Sunday, December 05, 2010

My blog : A public property

I have received a few concerned readers about the 'latest' development ... and hoping I will allow them to access to my blog as they have been learning a lot from my blog(ghee ... i m touched!). And thanked me for that. Also, many willing to 'pay' a token for the access. Majority of my readers are KLSE-kaki, tho I do have Sporean reader trading HKSE reading my blog?!

This reader is 'special'. He is working in Qatar. Dear Sir ... thanks for your support all the way from Doha. I m touched again.

I m a teacher-in-heart. I m sincere in my sharing. Of coz my blog meant to be FREE and I will always like the sharing of knowledge.

But recently, I m upset by some readers(I suspected they are from CNX) who demand some postings directly to THEIR stocks(less of my personal life stories?)when I 'ignored' their e-mail/sms regarding my opinions. They cant understand that I AM VERY BUSY. When I dont entertain them, they started to harass me with calling me names like 'arrogant' or 'lan-si'. It is unpleasant when I know some readers do not appreciate my work, YET they insist of reading my blog!! OMG ... it is my PERSONAL BLOG.

Yeah, I will continue to write it here as this is a place I 'speak' about stock-market. People around me dont talk about investments and tradings. Only recently I m in-touch with a few readers to be my 'clients' or 'students' where I do speak a little(of the huge) about knowledge in stock-market. I guess I enjoy bull-s*itting about stocks. Haha.

Here, I want to assure many(who appeciate my writings) that I will continue to write my trading/investing idea which I think I want to share. For example - I read the huge chunk of QE2 but due to KLSE-attention, I did not write anything about what I was reading. It stucked inside my head with no outlet. My blog is my outlet, the place I release what I read and also briefly on what I think about KLSE's stock.

At times, I could be blunt ... I made fun of those buying KBunai but they are the one who is laughing all the way to the bank or is it?

I dont like RE-strictions. You see, Chart-Nexus want to place advertisment on my blog, but I m afraid that will restrict my writings!! You mean I cant speak about TRUTH regarding how CNX luring those aunties/uncles in believing that YOU CAN GET RICH QUICK with our trading systems blah blah?? I want to be FRANK ... look, if you are a retired english teacher wanting to learn TECHNICAL ANALYSIS using ChartNexus software ... gosh, you pay me 10% of the fees, I teach you how you could INVEST in stock market. Sorry to say ... technical analysis is NOT for you and you are almost guaranteed to lose money in KLSE. Dont believe again?

See? Now I still have the freedom to write ... I cant if I m paid to NOT TELLING TRUTH. And those uncles/aunties in CNX will continue to believe that they will learn TA one day and get RICH quick. Damn ... I will show it to my friends, partners ... hmm ... kids? I dont know what they are trying to show. I meant GOOD, uncles/aunties ... stop being EGOistic and FACE FACT if you are still losing money in KLSE. The best could be ... get out of KLSE. If I said like that, am I seen as arrogant again?

KW said yesterday that I wont do well if I m in business-line. HE IS RIGHT. Why I agree? Because I m too blunt and I dont care about many who still licking their wounds quietly. I see it as "hey, get real ... accept it and start learning." If you are FAT, I will put it straight ... I think you are overweight, why dont you keep fit and start exercising? Can I? Can I be FRANK? Or should I offer you a coklat-susu and say, dont worry about weights, many view FAT as beauty?! Haha ... then, you quitely registered with the growing no of slimming-center with a HOPE that they will reduce your weights as ADVERTISED without much EXERCISES!!

Can you related that with trading? Haha ... told you I m creative! But, no thanks ... I dont want to be re-stricted!!

I was using the word 'fuck' in my post days ago(spur of the moment) and I see it sincere way of writing in my blog. Someone need to come into my chat-box and asking me to BEHAVE as a lecturer. OMG ... can you see that I have all sort of un-wanted STUPID readers? Now I even have to BEHAVE IN MY OWN BLOG so that he/she wont feel offended reading MY BLOG. Gosh ... of coz someone have corrected my gramma's mistakes, structure of sentences or my limited vocabulary. See what irritate me?

