Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stock Watch

CIMB : With such good profits registered, we could expect it to fly-off next week, lifting KLCI with her.

E&O : Support at 1.12 level, quarter results not encouraging, so could that explain the sell-down(with the market)? RSI slightly below 40. No buying signals. So, I wont consider it. I am mentioning here for a reader who asked me(it was at 1.20 then) where I asked him/her(I cant remember!!) to wait for quarter reports to be out. It rebouded at 1.16 now. Please do not ask me or anyone if we can buy at 1.16 level. But, I do think market will stablise and rebounds next week which will help E&O(and many) to rebound too. Buy at your own risk.

WCT : WCT broken horizontal support, broken MA200d, forming lower-low and in downtrending now. Looking at RM2.84, RSI at 23.3 level at the moment. The rsik is obvious - the middle-east order-books(nearly 50%) in jeopardy, which I highlighted last week(from The Edgedaily). As it has broken all support and with fear intensed, I will like to look into her!! Yes, it is buying during fear intensed. Highlighted too are HIGH selling pressure-volumes registered which is an indicator where many given-up on her. A contrarian or plain stupidty again? Hmm ...

Alam : Someone asked if Alam is a BUY at 0.99, I said ... I will wait for 0.90 last week. Simple logic could be ... I bought at 1.04 and 0.95 and 0.90 before, and sold at stages when it rebounded(luckily it was a bull-running, remember?). So, since I did not grab her at 1.04 this time, I will only wait at 0.90! Now, it did not go THAT low but it is still below RM1. There is a green-histogram shown, and might shown a bullish crossover in stochastic(oversold region).


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Imoogi said...

Hello Teh, why you never over worked? You have your normal class, then tuition class, then your client and then your turtles and then the market. Then how about work for the family i.e your wife and kids. Beside that we got only 24hrs in a day and 6 or 4hrs to where got enough hours for the work. Basically jack of all trade and master of none. I would suggest that you concentrate one or two only that best fits you. Once it is stable and you hv more time in your hand and you can add additional task. Remember that your clients and turtles may take more time over the returns of it (remember ROI with time) it is best to concentrate on your job, your tuition, the market itself and then the family. Your existing job is the rice bowl, so you cant do much of it except to continue. Then the other income is tuition...this is like another ATM if you know how to work it well. My old school teacher who is now abt 60yrs is teaching Form 1 to Form 5 maths had a minimum of 60 students per classs...just calculate how much the ATM generate the money for him on a monthly basis. The 3rd one is the far you're on the right track on this for your own investment...continue with it....treat it as a business. The 4th (this should be 1st right???) is your family...they need your time too especially the kids growing up stage. So NEVER NEGLECT this...without them you are just an empty shell in this world.
So once your tuition is stable and earning comfortably, you can drop the 1st one i.e working for people, to concentrate on other task, like having your turtles or clients or improve on existing task. Hope's this help.