Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday morning ... I have allowed myself to sleep till 7am today and yesterday morning. I m tired, physically.

I still have tonnes of reading to do tho I have been very selective. I read about Careplus, written in The Edge yesterday. Glove-makers companies stocks are badly hit for the past few months now. So, many have abandoned these companies but I do still see values in many of them and believe they will make a return next year. As investors point of view, I have collected TopGlove at Rm5.50 as beginning. Now, I m eyeing Supermax or Adventa. I might even have one 'special' class for my interested students regarding glove-makers and why we should give them some attention now as market is still deserting them. BUY when no one want a piece of them is another investing policy.

My two readers : KW and CN

: I knew him personally when we joined CNX's training. He is the few who took initiative to know me, and asking my opinions about selling his Maxis. I do like those pro-active person who take initiatives. Majority of Malaysians are timid, quiet and let things be. Not in market ... you need to be aggressive if you are going to acquire knowledge. You dont expect people to feed you with knowledge, dont you? So, he told me yesterday that he lost a lot of money initially listening to CNX's forum and tips from CNX. He attended CNX's meeting only once and I never see him there anymore. I asked 'why'?

You see, at least he is frank and said he was 'lure' to learn Technical Analysis by CNX's marketing team, well recommended by a friend. Without any knowledge, any experience ... and trade fully using TA? That is a huge challenge, of coz. He lost but never give up. He said he learnt a lot form my blog(dinner still on you, KW. Haha) and I have been guiding him indirectly. I m glad ... that is my purpose of waking up early to share with some who want to learn.

He gained back his losses and still VERY hardworking doing 'homework'. KW, during my holiday, I will give you personal 'tuition' and show you some short-cut on what homework to do, ok? Yes, no free lunch ... hehe.

I think I see good learning attitude in him. You cant trade without experience and without FA knowledge. This line is for ALL those members in CNX. Trust me, FA is still much more important than TA. FA giving us confident WHAT to buy. TA letting us to know when to BUY and when to SELL. Experience giving us the MA = market analysis, and answering why a stock move up or down.

Adding my FA + TA + MA, I could be more confident to trade a counter. Thanks for sharing your 'story' of your 5 months old trading experiences with me.

Any CNX's member want to join me and KW for a gathering? I am a practical person. I am blunt. I tell FACTS ... and if you THINK that you are still losing money due to 'illusions', I will invite those who want to LEARN further besides the TA that we learnt in TA to join us in the gathering. Fair? It is NOT free-la ... a charge a small token, ya. hehe.

Wait a minute, I agreed with KW to say that TA is good ... but it must come AFTER FA. WHAT to buy first. WHY buying. Then only you talk about at what price you should buy. So, we will learn on FA + TA + MA.

CN : She is my new reader who do enjoy reading my blog and learning from here. Being new in market for merely a year, she is a student of Martin's class. Yes, I do feel that those NEW in market should attend courses but they should plan their learning. How many of us actually PLAN our learning?

You see, I m in education line - I understand HOW I learn .. so, I planned to join CNX(or ANY TA course) about 4 years ago. I dont jump into a course. Even attending CNX course, I know what I want to learn and close off those noises from many there. It is noises, not anything constructive.

CN will be joining my classes in learning more about FA. Yes, she shown me DYNAQUEST, which I feel all new novices should have. How many of them have one? I bought it 2 years ago, went thru it page-by-page without any knowledge about terms etc etc, ok? 2 years ago, I have ZERO knowledge but I acquired a lot of knowledge from Dynaquest.

Check you FA knowledge first ... if you are NEW to market, be prepare to lose money. Sorry to be blunt. Ask KW, majority of CNX's member lose money there too. HONEST. I have told my students that 80% of them lose money and the 80-20 concept apply here too. To be the minority, we need to do something different. DO NOT listen to those bull-s*it of easy-money profitting from market. To be, it is all HARD-WORK. Call me stupid-idiot to wake up 5am to read reports or learning new terms each time. Yes, I dont give a damn what my readers or other will say ... because I have written my learning path. And planned to be a trainer one day. I m putting my little knowledge to test at the moment. So, I m still charging 'cheaply'.


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