Thursday, February 24, 2011

DOW down another 100 points. Crude oil price surged to USD98, USO reaching USD140 now. The conflicts in Libya could drag on and we may see crude oil at USD100 soon.

KLCI is becoming more volatile where one may see the difference of 10 points in a day or two index movements.

I will be too busy to monitor anything today(perhaps busy till April). So, it is a buy-n-hold. If didnt recover, it is cut-cut. This month's performance could be very bad.

AirAsia : Back in radar as it dives ... due to crude-oil prices.

10.10 am : A peep at Bursa, ooopppsss ... RED again. Arrghh ... cut more?

IJM : In deep red and below RM6 now. IJM-wc at 2.35 level. Downtrending now.

SPSetia : Below RM6, downtrending. I have cut her off last week. OUCH.

1.15 pm : It is like game-over again ... the volatility is very high. UP and DOWN. Arrghh ...

3.40 pm : OUCH. KLCI down almost 10 points. I added Dialog and MHB. Crazy selling. Many registered good profits, is the selling justified and over-done? I dont know ...

SPSetia-wb : The fav warrant at 1.45 now.

4.05 pm : Very heavy rain, could not travel to KLCC for a tuition class. So, I am stranded in college to complete some of my paper-work while watching KLCI bleeding ... gosh!! It is down 13 points now. OUCH.

KNM : Down 40cents today in a heavy sell-down due to not so good results. That I could accept but why selling of IJM which given good profits??

KLCI at 1497, below the psychological 1500 level.

9.20 pm : I took a nap, to continue to work. I m dropping here to check on the waterfalls - this time there are more stocks breaking many supports. The theory of BEAR-rally is back. The exit of foreign-funds, coupled with over-valuations of markets and risk of inflation. Suddenly, we no longer talk about election-rally ... we forgotten how bullish we were back in Jan.

I have a short-poll last week, generating 60% of readers who voted are BULLISH. If I am going to have another short-poll this week .. perhaps the BULLISH camp might want to change their point of views? That is how un-predictable markets are.

In the last minute, some selling seen to push KLCI down by more than 20 points!! The bull is killed?

While I have cleared and trimmed many(with losses), I am still thick in actions. Those bought into CWs will be badly burnt when there is such sell-down. Even many warrants are doing badly. In bear markets, these instruments should be avoided. But as greed as its dark-side, I bought more of MHB-ce when it dived more than 20% today. See if it will rebound?

Time to get back to work ... funny, if you listen to those broker-houses, you will start to be bearish and the bear will grip you soon.



Anonymous said...

Hi again,
Obviously people started to find out various reason for the downfall of the market or a stock for that matter. For obvious reason again, some non-technical guys would sell if other people (maybe some funds?) started selling. This may just follow the herd instinct.
As mentioned earlier, brokers have started to trim down their earlier forecast as can be seen on some stock, I believe some are already thinking of revising their 2011 KLCI targets.
To be a contrarian in this kind of market would take a whole lot efforts, and strength, not to mention very-very strong financial strength. I'm all cash at the moment and painfully patient despite the strong urge to buy cheap? stocks. Cheap stocks may get cheaper....

Anonymous said...

This is what Jesse Livermore said ""Speculation is far too exciting. Most people who speculate hound the brokerage offices... the ticker is always on their minds. They are so engrossed with the minor ups and downs, they miss the big movements."