Saturday, February 26, 2011

7.55 am : It is a Sat, will be my most un-productive Sat for the whole year!! I have cancelled 7-hours of tuition(which translated RM100 per hour) for a workshop that wont benefit in my teaching!! At times, as we are employees, we do not have the choice ... we simply have to OBEY. Yes, sir. Yes maam.

DOW up 60 points. What will that means?

11.15 pm : Tired again after whole day out. With the long day in-house training, and shopping at Tesco(Puchong) ... I m fully utilised(mentally and physically).

In RED : yet another lousy quarter.

Proton : I have wanted to write about her for some time now but couldnt find the time. What is interesting about her? The story of Proton-Perodua merger is a joke. Proton is STILL losing money and one of the badly managed companies. You know, the tak-apa attitudes plus politically linked. They have protected her FAR too long that this so-called Buatan-Malaysia's car company NEVER grow-up, still suckling the chut-chut. My kids without their chut-chut after 1 year-old!! Luckily for Perodua, they 'escaped' the parasite. Some donkeys in some ministry could have the guts to suggest the merger? Huh?? Merger? Haha ...

How about Lotus? That is another old-story ... she is Dr M's baby ... and so MANY INCAPABLE human working there - incompetence with their professions(from top to bottom) and so many failed models!! Remember the kun-choi(keranda/coffin) model? I cant remember the name!! Arrghh ... there are so few on the road!! I do remember Tiara or Savvy? Tiara = Tak-dak and Savvy = Sawi. I guess that is how they get the name from.

The foriegn tie-up which failed to materialise. They might hope to tie up with TATA or QQ now. Hmm ... technologically, Proton NEVER improve since its inception. 1985 ... Beli-lah Kereta Buatan Malaysia(they only help to assemble small parts, using Mitshubishi's models) ... SAGA!!

Hey, I like my Proton-Saga. Indeed, it is cheap , spacious and good!! That is the plus point. CHEAP. If you ask anyone who could earn more than me, will you buy a Proton-Saga? Haha ... They will even prefer to pay RM10k more to buy a MyVi. Get me?? Proton's name(as a brand) is tarnished. It is BAD ... when I first bought the car, some colleagues of mine asked WHY?? Why Proton? You can certainly afford a VIOS(sorry to say, I cant afford) and the non-quality products from Proton is WELL known!! Hmm ... is Proton's car THAT bad? So far so good for me ...

Remember WAJA with many problems and complaints? How was Iswara? How about Gen-2 or the 'luxurious' Perdana?

As a stock, Proton is LOUSY to me. But its cars are affordable for lower income bracket person like me. I thanked Proton for providing me this alternative of affordable car. Perhaps one day ... Proton will shine again. Then, we shall re-look at its valuation.

MAS : This Mana-Ada-Sistem posted lower profits (not losses meh?) ... I remembered Jala given MAS some good wake-up call but he is the very few glc's top-shot who is capable to manage a company. Most are corrupted, politically linked(with personal's agenda holding the top posts) and incompetence. Seriously, AirAsia seen as a great threat. So, some donkey minister might suggest a merger of MAS-AirAsia? Or perhaps they might ask SIA? Hmm ... interesting to read that AirAsia posted 800% increased in profits but MAS ... mana ada sistem-la? Tak-apa ... kan maruah lebih penting?

Having said that, I may not touch Proton-stock but I will still buy MAS-stock(looking at RM1.84 support level) as she is somehow beautiful. Gov will bail them out if anything happen la, dont worry. Haha

Remember, when one plans to buy a GLC-stock, do NOT think of fundamental too much. Think politically. Will BN wins BIG in coming anticipated election?


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