ...KLCI up 8.3 points. Yesterday down, today up ... tmr?

Time to run again.

More downside for local market?

Written by

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 08:43

KUALA LUMPUR: Hwang DBS Vickers Research said there could be a bit more downside to go on the Malaysian bourse on Wednesday, March 16 amid the global equities sell-off in reaction to the Japanese nuclear radiation scare.

It said following Tuesday’s rout – led by Japan (-10.6%), Taiwan (-3.3%) and Hong Kong (-2.9%) – major U.S. stock bellwethers finished lower (by between 1.1% and 1.2%) last night after plunging as much as 2.5%-3.1% in early trading.

HDBSVR said still, a sense of relief may be in store driven by the latest news that Japan has made progress in stabilising its damaged nuclear reactors.

Separately, the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee last night left its federal funds rate unchanged while reiterating its intention to continue with the quantitative easing program after saying that the U.S. economic recovery is on a firmer footing and the prevailing inflationary effects from rising prices in energy and other commodities are likely to be transitory.

HDBSVR said back home, following the announcement of Berjaya Sports Toto’s latest quarterly financial results yesterday evening (which were broadly within expectations), investors would be watching out for Top Glove’s earnings announcement due for release during lunch hour.

Note : Wrong prediction ... BULL running today. BJToto profits OK but TopGlove's profit down by 63%. Wow.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10.15 am : KLCI in red ... down 6 points.

HSPlant : RSI at 18, gapped down as plantation rally deemed to be over? At support 2.85.

CWs : Cut off PChem-ca and Dialog-cc which I grabbed yesterday. Indiscipline of me. Period.

10.45 am : KLCI diving ... down 14 points. Game over?

KLCI testing 1474 soon, HSI down 700++ ... something I did not see for very loooong time now. BEARISH outlook.

11 am : HSI DOWN 800 points!!

12.30 pm : Lunch time ... demolition of wealth going on. Everyone is running, including me.

HSI down 900 points!! KLCI down 17 points.

Are we still bullish? I dont know. I think that the FEAR will heighten and we will see more down side, with some short rebound. Yes, perhaps we should stay sideline and bargain-buying in weeks to come. OUCH.

5.45 pm : Glove-stocks rally. Wow.

TopGlove : At 5.34. Nice. Will clear half at 5.50 to gain my next RM500 for my aunts. This is not my stock but this simple strategy on her work well so far. Much better by my trades!!

Property stocks are battered. Time to re-look into them.

Tsunami in markets : Yes, it is such a disaster in markets ... it is still OK for those bought into good stocks but not those punters into CWs and speculative counters.

Time to move away from markets for a while, let it falls further.

Listen to nice sentimental songs by Guang Liang will help. hehe


Monday, March 14, 2011

(New) IPO-stocks in (new) low






BJRetail : VT done it again ... listing her for a while, speculating that it will be taken private. The news of privatisation of BJToto(speculated) still fresh in mind. What is next? BJFood taken private next week? Anyway, it is a durian-runtuh for those bought into BJRetail. Perhaps, I should think of the under-valued BJFood? Haha.
Badminton : Live telecast ... Chong Wei is leading 17-12 in first game.

Monday ... it will be some panic selling and one may want to sell it fast, anc collect lower days/weeks later. Keeping some bullets for the day when we see KLCI break-down the 1474 support level. 1450 soon .... to BUY?

Timber-stocks : Due to devastating quake and tsunami in Japan, it is speculated that timber-stocks may benefit here as Japan will take some time to re-build the damaged houses/towns.

WTK: Went down to 1.17 on Friday but rebounded strongly to close at 1.26 after the quake news was out on Friday. It shows those experienced speculators already positioned themselves to benefit for the short-term speculation news on timber-stocks.

12.55 am : Chong Wei won the first game. Second game now.

10.30 am : Grabbed Dialog-cc at 0.150 and 0.155 so far.

11.05 am : KLCI down more than 15 points in early trade but recovering now. Some panic selling this morning is expected. Perhaps Malaysians knew the good news that Chong Wei won the All-England against LinDan, and decided to move back in the market? Whatever excuses used to SELL or BUY.

WTK : Up as expected too ... at 1.35 now.

