Thursday, December 02, 2010

DOW up 250 points!! Yeah .. lets rush into market again! Again?! What happened to Korean tension? What is going on in EuroZone? Hmm ...

KW : Sorry too. I dont mean to voice it out but these days I could hear voices from CNX(new readers, especially) members couldnt accept that I mentioning about uncles/aunties/novices. I could accept those who want to LEARN TA. I m there to learn TA too. The difference is I m critically learning TA but I see many there only interested with THEIR holdings or tips. You could also see that the no of clicks to the forum decreases as market moves lower. That is FACT. The no of people attending meeting reduces. That is FACT. The no of more 'older people' joining CNX increases. That is FACT. The no of novice and young people without any FA joining CNX is increasing. That is FACT.

Do you believe in 80-20 concept? Only 20% there actually learning TA. 80% of them there are still losing money in market. Do a short survey there to verify the FACT. Now, in market ... it is harsh. People trying to out-do each other. That is FACT. Capitalising on other weaknesses is one of the way we could profit from others. That is also FACT. Facing facts becoming very crucial, very important so that we wont be just one of the uncles/aunties. That is FACT.

I do consider myself as a LEARNER of FA + TA. I m certainly still very much a NOVICE. That is FACT. I still diligently attend CNX meeting whenever I can(I cant on the Sat as I have 3 tuition classes now 8-10am, 10.30-12.30 pm and 3-5pm). How many of them, the so-called graduates attending meeting? That is FACT.

Yes, I will try not to use the f-word, but 'fact' also started with the F letter. Haha. That is FACT.

Ok, case closed. Phew. Please understand me - I will like it if you could call me out for a drink, and I will spend my time sharing with you my experiences. Just that you have to pay for my drink. Haha. That is also a fact.

I will be too busy to write anything today. Yup, certainly a FACT.

Have a nice bull day.

9.05 am : Peeping on the opening, KLCI up 8 points. Have to run again. Deleted the post with my foul four letter f-word. Haha. FOUL, FOUR, FACT and FISH ... all are 4-letter f-words, u know.

11.20 am : I just chaired a meeting as I will be in-charge of Math-based project next year. I m so new to the organisation yet I initiated the project and will be getting myself REAL busy by next year. Incredible, as I will be the SPSS/SAS trainer too next year. Talking about keeping quiet is a bliss. Once people get to know u could do this and that, they will want you to be involved.

KLCI up 11 points. Guess what colour of shirt I m wearing today? Hmm ...

QSR-wb : Glad that I cleared mine at 2.90 yesterday during opening. It is at 2.70 now.

JCY : Glad that I cancelled my queue at 0.83 yesterday. It is at 0.81 now.

GenM : Glad that I bought her at 3.20 as planned. It is at 3.26 now.

Kencana-cc : Glad that I grabbed her at 0.26. It is at 0.27 now.

YTLPower-cb : Not so glad that I grabbed her at 0.23, and queue not done at 0.190 yesterday. It is at 0.21, mid point now.

IJM-wc : Not so glad that I watched her moving yesterday but too busy with classes and it flew off. Today, up another 6% , at 2.60 now.

HSPlant : Not so glad that I 'lost' her at RM3 level.

TChong-cd : Not so glad that I cut-loss and it is up now.

CIMB-ci : Not so glad that I have taken profit at 0.29 too early, it is at 0.310 now.

I could continue with so many of my trades with 'glad' and 'not so glad'. Do you see my points? It has NOTHING to do with emotion - otherwise I could be gald one moment, later market dive again, I will be not so glad. How an old-heart could take?

KurAsia : As of yesterday, RSI at 31. It dives another 4% today, showing RSI will be at 26-27 level now. When I was in One-Borneo, KK for the RHBInvest market talk last year, it was at 0.40+ level. Then, we all heard about the stock-pick. KurAsia being mentioned with target price at RM1 level. Without doubt, I guess many will rush in to buy it the next day! It went all the way to the peak of RM0.80 months later. So, the current waterfalling in the since then is un-justified? My oh my .. it is at 0.36 now. I bought it at 0.48 some months ago, to trade it and sell at 0.52, if I m not mistaken. How do I remember this trade?? Because I was rushing to a class in KL, driving but as market closing, I stopped at roadside to queue to BUY on the spot!! Then, sell in next few days later for 10% profits!! That 'stop on the roadside' was my first market-trading while driving a car. I saw the queue, visualising the candle-stick, with other indicators in mind. BUY.

Today, I wont touch it ... it recently reported losses(that explain the sell off). Do you think we could still justify to say it is valued at RM1 as our target price? I could use this as a case-study for my students. See what I mean by LEARNING? Nothing to do much with profits/losses - if only many could take THIS BLOG as a platform to LEARN and SHARE what trading is about. It will help the agony of many novices moving into bowling alley without knowing that bowling balls got three holes and there are ten pins on the rack. Get all down in one throw is call a strike! And so on ...

The whole purpose(why I m so dedicated to writing this blog) of blogging here is to share experiences. My experiences, at least. What I m learning, what I have learnt(the hard way) and I could even write down what I m going to learn next year or so!! It is all planned!! Do we have the patience to LEARN? I do ... as I believe, hey ... market will always be there. Make sure I dont lose all my money there and continue to learn. By next year or so, inject MORE capitals and trade more confidently with better knowledge, better experiences.

I do have appreciative 'new readers' who told me that they learnt a lot(even you learnt a little I will see my purpose of my blog is there!!) from me ... and thanked me.

Up to you to believe me. I m humbled by many good traders around that I find myself so small in their presence. I was obviously feeling that 2/3 years ago ... and slowly while I m improving myself, I m trying to SHARE with many my experiences, hoping that they will NOT do the same mistakes that I done. Yeah ... I m an educator in heart. U cant deny that, can u?

