Monday, November 15, 2010

KimLun : Bought at 1.40 only to release her at 1.65 in three days time - that explained why my 'client' is glad. He asked a VALID good question how I do know to sell at 1.65 level. I said ... that is LUCK. Serious, as he supposed to SELL at 1.60 which I put the resistance. But, he took the RISK and gained much higher. Also, he took the RISK of buying at 1.40-1.45 levels on Monday. I do NOT give him this 'fish', I only analysed for him and give opinions on what I think.

Then, two days ago, I sent a post to CNX forum which I seldom do such(it is too crowded there) when someone NICE asked me to put a pointer or two to share with other CNX members. I m making fun of myself as no one actually even reply? Haha.

So, I m openly writing it here that I grabbed KimLun(base on CHARTS) at 1.50 moments ago DONE. A friend of mine told me not to disclose my trades as many could be burnt when they TRUST me and dont know about my plans. For example, what IF it goes lower by 5%-10% by this Friday? etc etc ...

He also said that I should keep my 'reputation'. What if KimLun done badly and all the so-called reputation is gone?! You could do 9 rights and 1 wrong, people will remember your ONE wrong. Ask W.Buffett, the best investor!

Monday morning ... more charts in mind as I m preparing for another RED day(hopfully). As Tenaga and Gamuda are dropping badly into oversold region, and at support, I view them as good counter to TRADE this week.

counter : 266, 000

8.55 am : Chasing on news/rumours could give us a faster heart-beat. Look at KFC at the moment ... why is it going lower and lower after such an extremely strong surge with RSI showing above 90?? It is in red again today. Do you like KFC? I have refrain myself from trading on such a stock as we dont know WHEN the music will stop and chasing a moving wagon, we might get hurt. It is more of one night stand, that should be ok. But you might get those agony and sleepless nights, it is not worth it.

KLCI down 2 points.

P&O : Being ditched as the news is out. BAD to play on rumours and now we have to clear it when the 'deal' not on ... and dive it goes.

AirAsia : Broken the support of 2.25 today, still diving lower. see if it will form a hammer later. Watch. I dont buy into it as RSI still at 45, with double top formed, it is risky.

YTLPower : It is moving back again after three black candle-sticks. I moved in just now.

11.20 am : I was sharing some simple knowledge with a friend just now and why we should move into stock-market at the moment before the bull is charging higher next year. So, are we really looking into bull run next year? SURE?

AirAsia : Rebounds ... touched 2.21 and above 2.30 now. Interesting. Watch 4.45pm to see if it could hold, forming a hammer at support, ok? It is a buy, then.

4.30 pm : Heavy rain outside ... musim hujan. More reasons to buy plantation stocks?

EAH : Started to move again. I grabbed her back at 0.580 on Friday as market collapsing but she is standing still at 0.58(support level).

Bond : This will be my fifth trade on her in two months time!

Evergreen : Trying to inch-up ...

RM1-stocks : All my 3 RM1 stocks going below RM1 today, we called them penny-stocks.

5.05 pm : HEAVY RAIN .. I will stuck here for a while ... so, I will do some analysis and sharing on KimLun and YTLPower which I m collecting today.


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There are some hot news going on for YTLPowr :-)