11.40 am : Grabbed PChem-ca at 0.32-0.325.

I feel sorry and sad for the victims in Japanese.

Alan - Sakura Modern

1.15 pm : I seldom listen to Japanese songs as I could not related to them. Knowing the language is still important to appreciate their music and songs? I do have few nice numbers which I saved ... this is one of them. Heart feel for the suffering of many Japanese, facing the 'natural' disasters.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Badminton : All England's semi is going-on. LinDan won his bout and I am still waiting for Lee Chong Wei's game(against Chen Long of China). As for the men's double, the world no one Denmark pair has booked a place in the final and I am waiting to watch Koo-Tan's game too.

I bought The Edge and MB's latest issue. Yes, I slowed down and have not even read it!! I want to experience more of living ... taking time out to watch a badminton match, checking on my son's progress etc etc. Yes, more personal stuffs rather than engross with my biz-news, as if I m going to be an analyst!! Haha.

I will exit more next week and yes ... preparing to trade much less now. Market is in cautious mode, so it could be of high risk to anticipate what to expect next.

A special thanks for the encouraging words from a reader, LCK.

With that, have a nice Sunday ahead.

1.30 pm : Lee Chong Wei's won and Koo-Tan won too. I do hope Chong Wei could beat LinDan this time around. As for Koo-Tan, it is their chance to shine. The Danish pair is not as strong as the Chinese or Indon, actually.

Purposes and directions(of blogging)

You see, I started this blog to record my trades and also to get to know many traders/bloggers alike. As I read in daily basis, there are loads of things to write about - financial and markets related. If one check my posts, say 2 years ago, I was more 'creative' and liking the way I write - for my own pleasure readings!! And I do have readers commented that I wrote well!! But ... these changed as I am 'internally' pressurised to write!! Anything ... just write!!

Well, I have reminded myself NOT to write for the sake of writing. Most bloggers write out of passion and interest in blogging(of our thoughts). I do blog years ago ... it was more about my random thoughts. But since I do not have the time to write my 'personal' blog and engrossed with financial-sphere, naturally I will write more about articles I read or some interesting charts I am looking into. It is more of a sharing-idea ... and perhaps added some strategies which I think could be applied.

The risk? Some readers really bought into what I am writing!! That is the risk and hate to see anyone losing money!! Investors and traders should understand RISKs in market and following blindly a writing(or a broker report) could cause us some painful trades. Hence, I told myself NOT to write about those call-warrants I punted or those risky trades I took(out of learning purposes). I failed to control myself in this case. I feel that I have defeated the purpose of this blog if I did not write what I buy/sell ... my trades!! If I lose money in trading call-warrants, I should jot it here too. Yup, that is more genuine as after all, we dont win all the time, do we?

To include some personal thoughts in this blog - that was what I agreed(with myself) as this is NOT a financial blog!! I should NOT bother too much about what or how my readers view me!! In fact, I was never too cautious as a human. I never bother how other judge me ... if I am just riding a kap-cai or dressed like an ah pek. I am not brand-cautious, status-cautious and whatever the stupid-society around me doing.

Slowly ... I found myself ... constrained and complying to the 'demand' of readers. It is like trying to be 'popular', write what your readers want to read, please them ... and that could increase the traffic to this blog? WHY was I doing that? I dont know ...

I like to write my thoughts here. I like to record my doings tho most of us prefer not to 'publicise' our lives!! Perhaps I want to be popular, one day. LOL.

In the mean time, I still see myself in the learning process. This blog will remain a platform for me to know more traders/investors and to record what I am learning or mistakes I have done.

I hope I am making it clear that I am a novice and no nothing much about financial. I could not give any concrete comments about IPOs, bonus-issues, private placements, share-buybacks etc etc. I have 'ignored' many e-mail who ask these questions as I think I am NOT qualify to give any comments. I have no idea. Sorry.

Nice ... time to go places again with family and will get excited to watch the All-England tonight.

10.35 pm : Koo-Tan just lost their games ... in the rubber-game, they were leading 16-11 until a misunderstanding between them spilt their focus and concentration. From there, we could see they will lose the game. Yes, confidence and concentration are vital ingredients for good performance. That same goes for trading. When I could not concentrate and lack of confidence, I should NOT trade.

