Saturday, January 29, 2011

Genting : At 10.80 level, at support level and at 50MA. Stochastic at oversold. DOW down 166 points, so next week market down again, RSI will be going below 40. Time to buy her?

Time to buy?

KLSE's top-30 stocks(RSI) that I stalk

4.YTLPower (37.2)

6.Genting (40.0)
7.MAS (40.3)
9.KLK (42.0)
PPB (43.3)
YTL (43.3)
MMCCorp (43.7)
UMW (44.4)
MayBank (46.5)
Sime (50.3)
PChem (60.4)

With DOW down more than 150 points(what?? due to Eygpt's unrest? What an excuse to sell!!). With that, will it brings KLCI lower on next week?

This song is dedicated to Alam, Kencana and Sapcres. I want them back.

O&G : As the stories continue ... do read The Edge about the bigger stories coming out. BUY O&G counters - MHB, PChen, Dialog, KNM, Dayang ... even Petra, TgOffShore, Naim, Ranhill, Muhibah being mentioned. A safe bet should be Dialog, Sapcres and Kencana. Dayang and Naim in focus due to Sarawak election-theme.

Youtube : A comment taken from a Birtney's clip. LOL

The types of YouTube comments:

1. 1-3 word comments that are usually positive, but really retarded.

2. Negative criticism normally consisting of insults of someones sexuality

3. Quotes from the video, like we all didnt just watch the same video.

4. Insane rambling arguments commonly about Obama or Christianity that start out somewhat sane, but quickly decline into runon sentences about government mandated brain control

5. Something about the dislike bar or Justin Bieber

He is right in mny ways. If you do read a few comments on YouTube, you will see how many of them have FREE TIME. If we are all allowed to comment FREELY and 'forced' to comment, I am sure to laugh my ass-off(LMAO). Haha. By the way, many dont know what LOL stands for? Nope, it is not a stock listed in KLSE. Haha.


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