Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Today KLSE closed. HSI up almost 200 points but Geely dropping till RSI at 35 level today. Time to re-look at her.

I m busy marking papers while re-reading some wisdom words from some books, trading gurus and investment masters. Then, I took a short break, sitting at the pool side to reflect on my own tradings/investments. Having getting away from the trading platform or my p/c is good ... to reflect. ALWAYS reflect on out trades - it could be my recent 'bad' outburst. It could be that I m getting too stress due to work in offices, with increase in workloads. It could be my in-laws are here as my father-in-law seeking treatment from National Cancer Center. It could also be holiday is around the corner and I hv not planned where to go!! I m so stucked with MARKETS!!
I read about mindset again ... yes, I agreed with many gurus that being in market, we need to have the right mindset. Have I swayed away or being influenced? Is there any empty air inside my head? What is my progress? Am I becoming arrogant now and my learning halted? How these events could be a stumbling block to my learning?

Currently I m a 'coach' now ... I have to make sure that I DO NOT proclaim myself as 'sifu' or 'guru'. Simple honest answer ... I am not. Loooong way to go, man. But, how could I 'coach' my students the right mindset to be able to survive in markets? How do you teach a person to control their FEAR and GREED? Can trading be taught? That what I was reading about 'Turtle trading'. Are they my turtles? Of coz not .. they are my friends, and NOT selected. They happened to know that I m in KLSE and trading and want to learn a skill or two, to profit from market.

I will be giving them more 'negative' pointers WHY majority are losing money in KLSE. Perhaps, I m actually discouraging them to be in!! Yet, I m telling them how market could be a place for investment!! It could be very confusing to these newbies.

Look ... if a person is TOTALLY new to anything related to market, he/she could learn BETTER from me. But if a student of mine has bf/gf, father, uncles, brothers, good friends ... anyone knew A LITTLE about market, they could be confused further. And their learning could NOT be well. How do I related that to them??!

I m reflecting on myself ... being such a 'never say die' attitude, I ventured into any markets or any products. Obviously I m burnt and learning lessons from my previous ventures.

I want to remain humble. I hope I am. I do want to sincerely apologise for some of my harsh words that I might offend anyone. At times, I m frustrated. I m stressed. I m knowing some of my friends getting into those counters and get burnt, I want to help, but I m helpless. My knowledge could not reach them as they have their OWN MINDSET which is ... stock market is a place to get rich, lets gamble.

I m hoping I will continue to promote LEARNING and investing in markets. I wish I could make awareness to FA-kaki that if you know TA, you could benefit MUCH more than the buy-n-hold mentality. At the same time, I wish to see peace between TA-kaki and letting them know that we should not blindly trade using TA alone. These days, good traders added in FA and a good FA added in TA. That is FA + TA.

One day, if I m successful enough to be known as helping many to benefit from FA and TA, I will be glad to have classes for those want to LEARN. I hope I m independent and not in selling of softwares or trading systems. It is more on sharing-basis with a small 'fees' to cover my overheads. I hope to know MORE FA and TA circle of people ... cna be my readers or anyone with similar motives, in helping MANY who are still losing in markets. Bear in mind, market is a zero-sum game. Somebody has to lose ... too bad.

For all I m doing, I just hope that those profitted from market will do some charitable cause. That is my 'dream' ... a personal wish. I m too 'small' but by using my shared-knowledge, I hope I could reach out further and hopefully those needy will benefit too.

I m in reflection mode ... where am I going from here? What are my plans next?

With that said, I do hope my readers will listen. I m not into business to gain huge chuck of money. I m in education and hope I could educate more and more Malaysians abut investing, particularly in KLSE.

It is time that we appreciate EDUCATION. It is a journey. What saddened an educationist like me is to see many are only interested to get a degree(and judge a person by their paper qualifications!) and not the knowledge from their learning. It is also frustrated for me to voice out that majority in markets only interested in PROFIT(and judge a person on how much he profitted from market) and not the knowledge from their experiences.

Thanks for supporting my blog thus far. I have never really wanted to promote my blog, for the SAME reason(two years ago) ... not wanting ANYONE to lose money buying into what I m buying without knowing that I m just experimenting on some trading systems.

Many of you make my day. Simple encouraging words such as 'you appreciate the learning' motivated me further to share ...

Thank You.


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