This is a TRADING blog, my dear readers. This is written by an un-conventional teacher who teaches Maths VERY well due to his no-nonsense learning process. I m not what you think I m, definitely far from it IF you didnt read my blog for two years OR know me personally. So, dont place any judgements or you opinions on my characters or attitudes. READ here ... it is free. Dont like it here, get lost.

Phew ... these days I m having my PMS more often. Blame it on the market corrections that my Kinstel and Alam in red. Haha (do u get the dirty joke - PMS = in red?).

Ok ... ok .. I m going insane sooner than I expected. Cool it, man.

This is just a small part from my special reader from Qatar. Mind you, I do have Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races as my readers. That is what I want to see!! 1Malaysia ma.


I have been following the happenings in your blog almost everyday now. There are a lot of things that I have leant from it. However, your recent plan to limit the access of your blog to members really worries me as I will lose the access of my new continuous streams of information and knowledge.

Currently I am 'secretly' practising with some of the knowledge obtained from your blog and implementing them with some of my own picks. My ultimate aim is to make used of them knowledge to better analyse the stocks that are listed in the stockmarket here in Doha

TEH : MA, I m not limiting the access, just thinking of it as an option to close of the noises so that I could FREELY wirte what I want without biased views or obligations. Hey, I want to be in touch with you as I think Doha stock market is interesting! I dont even know they have only 43 stocks there!


I hope if you ever limit the access to your blog, do include me a one of your members. I think you have done great so far and will have a bright future. Limiting the access will just make you lose your potential "customer" once you decide to commercialize your skills in stock pickings of Msia stocks. I suggest for you to let it go for open at the moment and once people realize that you have the credentials they will be willing to subscribe to your services.

TEH : Most probably I will NOT as I view that as SELFISH. To me, my knowledge is LITTLE compared to many around. I m serious, not humble. Yup, I do wish to have some client-base but as my friend(was my reader) KN said, that is chicken-feed for the number of hours I put in. He is suggesting that I could utilise my knowledge in a better way. You see, I m a teacher .... all I actually want is to 'coach' my clients how to trade, what to look for etc etc. Anything they are paying me is an 'extra'. Of coz I m aware that many may want to 'use' me. There are MANY bad people out there too. I have to be very careful. Nope, I dont believe in stock-picking. I believe in LEARNING to FISH. If a person losing money in market, that is because the person have too little knowledge and/or experience. Sir, will you be my 7th client? hehe.

By then, just leave the access free for general discussion but any additional stockpickings will be with some "token". This is just some advice that I can think off. You have done great in achieving the first step but don't kill the growth of your "stardom" by limiting the access now.
Keep up the good work and I hope that I can continue to learn from your Blog for ...

TEH : Thanks ... I m actually started this blog with the intention to LEARN and hoping someone KIND out there to help me in my learning. After 2.5 years in public(the blog), I have only a FEW who chipped-in. Majority of many just want to know what I have to offer FREE. I m not killing my stardom(haha) as it never meant that way. All I want is to share with those who BELIEVE in reading my writings to learn. I do remember someone asked me what EBITDA is and I searched to answer him well. He is just one of my reader. Stardom ...? Never in my plan. Get rich? Not in my original plan, either. But if you re-read my posts 1-2 years ago, you will understand that I want to write freely and openly. I want to share. Not stock-picking etc etc. But thanks for your appreciation. It is such readers like you who MOTIVATED me to write more, to learn together and created the 'Learning Corner". I might be invited to write an article in local newpaper one day, who knows! Haha.

If you want any token from me, maybe U will have to wait until I make my usual yearly holiday trip to Msia during the summer (June to July period). KLCC Chillis is my favourite spot whenever I brought my family there.

TEH : Thanks ... I am a joker. Sometimes people take my words too seriously. Haha. There are times I m serious but they thought that I m joking! That is the 'problem' of clowning around. It is nice of you to offer the dinner. Yes, meeting nice people like you are my pleasure. Dinner aside, the meeting is more meaningful ... knowing that I have indirectly helped u in your learning. Ok sir ... KLCC Chillis on you. Hehe. Thanks.

10.20 pm : I wanted to show the nice chart of Alam, BStead and Kinstel - I m holding to all these three and planning to top-up on Kinstel and Alam next week. I m looking to collect more of BStead too.

Sorry, i m really TOO tired. Check out the charts, if u know TA, I feel it is very nice.




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