Friday, November 05, 2010

11.10 pm : DOW up slightly. Yes, we are bullish for next week. As for me, I will like to see myself SELLING more of my oversold stocks while looking into nicer stocks that yet to move, with potential of moving.

NJ : Thanks for the teh-tarik, boss. Nice to know you in person now, actually. Yup, I m a REAL person behind this blog! Haha. Yup, talk about stock markets, I could talk for hours.

NJ is one of my reader and also my first 'client'. What I do is to analyse the stock he wants to BUY and he will pay me per analysis, but I will watch/stalk for him his stock till be sell for profits(or cut loss). That is his responsibilitiy!! I m only responsible to check for him the stock technically. It needs to be a stock with some fundamentals, and NOT pure goreng stock which I wont analyse or even bother.

Yes, NJ is my first 'client'. He is friendly, so ... I will like it to be 'friends' rather than 'clients'. You see, losing money is a sensitive issue to many in stock-markets. I dont understand WHY. If you are in markets without much of knowledge(except rumours, tips etc etc), it is only understandable and acceptable to LOSE MONEY. We cant have everyone profitting from markets, right?

I do update my 'clients' their latest landscapes of their stocks, technically in very regular basis. I have 4 'clients' so far(not many, still managable). Yes, I will be concern if I do mistakes in my readings!! Those who wish to have such a 'service' and trusted me enough(if you are a novice and in market, you are welcome to contact me) .. I will be glad.

But, it is difficult ... to ask a person to buy ABC at this level, sell it at that level. Simply difficult as NO ONE could tell. Charts do tell 'stories' if we know how to read the 'psychological' behind it. It will take some time for me to develop my OWN plans based on my own style of trading!!

One thing for sure, I could be a more experienced traders in years to come. Many 'old' readers could only see my progress. Have I improved? Profits will tell ...

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