Property : To buy or not to buy now?

Last year, the apartment I am staying here averaging about RM180k range. I almost got a unit here for RM195k until the owner last-minute pulled out. Today, these units here costing around RM230-250k. Yup, it is just ONE year ago ... the asking prices now are at exorbitant level!!

Puchong Intan Apt : I will view this place this week as the price is still reasonable - below RM150k.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

DOW up 60 points. Tsunami(due to quake) in Japan killed hundreds.

The dive yesterday is not so normal. KLCI went below 1500 level yet again. It is very volatile. I am in fear that it will dive below 1480 level before we could see another short-lived rebound. So, it is time to exit again if it opens green on Monday. So, short-term bearish ... exit. But long term trend in tact, so one may need to hold for months to see recovery. Stochastic bearish crossover at overbought region. Way downward from here ... brace yourself next week if those still holding to their stocks. We shall face a violent tsunami in markets ...

Note : KLCI showing signs of DOWNTRENDING and REVERSAL. A break of support at 1477, we shall see it testing 200MA at 1442.

I will be having classes till 3pm today. And will like to use my remaining half day to go places. Yes, it is time to relax and enjoy ... dont worry about market. It is always there!!
Man's toys
ipad2 : Thinking of getting one.
Flat TV : Changing my current 20 year old tube-TV, 21" into 32" LCD-flat TV?
XBox or PS : Will that create an obsession in my kids?

Friday, March 11, 2011

A pause from blogging

1. To spend more time with family and friends
2. To read some books which not related to financial or markets.
3. To watch TV - my fav NGO/Discovery channel and subscribe to Astro-in-Demand.
4. To get back into my games - bowling and badminton. To jog.
5. To watch movies and play some computer games.
6. To meditate and slow down my pace. To pray.

These are things I will want to do. So, to find the time, I will read less biz-news, trade and blogging.

I have a realisation that I am doing too much of things at one time and the stress is getting into me. So, I am going to place my priorities right and letting go many more I planned to do. I want to control the pace rather than being controlled.

Hence, there will be less writing here. Many of times, I could not get my thoughts organised and to write well here. It is also due to congestions of the traffic in my thoughts. It will take some time but I am determine to have a more balanced life.

Thanks for some concerned words.

Have a nice weekend.

A look at political unrest in the Middle East

The Associated Press The Associated Press – Thu Mar 10, 2:55 pm ET

A look at anti-government protests, political unrest and key developments in the Middle East on Thursday:


Government forces drive hundreds of rebels from a strategic oil port with a withering rain of rockets and tank shells, significantly expanding Moammar Gadhafi's control of Libya as Western nations struggled to find a way to stop him.

France is first country to recognize the rebels' governing council, and an ally of President Nicolas Sarkozy says his government is planning "targeted operations" to defend civilians if the international community approves.


Saudi police open fire at a rally in the kingdom's east in an apparent escalation of efforts to stop planned protests. Government officials warn they will take strong action if activists take to the streets after increasing calls for large protests around the oil-rich kingdom to press for democratic reforms.


Thousands of Christians hold an emotional funeral service after clashes this week between Muslims and Christians killed 13 and wounded 140. The clashes have deepened a sense of chaos as the police and ruling military struggle to maintain order barely a month after a popular uprising ousted longtime leader Hosni Mubarak.


Yemen's embattled president proposes that the government draw up a new constitution guaranteeing the independence of the parliament and judiciary. But thousands of unsatisfied protesters pour into the streets after his speech to demand the ouster of the Yemeni ruler of 32 years.

The demonstrators have set up protest camps in the capital and the cities of Aden and Taiz, saying they won't leave until U.S.-backed President Ali Abdullah Saleh does.


An angry faceoff between hundreds of loyalists praising Bahrain's Sunni rulers and Shiites cursing their names breaks out at a schoolyard. Police and parliament members move in to break up the rival demonstrations during morning break at the school.

Bahrain's nearly monthlong political implosion lays bare the divide between the majority Shiites and the Sunni ruling class.

Copied by : TEH
DOW down 200+ points ... bearish again. These up and down are common these days. Brace for a dive later ...

