Friday, December 03, 2010

DOW up another 100 points. Suddenly those 'Korean' excuses and Eurozone is clear for flying. What else do u expect but crazy buying later, right? I thought buying supposed to be during sales, during corrections when things are cheap? No again?

I will clear off GenM for something in mind. Nope, not sharing here. So, no point coming into my blog, ok? Say what you want, I need a break. I grabbed GenM at 3.20, I shared it here, right?

I m a Malaysian - I have Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races as my students, my readers. I do enjoy Malay songs too(you must be NEW readers if u dont even know that!).

Financial Daily : News analysis(NA) becoming important as news giving some counters fuel to move ... look at Dialog and Sapcres. Gamuda moved yesterday. Even Supermax moves because Thai won some award!! As for Kencana, the news is not so new as I bought in days ago. There is a special report in yesterday's issue - 2011 outlook : It is a climb by MIDF. Aeon shown good reports was reported there too. Aeon ... as I said I like to shop in Sunway Pyramid, Jusco.

Yup, I do wake up around 5.30am to look into US market closing and news related before 9 am when KLSE open. You may want to peep on ASX or how Japan market doing early in the morning. Then, I will check USD, Gold and crude oil prices to feel the bullishness? Haha.

8.45 am : KLCI bound to open higher. Jaks in focus today? Buying should be done below 0.70 last week.

Warrants : It is no so-called secret that I bought more Annjoo-wb at 0.63 and WCT-wb at 0.56-0.58. And I sold part of it at 0.64 yesterday. It is no secret too that I grabbed YTLPower at 1.40, then 1.30 level. It is no big deal that I like SPSetia-wb, IJM-wc and IJMPlant-wa for trading purposes. I openly written that I bought QSR-wb and sold off for small profits(enough for Hokkien-mee).

Alam and Kinstel : These two below my cost price and not doing well. It is no secret that I averaged down on them last week. I openly written about them.

Evergreen : It is no secret that I bought at 1.38, it shot up to 1.55 next two days but I failed to take profit, only to see that it is slightly below my cost price now. It have not triggered my second stage of buying at 1.28 or so.

HuaYang : Still at cost price, so it is no secret that I m collecting her under RM1 and still liking her.

LionInd : I openly written that I bought more of her at 1.80 too. Share-buyback at 1.85 recently. And it is starting to give me some profits now. No big deal, either.

GenM : So what that I bought her at 3.20 and going to clear her as she is too slow for me. But, I parked my money there last week when all in reds, selling soon for another dim-sum breakfast on Sunday.

BStead : Now, buying at 5.20 is nice as it might go back to 5.80. Good trade once done.

11.10 am : KLCI up 1 point. I e-mailed my client to sell WCT-wb at 0.68-0.69 take profit and I sold another part of mine at 0.69, the tip today.

WCT : Will be used as a case study tonight for my class.

Alam : Ouch ... Dialog won. Cut off Alam? Bye-bye, geography?

1.05 pm : Scomi and JCY continue to bleed ... Scomi-wa at 0.145. Perhaps the uncle who bought it at 0.195 have cut loss. I hope he cut it off at 0.180 or earlier. No, I DO NOT find pleasure seeing anyone losing money in markets, but I could understand clearly now WHY they are the majority 80-90% who are still losing money despite KLCI at 1,500 level. That is another point I will share tonight with my 'students'.

Recognise RISK before speaking about PROFIT.

3.40 pm : Ok, KLCI down 3 points tho DOW up 100 points. That is also because it jumped 17 points yesterday, ok?

WCT-wb : Taking profit at 0.68-0.69 was the right decision, right? It is at 0.645 now,

4.30 pm : KLCI in RED, down 5 points. I m wearing RED shirt today. Hmm ... I need to buy more green shirt!

Aeon : Nope, I do not stalk her. I just mentioned her as Financial Daily written about her good FA.

GPacket : Nope, I will NOT touch her due to BAD FA tho it might be a nice waterfall now, and can use counter-trend to trade her. I hv many more better ones, I think. Dont like the risk of bad FA counters.

5.10 pm : KLCI at 1500.98 to close for this week.

5.10 pm : Friday - counter : 283, 000. NICE exact number!

Going to play with my son, then preparing for my night class - 7 of them today!!

Till midnight or tmr. Off.



Williamchin2000 said...

How are you doing? Remember me? At one time you when you were having mood swing and I mention about Aeon to you. It is good to know you haven't forgotten about Aeon. But now it shouldn't be stalked. Oversold, above MA 20, 50 and 100d. Should be coming down soon. Then again I might be wrong.

Now I am stalking Gpacket. Way below MA, Oversold and it is beginning to hit bottom.

Williamchin2000 said...

I think I used the wrong term for Aeon. Not too sure. Should have been overbought. Please edit for me if I mistaken.