Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday morning ... ready for another week of trading. The themes are constructions, properties, plantations and O&G. Those rubber and tech stocks trying to find the ground, many would rather ride on the uptrending stocks. I agreed. Make the trend your friends, as the saying goes.

Now, why would we NOT looking into waterfalls as I always like? To wait for something to rebound, it will be easier to ride something that it moving. Guess I m trying not to be idiot this time? Many do still look into Supermax or Unisem as these will rebound too in bullish market. And instead of catching the moving wagons such as KFC, BRDB and such ... these coaches have not moved much. Supermax still beow RM5 and Unisem below RM2, for example.

KLCI at overbought region for some time now as there is no significant correction insight. As DOW and HSI might retracing this week(due to technical charts), KLCI might take a breather. I read somewhere saying during the short correction will be the time to collect your fav stocks which are overbought now.

Last week steel-stocks retracing lead by AnnJoo. LionInd went slightly below RM2 for me to accumulate too. Now LionInd at Rm2.07, with RSI at 63. So, I might want to take profits at resistance 2.13 level. With so many in mind and limited bullets, I have to be selective. Hmm ....

9.15 am : KLCI up 10 points. Oh boy, SunRise up above RM3.00. wow.

HuaYang : Nice moves, up to 1.05 now. Wait.

AnnJoo : At 3.08 now, inching up again. Wait.

9.50 am : IOICorp at Rm6 now, pulling KLCI up besides Maybank.

HuaYang moving today, and I have been accumulating below RM1.00. Then, NJ(my happy client now) came to me and asking for some 'stocks' to buy. I dont know ... I just told him I m buying HuaYang below RM1 and asked if he is interested. After paying me some 'tokens', I gave him my trading plans and chart analysis(like selling my works! Haha). It was below RM1 for the past one week and I asked him to WAIT. Be patient, boss. At 1.05 now, at what point should we be selling? Wait.

I gave him two 'fishes' last week, actually. Another is AnnJoo-wb that I m buying below 0.70, accumulating level. It is at 0.725 now, but far from my target yet. In bullish market, we need to go for uptrending stocks.

Transmile : Looong time I didnt hear her name and was asked in RHB's forum. Will Transmile recovers, someone asked. Hmm ... another victim of the market, as we all knew now what happened to Transmile. It is difficult for many to cut-loss. Serious.

11.45 am : KFC moving again? Wow ... RSI must be at 90 after today.

E&O : Moving above 1.20 now. Good but wait.

BStead : In profit taking mode, good time to move in, actually.

AnnJoo-wb : At 0.78, up 10% today but as I was collecting at 0.68-0.69 levels, it should be more than 10% now. Wait.

1.45 pm : I was talking to two female colleagues of mine, and they are also interested to join my class. Hehe.

4.30 pm : Cleared part of AnnJoo-wb at 0.775-0.785. That is more than the 10% target I m aiming in less than a week trade.

Kinstel : Finally, I have Kinstel at Rm1.00 too, with LionInd and AnnJoo still running.

BStead : In red, so I moved in. Good.

HuaYang and LionInd moved higher just now, but retracing back. Wait.

EAH : Clearing more today. In RED. Overbought.

I want it that way


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YJ said...

Hi Teh,

Today should be a bullish day because we were closed on Friday when every other Asian markets were having a party on Friday. Hehhehe..

Anyway, to get advertisers for your blogs maybe you can try registering yourself with Nuffnang? Not sure if you heard of them but they are Asia-Pacific's leading blog advertising community. I am sure they can help you out.. =)