Saturday, December 04, 2010

DOW managed to close 20 points positive.

No brainer trading : Using RSI

: at 25th May, RSI was at 28 below 30. Oversold. Price at 2.47. BUY. No selling as it rebounded and moving uptrend untill 11 Oct when RSI at 75 level. Overbought. Price at 3.25.

Duration : Less than 5 months. Profits : About 30%.

This is what I m coaching my 7 students yesterday. Look into few good counters. Look into their RSI. Wait for retracement and correction. Then, BUY when RSI going below 30, dont sell if it is uptrend and wait till it is oversold. Simple? Not really ... but they dont need to be in FEAR or GREED as I will guide them for that target of "more than 10% in a YEAR" idea.

I need to go for classes. Till then, bye.

10.05 pm : I m out since morning for hours of classes and nice to meet TWO of my readers. One is KW, my CNX's coursemate, actually. Glad that we shoke-hand in agreement. Another is CN, brought her engineer friend to meet me too. Yes, slowly I will meet more readers who want to LEARN. Dont talk about what stock to buy or sell with me. It is simply not possible to ask a person buy this, sell that.

I will write more of what we discussed and hope more readers who want to learn from me will contact me, and I will certainly like to share with those willing to LEARN. I repeat, nothing to do with what stock to buy./sell. That will be given as home-work and I will only 'coach' what homework to do ... yes, tonnes of homework IF you are very new to stock-market. We discussed about RISK before you speak about profit.

Rule 1 : Never lose money.

Rule 2 : Refer to rule 1.

Kinstel : RSI at 25.5, price at 0.82. BUY at 0.79 level. Nice.

Ok, time to read and rest ... I still have 4 hours of tuition tmr, it is SUNDAY!

Next week, a few of students will start to buy into either MMCCorp, GenM, YTLPower or WCT. They have to choose and understand that they are few days late!! Unless market moves lower again for us to grab more?

Please do not buy what my students are buying as I m EXPERIMENTING with them. I will let understand the nature of market, let them ride into fear&greed of markets. They badly need experiences. I m teaching them to FISH and since they are TOO raw, the four fishes given here. They need to tell me WHY they chosen the one/two to buy ... then before they take profit, they have to give me excuses why they are selling. Yes, target is 8-10% profits.

If you want to be my potential students, just e-mail me about your market experiences. If you never be in market and young, you are most welcomed. As for the 'older' ones in market, they said bad-habits die hard. It is difficult to coach an old-dogs a new trick, they said. UNLESS ... it is your new year resolution - I WANT TO LEARN INVESTING and PROFIT from markets.

Many paid thousands for this course, that course. My goodness ... I write a syllabus for you. You pay me a fraction of that, I teach you basics, ok? Two weeks later I will be FREE(semester break) and hope to hold a few classes for NOVICES(KLSE only).

Again, I am a PRACTICAL market person. You dont bring your think financial text book and try to point out your theories. Or you want to show me about those technical indicators. I will ask - have you benefit from market yet? If not, time to start learning ...

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