Monday, February 28, 2011

CIMB and TM registered good-profits ... will that news pull KLCI up today? Some good news on some ACE's babes too such as Digistar and K1. These small penny-stocks will see punters moving them.

Don't Panic by Coldplay

9.30 am : KLCI dropping 10 points. I am wearing RED. Murdered. Wounded. Retreat ...

Bullish or Bearish : This is a question in eevryone's mind ... at the moment, it is VERY bearish, whatever technical indicators pointing downwards and for traders, it is a cut-loss. OUCH. But, this might be a good opportunity for longer-termed bullish investor to buy at dip. It is a difficult decision as many stil showing bullishness just weeks ago. A good discussion on Bull vs Bear. Whatever we buy, it drops ... CIMB huge profits did not help, either.

In bearish markets, warrants will be BADLY hurt. So, reducing our exposure will be wise. I have cut many with losses, waiting for some light in my very red warrants. Hope against hope ... I ahve to exit most of my Cws. The risk is too high as the selling pressure persists.

11.10 am : It is Monday blues for me ... with Liverpool lost, market tanking, loads of paper work(due dates soon) and exams(for students) nearing ... the stress is VERY high. I need to job/swim today(in more regular basis) ... the stress could be tremendous and bring us down-down ...

There are two groups of people : The bullish-camp nimbling along as stocks move lower(or sideway, waiting for the stock to bottom) ... and the bearish-camp continue to sell(taking profits or cut losses) and leave the market totally.

If one is overly diverisfied into few(or many) stocks, we might not have enough bullets left to BUY(as we failed to sell during the rally). That left with a choice of trimming(cutting losses) and only collecting selected stocks which they are still bullish-on. I am in this camp.

While the bearish-camp will like accept that KLCI could go much lower from here(technically it is VERY bearish and downtrending, ok?). Some suggested KLCI 1000 psychological level for the support. OUCH.

I am trying to maintain a positive outlook and continue to like O&G and Properties. That confidence shaken when I continue to read more and more BEAR stories. Is the bull really mordered? I will buy next month Personal Money(I normally dont) to judge it myself. Those still bullish may still hold to their bleeding portfolios but those bearish would have cut-off many.

Some of my CWs cut-off more than 20%-30% losses. That is huge, but if I did not ... I would have lost more than 50% now. HOPE for it to rebound? Cut-off and move on, staying sideline while nimbling on those I am still bullish on.

It is a hard month ... as today is 28th Feb and this weekend I will have to calculate my losses for this month. I think my profits in Jan all whipped-off and I m in losses now for year 2011. Never mind ... down but not out. Just need to be reminded of mistakes done(again).

For those readers following my buyings, I am sorry for your losses. We all need to use our own judgement - to BUY, HOLD or SELL. I admit mistakes but I am still bullish ... feel free to be bearish, after all ... we couldnt tell what's next? Or can we?

AMMB-cj : Cut off at 0.130 done. ouch.

1.20 pm : Going for lunch, KLCI rebounds from the morning selldown.

KLK : Check her out ... below RM20 today. BatuKawan and Kulim are top-losers. Plantation-rally is over.

Property-stocks : This is another rally ended ... MahSing, Bolton, HuaYang, E&O, Malton ... all down. My YTLLand and UEMLand are down too. IJMLand and Naim continue to move lower. SPSetia saw some bargain-hunters today. I am still bulish in property-stocks but I think I will let the sell-down to be over.

KLCI is GREEN ... but my MHB and Dialog in red.

JCY : At 0.60 now ... extremely oversold. How do we value her?

5.00 pm : KLCI closed 1.98 points up.

It is a destruction of 'wealth' for many who are still in KLSE. It is hold now, as cutting losses is too late(or too painful). IF .... just IF ... the bull-rally is over and IF ... just IF ... we are really heading down another 100-300 points from here, that is very gloom. Why am I reading more reasonings WHY there is a sell-down? Market is overvalued, Libya's tension and blah blah ...?

Yes, have to wait for these selling to subside ... and start collecting again.

I read before : If good news could not push the stock prices higher, it has factored in. So, it is REVERSAL from there on.

The good earnings recorded from many companies did not push the market or stock prices higher, does that mean we ARE seeing REVERSAL in KLCI, not a mere correction? NO ONE could have the answer for this question!!

Ok ... I have cleared what I need to clear, not going to buy till the dust is clear. So, I am going to sit on it(haha) and becoming a mid-term investor now. Perhaps, I might turn into a loooong term investor! Hehe ...

Note : I think a hammer formed today. Tmr we shall see some technical rebound. It is interesting to see that some still concern about DOW, which in my opinion, the correlation of DOW vs KLCI is very low(minimal).

Time to re-look into many waterfalls too ... but this whole month of March will be used to focus in my job and tuition. Displine and patience needed.

Time to go home for a swim!! I have not been to the pool for months now. I have not been to bowling alley for months. I have not been to the badminton courts for months. I have not been in relax mode for months!! Since ... JAN 2011. It is only two months BUT really feel like MONTHS ... haha.


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