Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warrants to watch


BRDB-wa :


SPSetia-wb : Undoubtedly the darling of traders. Expiring in two years time, at a discount of 3%. Supported at 50MA, resistance at 1.83 now. It was unthinkable that it actually went below strong support at 1.60 before recovering. Such a panic-selling is needed to buy into a stock you like. I certainly like BRDB-wa and IJMLand-wa but I think I have a lover-affair with her. Technically bullish now, waiting for a breaking of 1.83 level(after CNY) to collect more. Yes, I am still bullish on her(a lot) and will continue to collect during the current 'weakness'.


Fajar-wa : RSI at 46, mommy up - premium at 1%. Very nice. Like her at current level.

Gadang-wa : Recently the bad-news affecting the mommy's price. Of coz baby also dive. Supported at 50MA now, at 0.38 level ... can go any lower? Mommy's RSI at 35, baby's at 42. This is a new warrant, exercise price at RM1, expiring at 2015. So, I will prefer the mommy rather than baby for this counter.

Gamuda-wd : RSI 46, some positive technical indicators. Premium 11.5%. So, a good buy for those positive in construction-sector.

IJM-wc : Mommy at support level (6.50 - MA20), premium only 3.5%. Uptrending with more construction news out. Bullish-crossover seen in stochastic at oversold region, a good indicator to buy? Among all the construction warrant, I like this one the most at this point of time. I do not have so-called favourite tho I traded WCT-wb the most.

WCT-wb : Mommy at 3.30, support level with RSI 47. Mommy down, but WCT-wb down only a little, so premium at 18% is high now. Expiring next Sept. Perhaps one could wait for it to retrace to 0.82 level to start collecting again.

Correction : Thanks David Ng for pointing out. As the exercise price adjusted to RM2.50, so it is 2.50 + 0.91 = 3.41. Mommy at 3.30, so premium should be at 3% only. That is a good buy, seeing that I am still bullish on her mommy. BUY.


AnnJoo-wb : RSI 45, premium only 7% and expiry 2013. Back to my purchase level as I failed to clear her at 0.795. It touched 0.79, actually. Next level to consider is 0.68 and way down to 0.62. But, I wont add more, and might clear for small profit/loss to grab more of Masteel, which are more volatile with news of johore-spore fast-link news in play. So, it is a sell for me soon.

Masteel-wa : RSI at 54 level, queue at 0.685, supported by 20MA, resistance at 0.765. Premium at 3%, expiry 2015, mommy at 1.33, bullish crossover soon. This new steel warrant came up from 0.40 level to go to 0.90 level before cooling-off at the moment due to market-correction. I have collected at 0.765 level, and 0.705 level at the moment. Next level to buy is way down at 0.580. I do not use FR as I am not familiar with it. If one is bullish on steel-sector, this could be a good leverage play. Note that coal-prices are at the high and profit-margins will be squeezed.

8.30 pm : Someone just left a message/comment, saying I am just a stupid guy who dont know what probability is. I m not in mood to reply but just pointing out such a coward hiding behind an 'anon'. My ex-friend-ex-student, Dr JL hided behind 'anon' and made bad comments when I was coaching him!! I never realise that until he left and I checked. So, it is psychological to me to wonder if it is from any of my 7-nice-students? I have been so badly betrayed by Dr JL that I promised myself not to coach any friends(and for free, ok?) as it might hurt the friendships again. Now, these 7-young students of mine as my colleagues, and those closest to me in my new working place!! I do not wish that they are cursing me at my back, for sure.

I did not coach them for free(tho I told them I wont mind, actually) this time ... so, I want to see it as ... if I have helped them in their learning in trading/investing, they paid me for it. I am being paid to do a 'job'. But, deep inside me, I know I am coaching them as I want them to start young - learn about money, earn, save and invest. If they learn well, someday they will appreciate me for leading them to a path of accumulating wealth.

To see even one of them cursing me and losing them as friends will be a big-blow to me. Not to my little ego, but to my sincere helping heart. I wont know if I could ever find the courage to coach anyone else next time. Perhaps, I am really just a stupid-guy as that coward mentioned. I dont know ... I m more worried any of them losing money!! Afterall, investing means possibilities of growing our money, right?

I am tired. Thanks for reminding me that I am stupid. Just to disappoint you, I do know what probability is. Do you care to listen if I elaborate? Sigh.

Give me a break. I just lost a dad. Night.



David Ng said...

For wct-wb, it has been announced that the exercise price will be changed from 3.00 to 2.50 .

CP said...

Thanks David. Yeah, now I remember I read about it somewhere, jotted it down but mind not functioning. And The Edge does not keep data up-to-date.

Thanks again.

Happy New Year to you.


fyKOh said...

How bout the maturity date, any amend? if not, it should by expire at 22nd april 2013...not Expiring next Sept