Friday, February 25, 2011

12.20 am : Any chance of seeing a rebound will be dimmed as DOW down another 40 points. Crude oil price surge above USD100 now.

I was reading news instead of business related articles! Hehe

News : A robbery in Subang Jaya(using BMW). My wife told me that she was interviewed by a reporter when she was there at Taipan, Hai-O shop(she was buying some supplements - I wont touch Hai-O stock)!! It was near Public Bank(not Maybank), actually. As they took her picture, she wondered if she will be in the paper! haha.

TEH : My wife really appeared in a Chinese paper(China Press - Friday). Haha.

News : Legoland at NusaJaya. Yup, I will be one of the visitors as my kids will certainly love the place. Expecting to open end of 2012, I can wait.

News : What?? We are not allowed to be naked at OUR own apartment, simply because some 'miang' lady who is staying opposite our unit and 'accidentally' seen our naked body could sue us for indecent exposure? WTF ... pity the young man. I am always in my underwear at home, ok? Haha.

News : Quake in NZ ... the worst natural disaster there in 80 years.

I seldom read news, so I do not really know what is going on!!

1.11 am : Just done my work. Time to rest. DOW down 80 points. Night.


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