Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DOW down 180 points ... game over for the stock-markets? Do remember that we have majority in bullish-camp last week!! This week, many stocks will be battered further. Sell or hold? Time to buy more? I dont know, ok?

Today will be another sell-down. Those holding CWs will be badly burnt. Ouch.

YTLLand : Ready to buy more at 1.65 level.

9.05 am : A short peep to see how red KLCI is. I am wearing very RED. KLCI dropping 10 points in early trade.

KLCI still down 7 points. Yes, I have cleared substantially and holding to UEMLand and YTLLand. As for CWs. I m bulish on O&G(crude oil at USD93) but Dialog, Kencana and MHB in red. Even the profitting AMMB is in red today.

WCT : Went below RM3 just now. WCT-wb went below 0.70 level.

12.20 pm : Taking a peep again before lunch and classes till 8 pm today. Wow. I am working too hard to collect bullets but shooting blanks at the moment.

9.55 pm : KLCI at the magical 1511 again. I worked from 8 am till 8 pm. Tired.

MahSing-cc : Welcome and added her in my cc-list. Will start collecting her.

Kencana-cc : Cleared off for a loss, as I m holding to Dialog-cc and MHB-ce for oil-stocks.

Top Loser

1. KLK
2. IJM
3. Harta
5. GAB
6. JTiasa
7. HLBank
8. Suria
9. YTL
10. Allianz

YTL : High in my stalk-list.

Crude oil at USD96 now.


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