Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tenaga losing her energy

Tenaga : Closed at 6.23, in heavy selling. Dont know why. RSI at 17.2, extremely oversold. PE below 10 now. So, it is a BUY? I think an investor should consider her.

2.00 pm : Koo-Tan just lost their game to the Koreans, as expected. They are seeded 2 and the Koreans(certainly a better pair) seeded 6. The determination to WIN all their games no longer with them since their shot to stardom - they were invincible at a point winning every tournaments they played!! Then ... STARDOM gets into their heads when they have fans all over, with money(and more money) flowing their way. They no longer fight to WIN ... you could see that they are ALREADY reach, playing for the country is just a name. Do they have the heart?

If we are to go into market for MONEY, profitting more MONEY from market, then the intention is not right in the first place. Statistic has shown that majority of them lost or losing money in market(otherwise those fund-managers eat what?).

Take investment education seriously, make it a habit to learn from each of our trades. There is this homework many wont do - to jot down their LOSSES and learn from the mistakes!! Serious!! Many will rather switch off their pc when they see market correcting ... and it has been correcting for past two weeks now.

I like those waterfalls ... Tenaga is the safest bet. How about JCY, MEGB, Support ... and many more? Someone mentioned TopGlove?


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