Monday, November 01, 2010

Stock Watch

AMMB : Since I highlighted her with an ascending triangle before it boken the RM6 resistance, it is at 6.40 now. For trader, it is profit taking TODAY. RSI at 75, bearish crossover shown and overbought region, and reversal candle-stick telling us that AMMB will retrace(high chances). So, those missed AMMB and want her ... opportunity is here again.

WCT : Testing 3.10 support, breaking this one, it will retrace to RM3.00 level. That will be a good entry point. Watch.

11.15 pm : I m too tired now. LionInd still below RM2.00, wait at RM1.90. Jerneh nothing to see, creeping up. Tenaga still struggling at 8.80 support level. KPJ at resistance. TWSCorp form a bearish crossover. JCY struggling to hold to RM1(I m still looking at 0.98 level). Topglove moving lower while Adventa moving to support at 2.35(NICE!!).

These are the few stocks I was looking into just now. DOW testing 11200 level again.

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