Bad Human

Unlike not-so-good human, bad human will look for faults in you. They have bad intention, either to harm you or have their own ulterior motives. They have vengence in them and looking for opportunities to bring you down. They have plots in their mind, and as we trust others(too easily at times), they will use 'evidences' to attack us. Have you encountered such human in your lives?

I do categorise bad human into a few groups. Bad human brings bad vibes into our lives and should be avoid at all cost. They could cause us dis-harmony, dis-integrate our lives with their hidden agenda. Many bad human do not think they are bad, anyway. They might think they are 'forced' into the circumstances. They are in the circle of bad vibes and as the saying goes, same type of birds(feather) tend to flock each other, right?

Luckily for us, there are not many bad human around us. But, they are there. So, be aware.

I always remind my kids not to follow any strangers, especially those giving them sweets and un-known to them. I termed these human 'bad human' but my son will ask " Why do you say they are bad, dad?". I am speechless. Hmm ...

I may be not-so-good human, but I do not think so I am bad human. I have no bad intention writing this blog, no bad intention to hurt anyone with my writings(you may leave if you find it offensive or plain garbage - it is ok with me).

In my life, as I am growing older(wiser, hopefully), I have tried to be good human. At least in my own beliefs. We could never please everyone ... just to show them we are 'good' as somehow we will find someone out there against our views. It is accepting and torelating the differences which separate us from being no-so-good from bad.

I do hope to be a good example to my kids. Protecting them from bad human may not be easy as they will somehow need to learn to accept that in this world, there are good, not-so-good and bad human. They just need to learn to differentiate them and not being a bad one. I was bad(but I still do not harm anyone) and I like who I am today, a much improved version of a human species.

If we have to live our lives, why dont we do good to others? Why cant we accept each other differences, may we be Chinese, Malay or whatever races? Why the colour of our skins our concerns? Why are we gender biased? Why must we placing categories of rich or poor kids? Why are we still questioning each other's religions/beliefs? Why ...

There are too many WHYs in my mind as I ponder further. Perhaps we could really blame it on our societal pressure. Perhaps we THINK what we do is a norm. Perhaps we just dont care much about others ... yeah, we are brought up and mould into what we are today. Or are we?

It is 4.45 am ... I cant sleep.

I am taking a break again before I break-down. My system is dis-integrating again. I am simply too busy. And I want to spend more time with my wife and kids.

Happy trading.

Some tips for thoughts

Taken from : Wisdom Wise's blog.

1) Don't buy what you don't understand.

2) Never overpay for a stock no matter what.

3) Buying at major support with strong fundamentals is generally safe.

4) Buying in a downtrend is foolish.

5) Stocks with high debts, low or negative earnings, and no dividends are
somebody's problems. Don't make them yours.

6) Averaging up is better than averaging down. Follow strength, not weakness.

7) Don't be lured into buying a stock because of great promises and some rosy pictures.

8) Times of extreme pessimism are the best times to buy.

9) When prices are moving fast, from strength to strength, pay close attention to your charts.
Sell as soon as the exaggerated uptrend line is breached even amid bullish news.

10. Everyone has the right to wait for the best opportunity. Patience is a must if you want to win.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

10.40 am : KLCI down 7 points. Well, it is volatile, that is why I cleared most of my call-warrants yesterday, took profits to maintain in cash and to buy during few more RED days. MHB-ce still in green today. Yeah!!

UEMLand-cg : Welcoming new call-warrant ... grabbed at 0.140/0.145 done. Waiting at 0.135.

CIMB Research: Accumulate YTL Land on weakness

Written by

Thursday, 10 March 2011 09:05

KUALA LUMPUR: CIMB Equities Research has a Buy on YTL Land & Development at RM1.75.

“Recent pullback dragged prices towards the 38.2% FR level. Since then, prices have been holding steadily above this level. We think a stronger rebound is imminent and prices could swing past its 30-day SMA soon,” it said.

The research house said on Thursday, March 10 the technical landscape is improving. MACD histogram bars are falling at a slower pace while its RSI has also hooked upward. Once the 30-day SMA is taken out, the following resistance is at RM1.95 and RM2.08.

