Monday, November 29, 2010

Which will be the next M&A play in property?

That is a headline in The Edge. I was reading it with great interests yesterday. With UEMLand+Sunrise and MRCB + IJMLand, what is the next equation?

SPSetia + MahSing is being speculated. With SPSetia net assets valued at RM2.07, that is expensive now. MahSing net assets at RM1.03, and trading at RM2 that is expensive too. So, is the equation possible?

E&O's net asstes at 1.26, a slight discount but YNH's NAV at RM3.10(by RHB) is at 43% discount. Share-buyback seen in YNH, stating that it is under-valued.



9.10 am : KLCI dropping 10 points. Oh boy!! I m wearing RED.

9.20 am : KLCI down 17 points!! ALERT!!

12.15 pm : Given my 'students' some pointers on buying GenM or MMCCorp - the risk vs reward.

Taken from RHB-forum

I don't know why some investors are thinking of adding more to their portfolio. The trend doesn't look good. A good counter won't even go up in this kind of uncertain situation. One more big bomb explosion in Korea and Pfftt!. My finger is always on the sell button unless I see the market is heading north again. Maybe I am wrong and pls do correct me.

Looking at the weekly chart it is still bullish but....... I think I'll stay aside, ignore all the tips and recommendations, take out my old Olympus and walk the streets of old Penang and take pictures.


Hi! Mr. Cheah, it all boils down of your investment horizon. If you are a short term investor/trader, yes it is the correct time to clear your portfolios because of the Korea war, PIGGS and US market. For those medium to long term investors, don't dispose off your stocks. It should be a good idea to buy some more once the above-mentioned adverse factors are clear or better and the market starts to move up with big volume. One must not depend on technical analysis alone for investing in any share market because other factors such as global and local economic , political and share market situation and so forth play the utmost essential catalysts for the movement of the market. Once you have studied these factors which would reflect in the technical charts, then you can determine when to invest , hold or sell the shares.

Your views, please.


3.55 pm : I just came back from 2 hours of classes and going for another 2 hours tuition now. KLCI RECOVERED. Wow.

WK : I showed my 'student' WK that I bought QSR-wb at 3.05 level, clearing at 3.15, 3.17 and 3.19. Only the 3.19 not done, so I m stucked with a bit of it as its frozen. That is real trade shown to my 'student'. I got this fish from an SMS from my friend(was my reader!!), KN. Thanks for the free dinner tonight.

6.10 pm : KLCI closed in GREEN. Oh my goodness!! These days KLCI very volatile - morning losing 17 points, I was busy queueing, sms-ing and buyng.

Malton : I was queueing at 0.675 and it was not done. Otherwise, it will be another good trade.

GenM : At 3.21, very nice level to BUY.

PChem : I need to add her to my 30 counters and BJToto taken out. Welcome, PChem.


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