Saturday, November 20, 2010

My first e-mail to my 'students'.

Hi friends,

I hope you all have learnt some basics about FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS(FA) terms but the lessons have NOT started in actual yet. Much more to come.

So, have any of you done the simple exercise - listing up the 30-index linked counter in KLSE.

2. Axiata
3. BAT
4. BJToto
6. DiGi
7. Gamuda
8. GenM
9. Genting
10. HLBank
11. HLFG
12. IOICorp
13. KLK
14. MAS
15. Maxis
16. Maybank
17. MISC
18. MMCCorp
19. PBBank
20. PetDag
21. PetGas
22. Plus
23. PPB
24. RHBCap
25. Sime
26. Tenaga
27. TM
28. UMW
29. YTL
30. YTLPower

note : Plus being privitised bought by EPF, will be taken out soon.

So, done.

Next class we will learn sectors!! VERY important to understand these. Just bring a piece of ANY day biz-section of The Star paper for next Friday class, ok?

There are more works ... what are the values of PE for each of the counter above? I will show you all how to record these data using ms-excel for recording purposes. It is a must and to be update every THREE months.

EPS value given in The Star website which I've shown. So, start to calculate their PE values!!

Leave the ROE till I show you all Annual Report NEXT YEAR FEB, if all still following!!

I will give you all PE and DY in next class for discussion too.

That is all.



Welcome to the journey ... imagine you are in airplane for the FIRST time flying under turbulance conditions for 16 hours trip!!


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