Sunday, February 27, 2011

It is Sunday ... I do reserve Sundays for my family, bringing my wife and kids to places, visiting my mom or aunties. But, today I do have tuition classes, replacements for yesterday's. I never complain having classes as I like teaching. You might wont believe that I still enjoy teaching Maths after all these years!! And yes, it is hard-earned money. I believe most of us work hard and nothing comes easy.

In fact, I want to increase the number of classes, teaching till night(I done that when I was in KK). Normally, at nights I will bring my wife&kids to nearby hypermart(Mydin or Giant). Yes, I know I need to spend some time with my growing kids. Thanks Imoogi, you have a good point there. I appreciate that pointer. I worked hard for family, so certainly my family comes first. We all should place our family first. Agreed.

1 pm : Lunch and rest for a while ... time to bring kids to National Library, then visit mom. Bring mom for dinner at One-Utama Jusco and by time I m home, I will be watching Liverpool's game.

One may check this website to know which public-listed companies with Khazanah's holding. UEMLand is one of them.

10.45 pm : Liverpool is two goals down. I dont see them winning the game, a draw will be a good results at the moment. Unlikely.

EAH : At new low ... touched 0.395, closed at 0.42 now. Low volume. Abandoned. Still fundamentally good stock to collect?

JCY : Touched 0.63(new low) and rebounded to 0.655. RSI at 22, it was at 15 level on Thu. I am still monitoring her. Abandoned. Can she recovers to ...say, RM1?

Plantation : KLK lost 50 cents, CPO dropping ... many plantation-stocks registering good profits but that didnt help the stock-prices. So, are plantation stocks reached the peak and retracing now? I have cleared all my plantation stocks. Only Kwantas shot up after I cleared her. The rest not doing well. Fundamentally, I still feel the demand will continue to be strong.

YTLPower : I couldnt explain why the prices retracing.


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Edwin said...

True the money we earn are actually meant for our family usage but if got time to earn but do not have the time to spend the money.. Actually there is no point to earn it then..

Have a balance life in Stock and Life..