Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday ... I will be very busy the whole day again today. Kinstel and Alam in mind. I will add my BStead too.

Alam : RSI at 31, at 0.995. Queue at 0.96-0.97 later. Look for rebound.

9.10 am : I am wearing green today. Haha. As if it will help to push the market higher? Nope, it is just my prediction for the day.

KLCI up 4 points at the moment. My BStead at 5.55 may not be done today, it is at 5.61 now.

Alam : At 0.990, waiting at 0.950. Done today will be good?

KSL : Up 7% this morning. Hmm ...

9.20 am : Alam is diving. I m caught. Hmm ... done 0.95, 0.94 ... waiting 0.93 and 0.92. Why buying? There is a FEAR in me which I seldom feel it. Haha. You read the above, I m supposed to queue at 0.96-0.97 but seeing the selling pressure, I queued lower. That is why I need to be around to see it opening. Otherwise, I will be buying at slightly higher price!!

Waterfall-stocks : Alam(30), Kinstel(25), Evergreen(40) and JCY(20 = ridiculous).

Watch : BRDB, KFC and QSR

12.50 pm : Hungry ... JCY making a return? BUY.

Kinstel : Queueing at 0.80 and 0.79 not done yet.

3.50 pm : KLCI down 1.45 points.

JCY : JCY back to 0.80 :) This is for trading, ya.

My investment students

WX : Spoken to my student regarding GenM and Alam.

YH : Spoken to her about GenM, DY by BJToto vs YTLPower and MMCCorp. Fast improving with 'right' attitude.

WY : Spoken to her about GenM and queue-ing for buying.

PT : Had lunch with him(thx for free lunch) to share with him 'opporrtunities' only come to those prepare for it. Will like to write more on this issue for learning purposes. He done much homework on WCT so far. The most advance student among all BUT the worry will be .. how long this motivation could hold?

WK : Wanted to see me but I m too busy for him. Will speak to him on Thu as Wed I will be too busy.

EK : The most passive student but learning ... good.

YP : I will be inviting him to speak to my 'students' how he lost lots of money in KLSE and never want to be in stock-market anymore. He has been kind and willing to share his BAD experiences with stock-market. Not many will want to share with you their PAINFUL losses and MANY more out there biting their nails. Ask those aunties/uncles in CNX why they are willing to pay thousands to learn TA? Serious. He is a retired lecturer, anyway. Thanks, YP.

So, I will be busy ... discussing with my students theories they are learning from me and PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE. That is easier said than done. I have a student who has NOT done any homework I hv given them but bought into the stock we are discussing. BANG! That is me .. I m a teacher, I will bang on those students acting like those aunties-uncles. But these are novices, they needed to be reminded again and again. Perhaps to the extent that I will 'expel' some from my class. I m THAT strict. When it makes me un-happy, I prefer NOT to teach those students NOT listening. Market is a NOISY place. PAUSE and LISTEN.

KW : I will invite you one day to speak to my 7-novice students on WHY knowledge is needed before rushing to buy a stock. These experiences will convince them to DO HOMEWORK or GET OUT of KLSE. KW, can I ask the favour one day? Hehe

Term of the Day : ex-stock dividends

A security which no longer carries the right to the most recently declared dividend; or the period of time between the announcement of the dividend and the payment. A security becomes ex-stock dividend on the ex-dividend date (set by the NASD), which is usually two business days before the record date (set by the company issuing the dividend). For transactions during the ex-stock dividend period, the seller, not the buyer, will receive the dividend. Ex-dividend is usually indicated in newspapers with an x next to the stock or mutual fund's name. In general, a stock's price drops the day the ex-stock dividend period starts, since the buyer will not receive the benefit of the dividend payout till the next dividend date. As the stock gets closer to the next dividend date, the price may gradually rise in anticipation of the dividend. also called ex-dividend.


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