“Our strategy here is to accumulate on weakness. However, be quick to cut loss if the 38.2% FR level of RM1.63 is violated as next downside targets are RM1.49 and RM1.35,” it said.

Good Human vs Not-so-good Human

Throwing rubbish out of windows : This is commonly seen. You could see someone driving an expensive car throwing RUBBISH out of their cars window!! This not-so-good human to me ... I dont have a term for them. Uncivilised? Selfish? Uneducated? Hmm ... I dont know, so I used the term 'not-so-good' human when I explained to my son!! Perhaps you will see people, well-dressed with all the so-called latest gadgets, yet throwing rubbish everywhere EXCEPT their own places??

If you are staying in high-rise medium to low cost apartments, you will see people throwing RUBBISH out of their window!! I seen a junk-food wrappers thrown out of the window when I visited my mom recently. So, I m prompted to write it here .... my thoughts!! This is really not-so-good human. And they are EVERYWHERE.

Throwing rubbish out of office windows, out of what-ever windows ... these people do not think much further than to get-rid of the rubbish on their hand OUT of thier life!! Just throw it la ... can I say ... NIAMAH!! Haha.

How do you judge these human ... they can be a doctor, a well-educated lecturers or they could be your neighbours. How do you see them? For one, I never throw rubbish everywhere I like. Never. I will want to bring up my kids who appreciate cleaniness around us. Love the environment.

Vulgurous words : As we are in stress or in anger or for whatever reasons/excuses, we need to curse!! Fuck off!! Then ... these are not-so-good human too. Generally, public view these people lowly(I dont really know why as I do curse too! Haha). So, I am guilty ... as being not-so-good human. Those goodies do not curse bad/vulgorous words. They will smile, pretend things are OK and stay composed.

I used to join some 'gangsters' when I was in lower secondary. Every lines we speak, we surely use those words .. such as dui-niamah, ham-ka-ling ... you get me, right? So, when I grew up, I find it awkward to ... err ... speak in such a way? Does that show I am maturing or more educated? I do not think so. Logically, it depends on our surrounding. I cant be saying dui-dui or fuck-fuck in my office, right? Haha ... it may just be words, but many take if offensively. We are living in a hypocrite-kinda of society who will not accept such a 'culture' in our family. I do not wish that my kids learning to curse in every language, right? I do not know Hakka, but I do know most of the Hakka's cursing wordings!! Haha. Bad bad ... I am not-so-good person here.

Stealing : This is a crime ... but I am talking about taking someone's items without permission. I view that as stealing too, eventhough the item is cheap or you will put it back, anyway.

For example : We took back some of office's items for personal uses. I never really do such a thing(and seen as stupid?) as I see that as stealing!! Good human here.

For example : You need to use a pen. The person beside you are not around. You conveniently used your colleague's pen without permission. Most of us will view it as OK(no big deal la), but to some it is stealing!!   Oh boy ... I do not steal anything at all in my life but if this 'borrowing' without permission is considered as stealing, I m not-so-good human too. I am gulity as charged. 

White lies :

Yellow light, drive faster : I am also guilty of this offence. It is stressful to drive in Klang Valley where caught in the jam is a norm. So, I could not practise driving courteously. Many of times, I have indirecty shown a 'bad' example to my kids about driving. Somehow the middle-finger seem to be readied to be used. Haha. Not-so-good human in me.

Punctuality : I think I should score some good points in here. I think I am good human here but ever since coming back to KL here, in such a high pace lifestyle and many things going on, it is becoming harder for me to hold to this 'virtue'. I recalled I was late for a few appointments last year. I was late once to college ... I was late for meetings, tuition classes etc etc. Some really couldnt help it but yet, I feel bad of being late. If there is a dinner(official or wedding ... I seldom attend dinners), I might be one of the stupid-dungu to be there on time. It is written 6.30pm, most of them only arriving around 7.30pm!! Haha.

I am surrounded by so many not-so-good human and I am just one of them. It is about time I slowly eliminate these not-so-good human in my life and knowing more of those good human, tho they are rarity!


Only not-so-good human like this kind of songs and didnt find anything wrong with the performances on stage!! I am living in such a narrow-minded surroundings, constrained! Arghh ...

2.00 am : DOW up a little. HSI up 100 points. Bullish sentiments are still there but cautious.

