Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The trade : WCT-wb

Buy Level 1 : At 0.64 average as bullish crossover seen in stochastic. But, it corrected as Korean tensions etc etc giving market excuses to take profit. So, it started to move lower, below 0.60 and cut-loss? Nope ... average down in mind.

Buy Level 2 : At 0.565 support, with RSI around 35. Good. BUY. I sms-ed one of my client who bought in first level as me but he told me he used all his bullets for her at stage one. Hmm ... buying in stages is important as we dont expect it to shoot up the next day, ok?

Sell Level 1 : It shot up two days later and cleared partial of 0.57 at 0.64. About 12% profit taken off.

Sell Level 2 : I email-ed my client to clear half of his portion(he bought VERY hugely) at 0.68-0.69 resistance. He listened and cleared half in the morning before it came back down to 0.63!!! Lucky? Think again. I sold all my 0.58 level at 0.69 in third day! Lucky!! Phew!

Selling Level 3 : Still open ... and still holding to 0.64 level and my client also holding half at at 0.65. Waiting for 0.72 level to sell. Then, my trade for her completed without triggering stage 3 buying level. Koreans decided not to go to war after all.


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Lee said...

HI Teh,I saw your post about WCT-WB.I just enter at RM0.665.Do u think this price is on the high side?Wats my support line for this stock?I was calculating using last 3 days lowest price,so i was using 0.59 approx as my support line.

Im so happy that someone actually talk about this shares..


Happy trading