Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday ... thanks for the condolences. I will be OK.

off today and a few days as I could not get my system up to think or write anything.

Market should rebound soon, and I have started to collect some yesterday. Will queue now to buy more ...

8.50 am : I m still in office, going to prepare some work for my students who will miss some of my classes today and tmr.

Construction-stocks : Muhibah, Gamuda and WCT are my choices at the current level.

3.30 pm : Home ... to rest. Thanks again to many who concerned. I am OK.

KLCI up 7 points.

WX : Kencana and Sapcres moving.

Buying spree : I bought Muhibah, YTLLand and IJMPlant-wa yesterday. The former two doing well today. Today my queue for Masteel-wa done at 0.72, waiting more at 0.70. I am changing AnnJoo-wb with Masteel-wa as this is more volatile, good for trading purposes with the high-speed link Iskandar-Singapore news in play.

Muhibah : supported at 20MA yesterday and with the good news out, I will like to see 1.85 or so to take profit.

YTLLand : At 1.81 now, looking to clear again at high of 1.90+.

Plantation still not in play. I am collecting plantation stocks.


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