Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday morning ... I will be very busy this morning with works and classes.

This is post # 1,111. Nice number

CIMB : Moves above 8.35 now, pulling KLCI up as expected. KLCI above 1,500 now. Bullish.

SunRise : Take profit at 2.40 not done yet, touched 2.39. I do hope my friend, Mr Chow bought into it at 2.11 as we analysed the chart together. Time to take profit as it is reaching resistance and overbought. Dont worry, I hv many in my head.

11.15 am : Very busy ... so, KLCI at 1507. Plantation moving again, steel is moving too? Check AnnJoo-wb.

KimLun : Well, ST ... you must be glad with the analysis I done for you last night for your KimLun. Yes, a nice 7% up. As I said, I dont have money to shoot ... but I m clearing SunRise soon for shooting on some others very nice.

Sunrise : Cleared at 2.40, might go slightly higher. Nice trade.

CIMB-ci : Cleared at 0.290 as CIMB reaching resistance. Many more to grab. Thanks, CIMB.

4.50 pm : KLCI up 4 points. Nice ... we are in the bull-run.

KimLun : UP 14%. You are welcome, ST. It is your stock, I didnt recommend that to you, I only analyse for you and say it is a BUY last night. That is technical. Glad you gained some too. Will give you the update tonight. Thanks and hope we could trust each other, ok?

From the moment by Shania Twain

I still have 4 charts/stocks to analyse ... thanks for trusting me and giving me some pocket money. I could only give you what in my mind and NO CERTAINTY in markets. I could only tell you the plans but you need to execute it accordingly.

I m delighted as I m getting some readers asking me to do some analysis of their stocks for them. Thanks. I will get myself busy ... hehe ... less blogging, then. LOL

Oversold : using CNX's scanner

1. Evergreen
2. Faber
3. KEuro
5. SEG
6. TM
7. UEMLand
8. WCT

From the above, if I have to choose what I like in order it should be Evergreen, UEMLand, WCT, MEGB, SEG, Faber, KEuro ... TM?

Market Chat : KheeSan vs HWGB vs Tejari


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YJ said...

Hi Teh,

I was away on an overseas trip throughout last week and didn't really time to look at the market and how my stocks were performing. I am pleasantly surprised to see SigGas shooting up while I was away. Will probably take profit soon as it is heading into oversold region.

Sure, teh tarik on me when I get the chance to meet you! =)