I could also viewed as 'stupid' as I do not bother much about my profits/losses. I feel that majority in markets are TOO impatient with profits WITHOUT wanting to learn more about their trades/investments. For sure, I will want my 6-students(I believe MANY more to come in future) to have the right foundation, right mentality, right grounding BEFORE they even think of profitting from market. As their 'guru' not even bothered about profitting, how do you expect my students to profit, right? Profits WILL come when we know what we are doing and how we could go about it. At the moment, focus in learning FA ... forget about those rumours or noises around. If a person tell me he is in market for 10-20 years, I do assume he has profitted hugely from 1997 crash or at least learnt the lesson from there and profitted hugely from the recent 2008 crash. Believe me, words are CHEAP. Arrogance actually becoming our stumbling block in our success in LEARNING. We stop learning once we FEEL that we are better than others. We are the greatest. Tell me about education ... I know.

I could never stop speaking about education. It is knowledge comes first, then only testing the theories. It is applied knowledge that is important. I wont listen to those who speak vaguely that the low P/E is better thna higher P/E. That is very incorrect statement. Many are in market long enough(majority in markets more than me, a mere 3 years) to understand the nature of markets, the properties of a stock and definitely should know what balancing of portfolios are. That is at least what I assumed. I was proven again and again ... I was wrong. Many do not know anything much when it comes to FA or TA or both. Many are followers, buying thru rumours. Some attended some courses, some free talks etc etc ... but many do not apply what they have learnt. They are certainly lack of confidence in applying in their trades. The 'kiasu' syndrome is there. They dont understand that market is a play of psychology or what we called market-analysis. You need to understand 'herd mentality' and EMH to understand why a particular stock shot up so high, only to be crushed the next moment you bought into it.

Want example? Look at KStar I mentioned days ago. Do we need to go far? I know I offended mnay buy making fun of KBunai or HWGB punters. But, think again ... if you feel offended(perhaps u hv profitted hugely, congrats), that means you are defensive. You feel that I insulted those punters. I m merely sharing with my novice-readers and now, my students, that we could FORGET about learning FA or TA or whatever books/courses/lessons ... just look at what is active, punt into it, and then PRAY.

That is also why you will hear "I hope" ... 'but ... what if ..." words coming out from many. It simply shows we are in hoping business.

Example : ALAM is reported with some not so good result recently. Then, Vastalux debt re-structuring issue might affect them. The stock moving lower. At 1.05 today. Target cut by OSK and downgraded. What if ... it goes below RM1?

3.40 pm : Market is bullish, up 14 points now. IJM broken Rm6.

4.30 pm : KLCI bullish - WCT-wb up to 0.625 now, up 8%. My first client, NJ bought into it when I went in for stage one. I always think of RISK and I told him I average down stage two at 0.56-0.57 last week. I m clearing my stage two buyings soon for 10% profits. My first portion normally smaller portion. RSI was at 60s. Then, stage two RSI was at 30s. IF it shoots down to RSI below 20, my huge stage three buying will be triggered. I hope he could understand how I trade as it is difficult to ask a person what to buy/sell at what price and how much to place!!

WCT-wb : YES ... cleared part at 0.640 done moments ago!! Phew!! Keeping my 0.64 portion for 0.700 resistance level.

Reducing noises

I have taken out my chat-box. It is a platform to communicate but more new readers making it like their platform to voice their frustrations(as market diving, see?) and such. So, hope that will reduce the noises. It is not needed.

Next, I have taken out the advertising thing, only GT replied to me and NONE of readers bother to help me to gain some revenue thru blogging. Sigh. Talking about selfish?

And also taken out my tuition advertisement as I do not have any tuition recommendation from any readers. Double-sigh.

I have taken out my hp no(will change that too) and e-mail so that I could not be contacted. tell me how many bloggers openly giving their e-mail or hp no? It is being abused by few, so to shut that off, I have to be closed. It was my own doing, and should realise that there are many 'losers' want to get attention.

I m in a point of making this private - wait till I m free two weeks later, I will 'privitised' it so that it will only for few to view. My friends, my students and those wanting to learn only. Others, no opinions from you all , please.

I have NEVER have an intention to promote my blog(read my previous postings!). In fact, I want to keep low profile. But ever since I joined CNX, it exploded. All sort of people looking into my writings and GET SENSITIVE. My goodness ... got these type of human around?

I will also NOT exposing my buying/selling. Consider it bought, consider it sold. I will keep records for my own purposes.

BUT ... I dislike to be restricted in MY OWN TRADING BLOG. So, the only way is move myself AWAY. Make it closed to public.

In view of such, I will only write when I have something to share for LEARNING purposes. So, this blog's purpose will be amplified. That should reduce more noises(I hope).

Other than that, I have not think of what I should do with this blog. Abandon my own 'home'? Sigh.

This blog need a facelift, anyway. Wait till I m free in weeks time. I will paint it my colour, my theme and making it private. Nice.

Noises stopped. Silence is golden.

counter : 282 082.

Hope I could reduce the no of clicks by next week. Perhaps no-post from me will help too. Considering that. Hmm ...


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YJ said...

So sorry to see you are being "attacked" by people who are frustrated by the losses they incurred due to their own incompetence in the markets.

I think it is a good idea that you removed the chat box (which seems to attract a lot of spam) and your contact details. That way you can reduce those unnecessary "noises".

Anyways, congratulations on starting your TA/FA class. Wish I could be one of your students but I really just can't seem to find the time. Work has been hectic since it's the year end.