Tuesday, December 07, 2010

DOW down a little. I m still awake marking papers!! Arrghh ...

I was checking on ALAM as I m going to buy heavier on her during this weakness. Technically, it is a BUY as I m a contrarian. Dont you speak about 20-MA, 50-MA or whatever they ask you to cut here, cut there. I m from FA-school. Lets talk about FA, then. There is un-certainty if they could squeeze some money from Vaslatux(PN 17 now). After rejected their proposal, we need to wait and see. Will this dent their good FA status?

OSK is placing target price at RM1.00 now. Being a contrarian is difficult as we need to be critical to check on the senses. Markets DO NOT make sense, so we need to go against its flow but the selling prssure is huge. Any local funds selling too?

Ivory : A property stock which trading BELOW its IPO value now. Closed at new low at 1.10. RSI at 33. Wait for RSI below 25, new low and a hammer to form. Volume almost none now. GOOD.

KurAsia : Game over? Are the investors insured? BUY at support 0.345. RSI at 23 now.


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