Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DOW up 100 points, reaching 12,000 level soon but that doesnt help KLCI? Will be too busy to monitor.

Property-stocks in mind : SPSetia, MahSing, YTLLand and E&O. Which one should I consider?

10.25 pm : KLCI in red again, down 4 points. I am wearing red.

A peep into my portfolios most in reds, with some in trauma-ward. I am still doing nothing much ... trying to finish my paperwork before CNY. No CNY celebration this year for our family, anyway. But the few days break is what I do need, to bring myself back into my feet again. In hard times, we try to hang on ... making things to move, at least. In good times, we should be doing much better. I hope I dont give bad market sentiments to affect my emotions.

Nice song to cheer me up!

4.45 pm : BUSY the whole day ... gosh!! What is happening??! Buying anything today?

KLCI down 15 points!! Nothing is spared!! It is a bear market now?


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