Sunday, November 07, 2010

Stock Watch

YeeLee : Besides the education-stocks, I m looking at 0.93 strong support will hold. This is a good counter-trend candidates for next week, actually. There are too many uptrending stocks for me to grab, so YeeLee is only for watch and learn case.

Perisai : The Shield ... hmm ... interesting. 0.49 to 0.58 then back to 0.49 and now shot to 0.58 and retracing again. Is this the counter where Ezra increased their stake. Ezra is listed in SGX but I do not stalk her. Someone asked my opinion on her but since we dont know about its FA, we talk about its TA.

Evergreen : At 1.45, the selling pressure was huge. What a waterfall in a bulish market!! I will wait for 1.41 level. Watch, not buy. I m learning from watching, practising my chart-analysing skills. Sharpening everyday, and very hard-working to track it. It falls for a reason. I hv not checked. May be not so good reports out recently.

E&O : Accumulation seen at 1.12 level, supported by 20-MA now. Bullish cross-over, histogram moving above zero-level. Anyone notice all these and know why I entered last week? I dont know if I will be 'right' or 'wrong' as it doesnt matter as a trader. Target is 1.23 resistance level, that will be profit taking point for me but going below 1.10 level is cut-loss. Risk-reward ratio is good at 1.12, and also the POSSIBILITIES of it moving higher from 1.12 is good. Property-stocks in play? Will E&O moves up too? Watch.

Alam : At 1.10 is a nice entry point. A 'buy' call written buy broker report, giving RM1.40+ as target price. I never really look into TP, anyway. RSI 52 is good too. Yes, ilmu Alam used to be my fav subject when I was in form 1 to form 3 before I fell in love with Maths. So, I do like Alam. hehe


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