IGB : While many property-stocks rebounding, IGB still sitting at MA1100d. IGB-cd has steadily moving up. So, I am thinking of moving into IGB soon.

Proton-cf : For pure punters and gamblers, betting on Proton to recover well, this could gives 100% profits easily due to its smallish of size. All Proton's call-warrants are of 40+% premium. So, it is punt for 0.005 gain and run. Place a small RM1k into her, hold and pray Proton-Nissan deal on ... and Proton seeing light again. Good Luck.

Top Gainers

1. PChem
2. MHB
3. KNM
4. Dialog
5. Sapcres
7. MudaJaya
9. TWSPlant
10. Hevea
11. Cypark
12. Supermax
13. HaiO
14. SPSetia-wb
15. PEnergy
16. DRBHcom
17. AnnJoo
18. Kencana
19. Affin
20. Bursa


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

LionInd : Rebounded to 1.65. Indicators shown a possible of rebound. Resistance at 1.78. RSI at 25 la. BUY.

DOW up 124 points and HSI up almost 400 points. Yes, bullish-sentiment is back!! Hope to register a few more profitable trades to cover Feb's losses.

Market has been cautiously trading upward, actually. So, I do believe(and many do too) that it is about time to BUY into your fav stocks as many climbing higher again. Yup, I m back into buying spree after the cut-cut-cut weeks ago. It has been 3 consecutive good profit-trading. I may continue to trade and quick punt into those moving call-warrants, moving back into warrants and topping up my UEMLand and YTLLand. I might want to grab LionInd too.

Yes, I am STILL in bull-camp and I do think it is a matter of time the unrest in Arab will be put to rest, while crude-oil price to stablise at USD90 level.

9.05 am : Nice moves from YTLLand and UEMLand. Topping up at 1.60 for YTLLand is good so far. At 1.74 now.

9.40 am : MahSing down. MS-cb at 0.32, my purchase level.

Dialog-cc : Grabbed at 0.145. Queue 0.140.

MHB-ce : Hmm ... nice move too. Should I add more?

9.55 am : Whacked more Dialog-cc at 0.150 and 0.155.

10.45 am : Cleared all DRB-cc at 0.455 done. Wow ... MHB-ce and Dialog-cc are doing well. Will clear MS-cb and PChem soon for profits again. SPSetia-wb still moving well.

PChem-ca : Cleared at 0.350 done. Good.

MudaJaya-cd : This 'tips' is given by PT. Haha. Punted into her at 0.09. 0.085 not done.

DRB-cc : Help ... it is still moving!! Buy back fast!! Done at 0.470. Haha.

2.10 pm : KLCI up 6.50 points. Is the rebound temporarily or are we seeing a reversal now? I m not going to time the market in such volatile market. What I know is ... TAKE PROFITS and run. I have been doing that since last Thu/Fri. Today I do register another good profits from DRB-cc(cleared) and PChem-ca(cleared). At the moment, I am holding to Dialog-cc which I bought in the morning(in the midst of my VERY busy back-to-back classes!!) and it has moved up substantially. Yes, I might clear Dialog-cc before market closing for good profits here.

While I am still holding to MHB-ce(which I hv cut-loss hugely half of her when she dived), I am grabbing a new CW today ... welcoming MudaJaya-cd. Welcoming back Kencana-cc which I grabbed this morning too at 0.485. I was 'late' as my lower queues not done, I grabbed on market-price.

It is O&G story again ... do read about it.

I have cleared my DRB-cc game ... it is over for her. Still holding to half of the mommy bought at 1.85(sold hald at 1.93 to move more into baby cc).

4.55 pm : KLCI up 6 points. I cleared most of my positions!! Most done!!

MahSing-cb : Cleared all at 0.335.

Dialog-cc : Cleared all at 0.175

MudaJaya-cd : Cleared hald at 0.095 done. Positions at 0.10 not done.

PChem-ca : Cleared at 0.350.

DRB-cc : Done few day-trades on her as she moves higher. Good. Left 5k units only at 0.475 average.

A good profit-taking day. 4 consecutive days and today's the best so far. Need to check on my GREED meter if it is escalating higher now ...

