Friday, January 21, 2011

DOW down, crude oil below USD90 ... HSI lost 400 points. Lucky for KLCI as KLSE close today? More selling will be seen later ...

Greatest love of all by Whitney.

I just done another 3-hour class regarding Trading Plans and Trading Journal on very basic ideas. They have to figure that out when they are more experience. I will only check 2-3 months time as we will be taking a break due to busyness in college. Trail exams is near and marking till April expected. So, less trading for me ... more on work work work ..

8.25 am : I am recovering ... back to work and trying to complete some paper work today.

Cypark : At the peak, RSI was at 90+, today back to 70. At 1.80, can one still move in? Staying green, anyone?

11.25 am : BUSY ... KLCI in deep RED. It is down 14 points now. Talking about bull-market?

Many of my warrants and CWs in deep red now too.

LionInd : RM2 done, in fact it went below RM2, touched 1.97.

Now, when should we buy more of stocks as it is in correction mode. If we need to cut-loss, should we cut today and buy back after CNY, perhaps?

SPSetia-cc : At 0.210 ... oh boy. Trim and take some losses?

12.25 pm : Someone sold hugely at 0.20 done. Going for lunch, in deep red with this one now. Few following me into buying these will have to decide to cut-loss now or buying more? Or hold ... it is always a decision to do, dealing with the HIGH risk of punting into CWs, ok?

1.15 pm : Tonnes of paperwork to be done.

CWs : Those punted into CWs will either have to decide to cut-loss soon or move to buy more if this is seen as a mere correction. When the party is back? Why all the gloom before CNY? Well, as many claiming ...CNY is around, people need to withdraw some money to give the angpows!!

Neno the robot?

There is someone hiding behind many nicks, and most recent nick called NENO which has been spamming others blog, either in their chat-box or comments. Me? Am I spared from the robot? Of coz not ... what I do is just click DELETE or place under SPAM and then delete them in weekly basis. Yeah, it is tiring when you have few(luckily for me, not many leaving a comment! haha) comments and most of them from 'robots'. Unlike many usual spam I received, this NENO is irritating as he will move around to let others to know how good his sifu is. We could not be clear what his motives are, but as Moola pointed out, it is to promote his sifu's personal blog. You need to pay some money, I cant remember how much.

You see, it is not wrong any bloggers want to place his blog 'private'. And since many interested to know about 'stock picl', many willing to pay that small amount, with a HOPE that his call will generate huge profit, right? You dont get good tips if it is free, they said. Haha. I m fine with that ... but what I do not understand will be WHY envy on others? Let others say what they want, using TA if they like or writing ANYTHING we bloggers like? Cannot meh?

So, again ... luckily I get myself independent and free from the main Malaysian-blog-media. I have always want to be as independent as possible, linking my own thoughts with what I read or analysed. If I m writing here what I think I like, it is PERSONALLY mine. The disclaimer said it all ... trade at your own risk. Following my buyings or sellings WILL NOT profit anyone well.

Neno and many more 'robots', please spare me the clicks of deleting the comments, will ya? I will hope your sifu well ... and we do not need to irritate others with our 'EGO', right?

You can have it your FA way ... many may have it their own way, or can we?

TEH : To answer Moola question if Samgoose is better than Dali or Alex? The answer is NO. But he is certainly better than me. Majority of the bloggers or traders in KLSE better than me. That I could agree with. Expect for those investors, traders, speculators or punters still losing money in market, than I think I m slightly better than that level.

I am so stress with my paper-work that I laughed reading about NENO. Perhaps, I should dedicate a post for him, seeing that he is such a diligent fish. Err ... Nemo or Neno?

2.50 pm : KLCI down 16 points. I m grabbing more SPSetia-cc at 0.195. Ouch.

SPSetia-wb : Wow ... below 1.80, at 1.78 now. Noted.

UEMLand : Down 16 cents now. Crazy selling is on ... after such a good run.

KimLun : At 1.66 today.

3.20 pm : KLCI down 18 points. I will be very busy this weekend to check on many charts!!

Dialog : Giving ways to the pressure too ... at RM2 level now.

KNM : Going below RM3 ... at 2.95 now.

SELL SELL SELL ... it is CNY soon, the CNY-rally is over!! SELL SELL ... one could hear these yelling on the phones of many today. I wish to be at a trading ground to witness such where we could only see it happening on TV, Bloomberg or CNBC channel.

3.35 pm : It is game over ... KLCI down 18.5 points now.

Mega-sales : Buying anything today? We buy stocks during sales, ok?


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