Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sudah Potong vs Yes

GPacket : At 0.78, RSI at 25. I have not mentioned her for months now as YES coming into picture. It is still a losing money counter but always play with optimism views of its business model. With the entering of YES under YTL group, the competition intensed. Can GPacket survive, that is in many investors mind.

YTL-e : Slumped another 4% yesterday to close at 1.16. For those chasing at the top and stucked, it is 33% down now. RSI at 35, can still wait at 1.10 level when RSI below 30, and are you saying 'yes' to YES? I m a holder of YTLpower, so I will support YES.

KUALA LUMPUR: When a new player enters a market, the ground moves. More so when the new entrant is a deep-pocketed giant like YTL Corp Bhd, backed by one of Malaysia’s richest tycoons, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh.

It comes as little surprise then that the recent entry of YTL Communications Bhd into the WiMAX market has affected investor confidence in Green Packet Bhd, the parent company of the country’s first WiMAX operator, P1. But will the landscape change? Is this akin to David versus Goliath, although the David in this case — Green Packet — had a first mover advantage?
Fears of YTL’s entry adversely affecting Green Packet has sent the latter’s shares slumping.

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Pressure by Paramore

Who is feeling the pressure?


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