Badminton : I am off for my badminton game tonight, friendly between lecturers and students. Lecturers like me sure lose ... just for fun of it and it is FREE, ok? Hehe.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

DOW down 80 points. Does it matter?

DRB : Buying her with a HOPE to earn a dinner-la. When everything else fails, use HOPE analysis.

IJMLAnd : Supported at MA200d. Bearish. RSI 25. Looking at 2.40 level.

BRDB : At support 1.90, RSI 23. Bearish. Looking at 1.73 level.

MAS : Dare to touch her at 1.80 level? Historical low at 1.60 level!! WOW!

10.10 am : KLCI in green ...

DRB-cc : I have cleared her for a short trade and changed to DRB instead as I will be too busy to monitor. It is safer if I get stucked with DRB-mommy.

DRB : At 1.94 now ... moving back into DRB-cc AT 0.40 for short-punt. Hold on to mommy.

JCY : WHY suddenly surge up today? It might be a trap and as many might move it, someone want to clear their holdings!! So, no touch for me.

Perisai : The sheild is moving today in high volume.

10.40 am : Sold part of DRB at 1.93 as I m grabbing DRB-cc at 0.40. See if I m clearing DRB again before market closes and grab more of its cc if momentum is still there. Otherwise, exit.

SPSetia-wb : Grabbed at 1.52. SPSetia is recovering. Again, it will be for short trade.

YTLLand : AT 1.66, I m not selling her unless it shoots will RSI above 70.

HDBSVR sets new target price of RM3.80 for DRB-Hicom

Written by

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 08:39

KUALA LUMPUR: DRB-HICOM BHD []’s unit DRB-Hicom Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd securing of the government contract to supply 257 units of armoured wheeled vehicles (AWV) worth RM7.55 billion has prompted Hang DBS Vickers Research to set a new target price of RM3.80.

On Monday, March 7, DefTech accepted the letter of award from the federal government for the contract to supply armoured wheeled vehicles (AWV). The contract is to design and supply 257 units of the 8x8 AWV, which will be in eight variants. The contract valued at RM7.55 billion is for a period of seven years commencing from 2011.

HDBSVR said it expects a substantial rerating with this newsflow and as the market tags a higher premium to its services business.

“Our new TP of RM3.80 factors in some contribution from the Deftech contract - PE of 15x of CY12 earnings, tagged to our target market PE given it has virtually monopoly in this business,” it said.

It raised its FY12-FY13F EPS by 3%-10% by assuming contract tenure of seven years, 12% pretax margins, maintenance is back ended and there is three and 12-months recognition in FY12-13F respectively.

12.45 pm : KLCI up 1.42 points, closing for lunch. I am taking a peep here.

SPSetia-wb : Punted this morning at 1.52-1.53, up to 1.56 now.

DRB-cc : At 0.410 now, good ... take profits again for another dinner? Hmm ... I will keep awhile as I hv cleared half of DRB-mommy.

3.05 pm : A tuition class cancelled. I do not cancel classes unless I am REALLY not feeling well. Anyway, I hv tonnes of paper-work to be done and do some trading here.

DRB : At 1.95. Good. Hold another half to clear.

DRB-cc : Bought back at 0.40. At 0.42 now. Good.

SPSetia-wb : At 1.60 now. Good.

UEMLand : Moving too today ... bullish.

3.35 pm : Cleared half of my DRB-cc at 0.425 done. Keep half to see if I need to clear it all for a short-day trade.

UEM-cc : Queueing for her NOT done at 0.40, 0.395 and 0.39.

PChem-ca : Grabbed at 0.325 done. Wait at 0.32 now. Cancelled my UEM-cc order.

MahSing-cb : Moving again ... can I grab her too? Please ... at 0.315 done.

4.50 pm : Cleared SPSetia-wb at 1.62 for day-trade. Profits for tonight's dinner.

Call-warrants : Grabbed MahSing-cb, PChem-ca and left half of DRB-cc for clearing tmr.

My cc : Looking back into Sapcres, Kencana, Dialog, Mudajaya, SPSetia and UEMLand.

Warrants : Looking back into BRDB, IJMLand, KFC, KPJ, QSR, WCT.

New warrants to consider : QL, Kulim.