Friday, February 25, 2011

9.40 pm : KLCI up, HSI up 400 points. Will that help DOW to rebound and we see sunshine again on Monday? I was in the training room, only queued for Parkson at RM5.20. Not done, it touched RM5.28. We shall see on Monday ...


Me and my ...

Advertisement : I have not replied to CNX's request to place a adv on my blog. As I mentioned, I want to stay independent. Unless I am taken as their trainer someday, I think I will remain independent. CNX has yet to reply to my application to be trained to be a trainer. Perhaps I am lack of experience or expertise, which I could admit and accept. But, it is a matter of time I will improve.

Advertisement : There are two wrote to me about the advetisement, but they are from US. I doubt their sincerity and view it as spams!!

Readers : I have e-mail from readers but as always, I hardly have time to reply anyone. Some I could only say 'thanks' just as acknowledgement that I received their mails. Thanks. Some asked about a certain stocks, some merely want to say 'hi'. Again, sorry if I could not reply to e-mail.

Clients : I have also 'paused' from advetising to seek for clients. I hv 'failed' to service my current clients due to my busyness. It was hard on me when my dad passed away. I brushed everything aside for a week, frequenting Uni-hospital. I am still struggling to find time to replace the classes I have missed, and updating loads of paper-works(ISO and MQA officers will be coming next month for checking). Anyway, my current 'clients' limited to 6 of them, and as market tanking, all in deep paper-loss. Of coz I felt bad ... I even doubt my ability to serve them better. With market tanking, it is a difficult call to ask anyone to cut-loss. I could only tell them I have sold my positions(many, but not all) for the past two weeks to raise cash to start buy ... and I started to shoot yesterday(the extreme panic-selling seen). So, in the mean time, I will like to remain communicate with my existing 6-clients. Some are of more as a friend to me now. :)

Students : I have even took a break from having any coaching-classes for my existing 7-turtles. I am simply too busy and tired. But, I will have my 8th class with them in April, and to check on their progresses. I have planned for a second class from new turtles but decided to postpone the idea indefinitely. Yeah, need not to ask others to learn investing. If a person does not have the 'realisation' to invest when they are young, it is no point to persuade him.her. Nevertheless, I do still perosnally coach few of my turtles whenever I could be 'free' in office when I see them.

Talk : End of last year, I was thinking of having my first 'public-talk' for my readers and wanting to linit it to less than 10. It will be a training ground for me to be a trainer or a speaker(about trading or investing) one day. I am an educationist, an academician. I could coach, that doesnt mean I could play. Ask Sir Alex Fergurson of Manchester United. Haha. Well, that plan postponed indefinitely too.

Market-talks : I have missed many free market-talks organised by investment banks. I have personal invitation to attend ATIC(in April - KLCC) but if I go, it will cost me a lot of money(lost from cancellation of my tuition classes). KIV.

Meetings : I have failed to join CNX's traders club meeting for weeks now(none in 2011) as it clashes with my packed hours of tuition classes. I will want to join them during my break ... in JUNE! I also want to join any trader club's meeting beside CNX. Could anyone invite me there, please?

Tuition : This is my main focus at the moment as exams nearing ... and more students looking for tuition. So, I have started 2 new classes and my Mon to Sat schedule fully occupied with tuition classes. I might even have to use a two-hour of my Sundays for a tuition class!! TIME = MONEY. I wish I have more time!!

Blog : As I am writing, I could see that I m too busy to be 'original', to be 'me' and to be able to be 'creative'. Seriously, writing needs ILHAM ... inspirations!! Haha. Sometimes, idea just pop-up ... but when you are too tired(typing and staring on pc for whole day) ... it is blanked!! I have always like to see my blog as a platform for me to keep records of my trades and calls. I will want to learn and reflect on what I have been doing. So, I do not like to be pressured to write ... or please any group of readers. Neither do I want to offend anyone. So ... it is still a public's blog where whatever I write should be taken as an entertainment puprposes!! Entertainment?? Hey, it is bearish and many losing money, you know. Cheer-up la sikit. If cant see the light at the end of current dark tunnel, sell everything and wait. Hehe.

Readings : With limited time and energy(mental), I have to be selective on my readings. I do still glance through the headlines of some biz-news online and The Edge. I will read the whole article IF I find it related(or relevent) to my stalk-list. I have books to read too ... and biz-magz such as Malaysian Business(MB). BTW, I like Dec 2010 issue "2011 faces" and was re-reading about Francis Yeoh last night.

Authoring : A blogger, Alan Tan, recently wrote a book and asked me to write something in the front of his book end of last year before his book was published. I am not a promoter of any book but I think I will get his book(to show support and to learn how to earn extra money online, especially thru blogging!!) ... I have to say sorry to him as I am too busy to read his transcript and place a good comment for his book. Sorry again, Alan. Otherwise, I might indirectly advetising my blog to the buyers/readers of his book!! Why not?! Haha. So, I was thinking of a suggestion from a reader ... why dont you write a book?! About what? Trading?? Kidding me?? Hmm ... about my life? You think anyone cares to pay money and read? Hmm ... to ... to ... what is the title of the book I am going to write again?? Haha ... may be, one day ... when I a publisher SERIOUSLY interested with my writing ... and ask me to write!! Then, I might consider ... serious!! Haha.

Trainer : As I have mentioned above, CNX has not replied to me after about weeks I applied-in and I do not think so they even read my personal CV. So, I have to think of ways to train myself to be a trainer? Do I need to? Hmm ... I am just 3-year-old in market. Too young and raw, man.

Business : This is still hanging in my mind ... you see, before I came to KL, I have planned to increase the number of my tuition classes, get many to know that I am good in teaching Maths(A-level), establish myself there in Klang Valley, and invest in opening a tuition-center nearby with a tuition-operator-friend of mine!! It is still pending ... as I am still consider 'new' there. I m just one-year-old here. Give me 3 years, I should be known by many as a good Math-lecturer and students should be flocking looking for me for tuition. I believe I could do this well ... and succeed, one day(in 3 years time)

Do read Rich Dad, Poor Dad(RDPD). I am venturing into all 4-quadrants ... full-time job(lecturing), part-time income(tuition), investment(learning and coaching) and business(tuition center or training center). Yup, I believe in working hard, hope I am working smart. I also hope I could inspire young-ones that if an 40-yr-old person could start from ground zero, the young ones - with sheer hardwork and diligence - will certainly make it much better than me. I am still moving in a long winding uncertain road.

That could be the road to financial freedom for me. At the moment, I enjoyed almost everything I am currently doing. I like my teaching job(I love Maths since young, ok?), I like jotting down my thoughts in my blog(and share with those who appreciate my struggle!) and I like to inspire the younger ones to ... START EARLY. START NOW. I am proud of my 7-turtles who came to me, asking me to guide them in investing/trading. They will succeed one day ... I believe. By the age of 40, I wont be surprise that few of them will do very well, financially. By then, I m certainly a proud teacher. I have always been a proud Maths teacher. Afterall, how one could stay in a line for 20+ yrs tho it is not so well-paid, right?

Just a sharing of what I m currently doing or planning to do ... re-enhancing my goals, to myself. Make a goal-planning and commit to your plans fully.

Good luck. Night


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