Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stock watch

GenM and UEMLand

These two caught my attention with their current weakness. While GenM is not a good trading-counter(Genting is more volatile), UEMLand is worth a look.

GenM : If the RSI goes below 30 next week, I will ask two of my students to BUY her.

BRDB : There are some activities seen and I want to stalk her.

Sunday ... wont be free to analyse anything today. Another tuition class later, to KLCC for Kids Fair, to Nilai and by the time I m home ... it will be night and need to mark some papers!

Anyway, it seems that FEAR is gripping on markets now as many anxiously watching if Koreans will go to war.

CNX's forum : There were only 128 replies with 3318 views for the whole last week, way below the previous weeks. It shows BEARISH market. This could give me a simple market analysis(MA) as during market up, you could see about 5k+ views. The average for the recent weeks is 4k+. I am a Math-person, I see stats and wonder what it means. This is market forum with members(many of them are silent readers) viewing on so-called sifu/guru giving them some technical tips on 'hot stocks' that are moving high. It is seldom people want to know about the downtrending stocks or shy to speak about their loss-making stocks.

Hence, that was why I placed some stats of CNX's forum viewers and replies some time ago. I have written a post there about these. I remember there was once it was SO QUIET the whole week and someone asked why so quiet that week? SIMPLE logic ... market was diving!! See my logic? Majority in markets and many of them in CNX are those uncles/aunties looking for tips - not that they want to learn about TA using the software, ok? It is also a simple logic that they opted to go to CNX to 'learn' TA as they have NO CHOICE ... many of them lost lots of money ... and were hoping they could get some tips from the know-how.

I do hope those paid thousands of dollars to learn TA(four days crash course) will learn TA well. But, honestly ... they went to CNX with a wrong perception and wrong motive. They want TIPS and soon realise that TA is not their cuppa-tea.

I will go for the meeting whenever I m free and could only see FEW regular faces. Where are the hundreds of so-called graduates?? Too good to attend meetings? Hmm ... too busy could be used as a good excuse.

Imagine this : A person who never believe in chinese physician will always claim how good those doctors in high-class medical center are. Suddenly, he is down with a 'mysterious' ailness and after months(and thousands of dollars spent) in that hospital, he is not getting any better. What will he do? Finding an ALTERNATIVE. He heard of a friend recommending that popular chinese-physician. He has NO CHOICE ... but to take that alternative, hoping that his ailment could be cured.

CNX's marketing team is also good too. That increases their businesses. Unfortunately, many graduates could not benefit much from a good software. They went to CNX for wrong reasons.

I planned for 2 years plus when I was back in Sabah that I will come over to KL to learn a proper TA using a proper software. Another one to consider is next-view.

Seriously, I am thinking of KNOWLEDGE first, experiencing it with REAL trade and step-by-step learning to modify a system that suit myself. A person who understand about learning and education will go through stages in their learning.

To me, FA come first ... we need to reduce our risk by buying into a stock which with high chances will rebound. You cant be serious if you say KBunai will go to 0.36 level, can you? Base on WHAT? Hope Analysis = HA. Then Pray Analysis = PA(also Punt Analysis). These mentalities puzzled me ... but as we know 8 or 9 out of 10 of them are STILL losing money despite KLCI at 1500 now. They cant be gaining IF KLCI move back down to 1000 -1200 points, right?

INVEST in ourselves. My 'students' are 'lucky'. They dont have to buy so many books to read, so many hours spent in doing 'homework' as they paid me 'small' amount to coach them on how to get started. INVEST in knowledge will be the best investment BEFORE you think of investing in stock-markets. Unfortunately, MAJORITY will go into market WITHOUT any knowledge and buy through rumours/tips. They never learn how to FISH.

I have given my 'students' the pond - KLCI-linked counters and 30 fishes to choose from. I have asked them to open a trading a/c by next week(it is a homework!!), put ANY amount from Rm1k to RM5k.

Practicality : I believe in being practical. So, I wont wait for my students have ALL the knowledge needed in term of buying a stock. Look ... you could never feel adequate about knowledge, you need expriences in investing. You need to put your theories to practise. SERIOUS. I do know many who have been side-lined as they feel in-adequate to be in the market. It is RISKY, they said. But, HOW are we going to feel the REAL PAIN from the REAL FEAR ... and the up feeling of GREED if we are using 'virtual' money? How are we going to gain some experiences if we never test out our knowledge??

Brace for more downturn next week. Buy, Hold or Sell?

10.10 pm : Chelsea down by one goal.

I passed by One-South today when I was from Nilai to KLCC, using Sg Besi road. It is under constructions.

10.45 pm :


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