Monday, November 15, 2010

Stock Watch : The 'A'-group

AZRB : Broken 1.11 level today. Besides KimLun, I mentioned AZRB in CNX's forum recently. I said watch, not buy. But today I bought into KimLun. Next level to watch will be RM1.01. So, I might collect her as my 4th RM1-group.

AirAsia : I have stalked her for some time now too - today it dived below my 2.25 but rebounded above 2.25 and I grabbed it at 2.25 level(thru its ci). Then, it closed 2.40. Technically, I do NOT wait for confirmation ... look at the chart now, 5 pointers for technical trading. Very nice!

Adventa : I have been waiting for more than 1 month now. Refer to my previous post on her. Stalking till today. The chart look nice waterfall now. I drew the support at 2.18 recently when it broken the 2.35 support. Today, it touched 2.15 before closing at 2.19. Worth to watch tmr to grab some. RSI at 30 now.


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